Release: Fully operational dlclose exploit + Linux for PS4, by kR105


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  1. Vicrene says:

    Wait… a second im confused … On the wololo website it says its possible to jailbreak your ps4 and pasted a link directed on to here, but i dont see no jailbreaking file. All i see is how to run linux on your ps4. Sorry I may seem like a noob but can anyone explain furthermore about this? Thanks !

    • gR105 says:

      Its complicated. The hacer who invented the way to install linux on ps4 did not want to crack sony system. He only wanted to allow instaling linux on it. Processor instaled in ps3 and ps4 are created by IBM. These are processors created to make linear calculations of high complex. Example – Long time agoo when ps3 was released on default it was possible to install linux. Then scientist created a super computer with 16 ps3 to calculate collisions of black holes. For few thousand they created a super-computer worth milions of dollars. Creater of this program did not want to pirate games. He wanted to create path allowing to use full potential of your console. But same as it was with ps3 aftere release of ps3linux it didnt take a lot of time to crack the system up, so be patient

  2. Gary says:

    Is there a way to use this exploit to play modern day games while still staying at firmware 1.72?

  3. nir says:

    this is not a jailbreak

    • Evan says:

      This is absolutely a jailbreak. It allows the PS4 to run unsigned code. No one has written some code to execute pirated games if that was what you were looking for…

    • fred the dead says:

      i guess you dont under stand the theory of jail-breaking , its TOTALLY a jail break , what you mean is it doesn’t let you steal games .

  4. Dred says:

    Hi Guys I have a PS4 Never used with firmware 1.61. I bought it without games and went overseas. Now wanted to sell it as the games are just not worth the price as I use a PC for gaming…. until I read that has been hacked. So will I need to install 1.76 or Linux can be installed also on a 1.61? Is it worth to install this Linux or just wait for the CFW? What can I do with Linux on a PS4 when I already have a hi end PC? Will we ever see the possibility to play custom games on this PS4? How much will be worth if I decide to sell it? It is the Black model CUH 1002A. 500GB. Thanks!

  5. marcus says:

    it’s possible install pirate games with this?

  6. paolo says:

    why isn’t there any development for ps4 on 1.76? I don’t mean only piracy but anything! why?

    • ggithub02 says:

      I know right. Even I dont get it. I felt like the scene is alive working on an exploit to run unsigned game codes,,but then 1.76 gets cracked open, which is quite the achievement..and then nothing. This is why I dont have much expectation from them. I had left my ps4 on 1.76 for a longtime, until it became obvious that nothing was gonna happen….The 4.01 jailbreak brought something to the table, but i have a feeling we’ll still have to wait like a year from now. Yes I love custom firmware and free “unsigned game codes”

      • Ant says:

        You see some more stuff being developed now, a lot of developers just don’t have the time to write something for the ps4 if they have to *** about compiling the exploit etc, especially knowing that hardly anyone in the mainstream has easy access to the jailbreak. Should see more stuff being written now

      • abu says: There is a mod menu for GTA 5! I am very happy for this!

  7. Anthony dickinson says:

    Hi just a thought. But can u use a hid/rubber ducky bad usb on the ps4 to open webkit and auto exploit. Oe even more. Have it open the guide program it to go to webkit site manual or automatic. Not sure if it can be done but I will say it. Can u not reprogram the user guide on ps4 to go to webkit automatically. Skip guide completely. Is thier any way the hid could detect user guide and auto exspoit. Just a few idea’s that’s all I am not in anyway qualified to say it’ll work or not.

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