PS4 3.50 Update is out, brings Remote Play support for PC and new social features


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21 Responses

  1. Oh no. says:

    Where on Earth is all of the PS Vita news at? Anyway, I think it’s time to continue and finish the NULLDC builds for the PSP because we all know Dreamcast on PSP is possible.

  2. Asamidare says:

    Disappointed. No Windows 7.
    What low firmwares exploits does it fix?
    What? There weren’t any aside from that “it’s all for 1.76!” thing? Oh, silly me.
    I have to improve my stability.

  3. sigh says:

    Pointless and uesless update for me, and yet im still forced to download this ***.

    • Rolenzo says:

      It’s a good update if you use online social functionality a lot. I sure don’t. I would have loved ps2 bc… hopefully they release something for the loner demographic soon 🙂

    • nope says:

      Sucks to be you

  4. aah says:

    and vita OFW 3.60

  5. PlaGeRaN says:

    have they brought back NTFS and Ext format support? I know NTFS was working till I updated to play batman arkham knight.

    • nope says:

      As far as I know it was never supported. You sure you don’t have two partitions, one fat32 one ntfs?

      • PlaGeRaN says:

        Dead sure, i always format new flash drives and externals to ntfs and it worked out of the box. Unfortunately I don’t know what version i was running at the time. I updated to version 2.xx and lost support, will check what was available last year November. Ps my device is now 2 versions behind.

      • PlaGeRaN says:

        I think it was 1.76 and I’m currently on 2.50

  6. ramenking says:

    update or don’t update wololo?

  7. 11111 says:

    Looks like Brazilian method patched

  8. osuman says:

    Its great! little bit of lag but won’t affect your gameplay unless you are playing highly competitive games

  9. Thrawn says:

    So all of this is sums up to be just a catch up, to what steam supports for years now?
    Steam: Remote play… check (steam link or remote desktop…)
    Steam: Appear offline… check
    Steam: Friend online / friend playing notification… check
    Steam: Watch your friends game… check
    Steam: Join game… check
    Steam: Win XP to Win XX support / Mac 10.7 / Linux Ubuntu,….

  10. lollypop says:

    what about official rppc on x64 ? or is that only a limitation for xp x64 and beyond x64 except win8 and win 10 x64 ?.?

  11. Hobophage says:

    Still no usb music…

    • jake11799 says:

      What are you on about?? usb music has been on the ps4 ever since they added “media player”

  12. imgur says:

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  13. drd7of14 says:

    How long do you think it’ll be before someone manages to get pc/keyboard, DS3, X360, and XONE controller support for the PC Remote Play?

    I will say, while DS4 is always preferred, it would be much more convenient to be able to access my PS4 from pretty much anywhere, and play with my friends anywhere, regardless of the controller options they have, and yet we would still be able to play most games together.

    Especially DS3, I mean, it’s already supported with the PSTV, so why not. The only problems I’ve ever had with Remote Play are when it involves the touchpad in any form. Although if it was on a laptop, that touchpad pretty much solves that little problem. Heck, even a desktop mouse would do the basic trick.