How to redownload P.T. Silent Hills


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199 Responses

  1. buttered_toast

    Still works.

  2. fex

    Still works, my disk drive died on my PS4 days ago and I lost all my downloads including PT. Thanks guys. BTW, SEAGATE drives keep dying on me, I put a 4tb on the PS4 and lasted like 4 months.

  3. illdevised

    Still working in May 2017.

    • Mike

      Did exactly what the guide says and it comes back as failed on Internet connection test and then Cannot Download P.T any advice?

      • Drew

        Happened to me when trying to redownload with a Mac and virtual machine. Make sure you put in the correct “IP4” address on the PS4 and not “IP” address. Use ipconfig and get the IP4, and make sure no firewalls are blocking your connection. Also try deleting squid then reinstalling. Hope you get it figured out.

    • denpanosekai

      Still works for me too May 14 2017.

  4. Jill Sandwich

    I followed all the steps properly, and I have P.T in my library, but when I start downloading it it says preparing and gets to 1% but gets cancelled afterwards… Not sure what the problem is *sigh*.

    • Dante

      Same issue, it didn’t work on my ps4 pro….

      • Drew

        Did you make sure that no firewalls are blocking the connection? Worked for me on PS4 pro using a Mac and virtual machine which is even a bit more complicated. Try deleting squid and reinstalling.

        • Jill Sandwich

          Hey guys, it worked!
          It turns out that the issue was that my PS4 was using a WiFi connection while my desktop was using LAN. I figured I should try using my laptop instead, in order to get both devices on WiFi.

          So I removed Suwi from my desktop and followed all the steps again on my laptop, and it actually worked, P.T is running fine now! Thanks for the comment Drew.

  5. Jez Noir

    Still works – thank you so so much, you absolute legend!

  6. Bizz

    Still working as of June 13

  7. Deto

    Still works.

  8. ardnegan

    Wow, thank you so much, it worked!

    and #FucKonami

  9. Karny

    Still working as of 29/06/2017.

    Took a bit of work to get running because squid was crashing after the installation – but after manually running some of the commands in c:\squid\sbin I managed to get it running.

    Thanks to everyone involved in this method – it’s great to have access to P.T. once again!

  10. Danniac

    It still works to this day, but I had a problem installing the software on pc. I just needed to uninstall, turn firewall off, install again and turn firewall on.

  11. Tyler

    Sorry This No Longer Works. When Testing Connection It Fails at “Internet Connection”

    • Drew

      It does still work, and mine did the same thing originally. Make sure both the PS4 and computer are BOTH connected with Wifi or Ethernet, can’t be one with each different type of connection. Then try removing and reinstalling squid. Others have had your same issue and figured it out.

    • Stephen Webber

      I tried to reinstall P.T recently using the described method and like you Tyler, it would obtain my IP address and fail at the Internet Connection part. For about 10 minutes I was confused and frustrated as to why. At first I thought it was due to there being different device network connections (My PC was using Wi-Fi, PS4 was using LAN) so I set my PlayStation up to also use Wi-Fi. Then when I went to my PC I found the solution straight away. I clicked my network icon on the Taskbar and selected Properties on my PC ‘s Wi-Fi connection. Under Network Profile settings it was set to public (PC was not discoverable by other devices and no file or printer sharing.) I changed this to Private and straight away it worked like a charm. Sorry about this reply being more of an essay than a quick-reply and hope this helps you and other people to overcome any difficulties with regards to installing P.T.

      • GypsyGoos3

        Thank you! Had the same issue until I read your post – mine was also set to “public”, switched to “Private” and after that I could download P.T. 🙂

  12. Adam "SirOCelot"

    For those of you whom are like me and simply downloaded this aforementioned and cannot connect to the internet, please download the Squid Proxy Cache from its official website then run the exe you got from this post; this is how I got it to work.

    tl;dr download official Squid then run the exe you got from here to install over top of original Squid. Works like a charm!

    • MrFwibbles

      Still doesn’t work for me. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled Squid several times, disabled my computer’s firewall, disabled my router’s firewall, restarted my PC, restarted my PS4, downloaded Squid from the official site and overwritten it with the exe from this post… NOTHING works. Fails at “Internet Connection” every single time. Windows 10.

      • Drew

        Are BOTH the pc and PS4 connected with WiFi, or BOTH hardwired to the router? It will fail if one device is on WiFi and the other is hardwired.

  13. Kat

    Works as of today

  14. Adam

    I sold my PS4 over a year ago. During that time, I managed to lose my HDD backup. I bought a PS4 Pro yesterday, and this is still working! Thanks to everyone involved in making this possible

  15. abthesp

    I don’t have a LAN/WiFi option just one or the other.


  16. Coppertank

    Still works as of today.

  17. Jon


  18. Ben

    Yup works like a charm still, wired PS4 and PC

  19. Rodolfo C

    how to uninstall the Suwi programs?

  20. Daniel

    Still Works.

  21. Matheus Fausto

    Apparently after I did try the stuff above, my PS4 stopped connecting to my wi-fi network. I should’ve noted on a piece of paper the PORT number that was before I changed it to 808, but I didn’t. That was really stupid, I know, but please, can someone help out with this? That would be great, guys. Thanks in advance.

  22. andreas48

    It still works

  23. andreas48

    P.T EUR??

  24. Magpye

    Still working great as of 26th of December 2017. Thanks!

    • andreas48

      I Run Suwi in the laptop . I see the the Check IP and i see the IP adress of laptop then i go to PS4 and put the laptop IP kai the gate 808 but those two do not connect. what am i doing wrong ?

  25. Matt

    Make sure you use the ipv4 address not the standard ip address. I had the same problem as most here until I found out I was putting in my wrong ip address

  26. andreas48


  27. andreas48

    he eventually had a problem pc.
    all together P.T)

  28. cccc

    can I use it for Japanese PSN account?

  29. Malakas

    IT’S ALIVE!!!!!! The download meter, ITS ALIVE! At first it didn’t work and thought it had something to do with my PS4 Pro being on LAN and using a laptop on the WiFi as the proxy. I guess I was right, switched the connection on the PS4 Pro to WiFi and now it’s downloading! Slowly but it’s working! MARCH 2018!

  30. Caddy

    Only a few days later, but yes it still works

  31. Scott

    Still works in April 2018 🙂

  32. Ty

    Still works, June 12 2018

  33. Antistar

    Hi, can this work if I download the .exe file and run it from a Windows OS on a MacBook Pro using dualboot? Or do I need to use a “regular” computer set to Windows by default?

    Thanks in advance!

  34. toad

    still works

  35. Max

    Doesn’t work for me from EU