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Tutorial: Running Ubuntu on PS4


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29 Responses

  1. Speedy says:

    going to try this when i get home.

  2. BlueBubble says:

    I’m not trying to offend anyone or advocate for piracy(some people tend to jump to conclusions), but can someone honestly explain to me why you would want to run a GNU/Linux distro on your PS4? You could buy a raspberry pi for a fraction of the price of a PS4 and run Ubuntu on that.

    • 173210 says:

      PS4 is much more powerful than Raspberry Pi. But you can install it to PC as I do. 😛

    • Holofonoro says:

      x86 Architecture lets you run a wider set of software. You could make it boot into Steam Big Picture, Retroarch or play Windows games via WIne. Having the ability to dual boot your console into playing some PC games, tons of emulators and media applications is freaking great.

      Raspberry Pi has an ARM CPU architecture (The one used by most smartphones). Linux ARM just runs Libreoffice, Media Applications and some emulators (It’s great for programming and basic tasks, though)

      • RedBubble says:

        Yeah, but you can do this easily in any pc. Linux is cool, but a backup loader, showtime… in resume, a CFW is really better.

    • bit says:

      Run linux on ps4 is the best idea ever.

      I have run the usb (needs 1.76, and works fine. I tested it with 1.75 and just force a shutdown) with these files and I’m so proud of the people who do all this possible.

      Now I want to run a Kodi, but first I want a complete distro running inside. Ubuntu is a good idea, ArchLinux is best idea (it’s my next step), like SteamOS (I want to test if a custom kernel could be working right now), but I want my Kodi in the ps4, because I want homebrew in ps4, and Linux do this possible.

  3. hello says:

    Can I swap iso for windows 10?

  4. Angel says:

    More progress in PS4 already than in PSVita. That’s sad.

    • KiraSlith says:

      We’ve been over this… the Vita just doesn’t have the install base that would get hackers interested in nailing the vita to the wall, and with the fact the PS4 uses a x86 CPU (which is very well known quantity), makes the PS4 just that much more a viable target.

  5. Handy says:

    Well Ethernet cable works.

  6. Fat says:

    Someone can run in ubuntu from shell glxgears and report fps? Also can try to install Unigine Heaven https://unigine.com/products/benchmarks/heaven/ to test the power of GPU

  7. foage says:

    several days ago linux, now ubuntu I hope windows 7 is next hhhhhhhhhh

    • jakibaki says:

      Propably not gonna happen, exept maybe in a vm. The Linux kernel is heavily patched to work properly on the ps4. This is not possible on windows with it being a closed platform.

  8. Oh no.. says:

    No Serious news about PS Vita since the rejuvenate contest. Disappointing. I do not want to see the Vita scene die like the actual console…



  9. sig says:

    simple answer @BlueBubble one more step toward a full jailbreak.and a big step from using the console only like Sony intended to.U should look deeper than just running linux

  10. nitr8 says:

    It’s good to see progress for running Linux on the PS4. But there is a problem for me: i can’t get Ubuntu to show anything on the screen (the screen is black). I can see that the drive where it is installed to, is definitely doing something (booting up). Is anyone here having similar issues?

    • Handy says:

      How’d you install? If you used virtual box try to boot the iso without the virtual hdd. and install on the usb alone. Took me a day to figure this out. If it doesn’t make sense try this:

      • nitr8 says:

        I’ve been able to boot it up by plugging the drive with the fresh Ubuntu install into a PC first and boot it up from there till i got to the login screen. But i didn’t actually login. I just then shut it down and tried it once again on the console itself. And voila – it worked. I also got internet to work, using a crossover cable by connecting it to my notebook (which even has ubuntu installed) and changing the IPv4 setting for wired connection in the dropdown list (“automatically DHCP”) to (“shared with other computers”). I don’t know if this setting is the same spelled in english as i actually use Ubuntu in german language. This gave me internet for Ubuntu on the PS4 by plugging the cable into the notebook first and then into the PS4. What i really miss is a solution to having mouse AND keyboard available at the same time as i have a “Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 1000” with a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2000 which the ps4kerneltest doesn’t recognize (it doesn’t show any input in the console). Besides this it’s Ubuntu which is running slow as it seems. I hope those two things will be solved in the near future.

  11. Nicolas says:


    Would you be able to tell me how much resources are used to run the linux uploader/PS4 playground? could you show the screen resulting of a “top” command?


  12. NilsGN says:

    Question: If I install Ubuntu in the PS4. How do this interact with the blu-ray PS4 games and the wireless hand controller?
    Or, is this obvious?
    What’s go better?
    Can I record from TV? (trough some linux ubuntu app (I miss that in PS4))

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