PS4 4K: more rumors surface about the PS4.5, could cost $499 and be announced in October


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39 Responses

  1. Alex T Wolf says:

    I just bought my PS4 a month back…what the F&*%?!

    • Aru says:

      Me too, pick the wrong time to buy

    • guily says:

      F*** this, I just bought ps4 last month too. And im saving for a hbm2 GPU upgrade for my PC and this is life having to buy a new PC again. Consoles are not consoles anymore, why dont tou put windows 10 then instead of the piece of *** os on the ps4 that do nothing why Sony?. Then *** make a PC so I can install all my APS instead of a PC that is locked for games and doesnt have any APP at all. G4rrrrrrrrrrr….

  2. Hmm says:

    I don’t plan to shell out the bugs for a 4k TV and upgraded PS4 … and I don’t even think it’s that cool to play on a large screen (and a small 4k seems pointless to me), so who cares. If however the VR only works (well) on the new hardware, then they better increase the VRs specs to compensate, or some millions of people should be very ***.

  3. squall3031 says:

    Yeah! What the F!@$#!$ F!#!?

    This is ***! Will my PS4 be useless then? !!?!

  4. musashiro says:

    I personally think this is a bad idea. I spent a few months saving for my ps4.. *** are you thinking $ony…But hey, business is business i guess…

  5. musashiro says:

    I think another reason for upgrading is the current state of jailbreaking.. “MAYBE” they are revamping the security on this one..

  6. Ricky D says:

    Yeah, it doesn’t pay to get new hardware when it launches. If this is true, hopefully i can get at least a couple hundred bucks for my old one to offset the cost. If not it looks like my nephew’s going to get a PS4 for next year’s birthday

  7. nonijod says:

    People are already getting angry over something which is, at this point in time, still only an unconfirmed rumor. So far no developer got the “PS4k” devkit and I hope nobody thinks Sony is stupid enough to release a console to customers sooner than to developers, like Nintendo did with N64. If Sony waits a year more, they can already start distributing the PS5 devkit already so it seems even more stupid. On top of that just few weeks ago Sony was flaunting their playerbase in regards to PSVR so that’s one more thing against it.

  8. BenoitRen says:

    This is going to fragment the userbase. Absolutely terrible idea.

  9. AAKASH170 says:

    I knew it, thats why i did not buy ps4 on the first place . i was eagerly waiting for this but did not hope for this type of upgrade, its a treat for me i already have the money to grab ps4.5 .i hope hacking community finds an exploit in this too.

  10. Fimo says:

    If they release this PS4.5, I will sell my PS4 and buy a GTX 980.

    • Thrawn says:

      Better wait till mid 2016 and buy the next generation.
      Don’t get me wrong, the gtx 980 and all its iterations are beefy cards but dx 12 is not well implemented.
      So you should actually wait for a full fledged one with all whistles, bells and ribbons.
      Also microschrott might make a few last minute changes again… as with every dx.

  11. Dateq says:

    IMHO, if this is true (It IS close to april 1st to be honest), this is a big middle-finger of Sony to their userbase.I bought my PS4 last christmas thinking it would last me at least 3 years and I am sure I am not alone in this.
    Also, if they develop games for the 4K PS4, how can you read those games with your “crappy” blu-ray drive in your “crappy” PS4?

    Still thinking (and hoping) this is some cruel April Fool’s joke…

    • Marko V says:

      The same way you do it on PC…..

      Different settings (graphics) will be implemented if booting the game with PS4 4K

  12. Adam Fox says:

    If this were to happen, they should offer a trade-in program for current PS4 owners or there will be a LOT of *** off PlayStation owners. It will hurt the sales of future PlayStation consoles, I mean, look how much *** Nintendo is getting for already prepping for a new console and yet the PS4 is a year newer!

  13. Franky says:

    These moves Sony and MS are making kinda make me just want to sit this generation out and see what all goes down.

  14. Dateq says:

    Anyone know why I can’t see my (and others according to my mailbox) replies?

  15. Rolenzo says:

    Ouch. It feels like the New 3ds… I hope this is false. But at least all models can run the games.

  16. nope says:

    They are single handedly taking away one of the biggest advantages consoles have over PC, the fact that no matter what game comes out it’s guaranteed to run on your current hardware and run well. No matter how hard they try they will never trump the convenience aspect of a console, but this is a really stupid idea. There won’t be any games that could take advantage of 4K either, not for a long time. Offering a trade in program is the least they can do for their community.

    • Mo Poge says:

      What I’ve read (rumors) is that any games made for the PS4k will be made to also run on the older model at reduced graphics.

  17. abol says:

    No longer 4 the players huh?
    4.5 the players? Lol

  18. Hideo Kojima says:

    Remasteration 4 x]

  19. Super Soup says:

    I dislike this news as well (no doubt this decision was influenced by the NX) but at least, unlike the New 3DS (as little as it’s actually used) old PS4s will be able to play the new games.

  20. Lamp says:

    In the end, you do need to pay an additional 499 to support ps vr or at least better vr experience. That is unfortunate.

  21. Zeke says:

    With the caveat of “if this is true, then…”

    “It was also stated that these games will in fact work for the PS4 but with considerable sacrifices made to performance.”

    Oh how nice. Make the most powerful console of this generation then basically with their actions state it’s not powerful enough, fragment the userbase and then add insult to injury with the above comment, i.e. if you have a standard PS4 then you’ll get dumbed down second rate versions of the games.

    Who does this benefit, really? The wallets of Sony and their shareholders. They want you to buy a new slightly upgraded console and the silly VR headset to go along with it. They shat all over the Vita way before it reached potential yet are more than happy to pander to fringe VR/4K users with nonsense like this. It’s exactly why I have such a love/hate relationship with the brand, they do brilliant things and then follow it up with maddening things. All the time, over and over. Ugh.

    Like most people, I have several dozen people in my life I know pretty well. Of this number, I know precisely ONE person that has a 4KTV. This person actually works in the film industry and is understandably passionate about high quality home theatre, I can’t say the same is true for almost anyone else I know. Blu-ray is now more affordable than ever but again, most people don’t have one regardless of how old they are, mostly due to the rise of legal online streaming video services with reasonable subscription charges per month. I can’t see 4K Blu-ray or 4K anything else bothering most people – it’s getting to the stage where you need huge TVs for regular folk to tell the difference between 1080p and 4K anyway. I can see it myself but it’s really not a huge enough leap up in quality to justify the expense, I’d rather wait for the one afterwards.

    Which is what I suggest Sony do with this PS4.5 idea, if it is indeed the truth and not just a pet project for Sony engineers and some software devs. Shelve it and implement the new technology for the next generation of consoles. I’m hoping that they’re just test bedding for the PS5 and none of this reported tech will ever see the light of day. Which is what I could also say about PSVR but that’s another set of opinions entirely…

    Oh, and God Of War 4? Personally after the first two PS2 titles and the first PSP title I thought they’d taken the franchise as far as it could go and didn’t want to play any others (I still hold the first game up as a high point of linear action adventure hack and slash titles, like a modern update of Golden Axe). I could live without another one – personally I find that niche well-filled by Bloodborne anyway. Still, gotta milk that ca$hcow before it dries up completely eh? Lol.

  22. Mo Poge says:

    I’ve heard pricing is going to be more around the $400 price range, but that could change, of course.

    Also, huge thing is that it’s nearly impossible that the new games will run natively at 4K in that small of a form factor (heat) and that price. Sony would have to add more fans and eat a huge cost to put on graphics hardware that could natively run games at 4K.

  23. piotrekhenry says:

    This looks like a poor attempt on april fools.

  24. Salar says:

    4 Remasterd XD 😀 just bought my PS4 a month back , oh that hurts a lot , i dont think so that i will buy it

  25. Goji says:

    I don’t get why people are angry. A 4K ultra hd blu-ray player,(Mind you true 4K not upscale) is over 400 bucks after taxes. Also show of hands all that have a 4K TV. Having fun not really being able to use it? Oh wait “Evil” Sony is giving you a reason to use it. Not only basically a free 4K blu-ray player but also enhanced experience in gaming. And from what I can glean, games will be enhanced. But will still be able to be played, on the old system. That being said, I can understand people who just bought the system would be upset. But your system ins’t being destroyed. You can still enjoy current and future titles.

  26. Jesse says:

    I’m not seeing why this is shocking or surprising. Apple releases a new POS phone for $600+ every 6 months that is slightly better than the last one and nobody cries about that. The current gen consoles are underpowered, and they need to compete. Market penetration for 4k TVs when the PS4 originally launched was very low, so now it makes sense that they would release one to conform to the soon-to-be new standard. The old PS4’s will run the same games as the new one’s, the games will just ship or be patched to be able to take advantage of the better hardware. Does nobody on here play PC’s? I play against people online with my ancient 5770 just fine, while they have souped up 980’s. This isn’t even an issue if you don’t own a 4k TV. Slim PSP’s had a better screen and more RAM, yet that didn’t prevent people from playing new games or “fracture” their userbase. Nintendo just did it with the New 3DS, and they actually have a game, Xenoblade Chronicles, that doesn’t run on old 3DS systems. Still no fracturing, you just don’t get to play that optimized game.

  27. Haunted_Robot says:

    Can anyone else answer this,

    with the current development time for games on the PS4, and lack luster performance at 1080P @ 60hz rendering, what would be the development time to create 4k content (textures, particles…etc)?

    Seems like this generation is already lacking in title releases compared to 360 / Ps3. However that was a major acceptance rate of that hardware compared to current gen.

  28. asd says:

    Release day PS3s were the most complete console version of all. This would be the first time they will make a major hardware upgrade on the current gen.

    Yet this smells like April’s Fools (poorly).

  29. john says:

    if any this is true i will make sure i call sony myself threaten them bodily harm abolutely unacceptable.
    im crazy im crazy enough march into there hq go beserk on the mofos your treadingo n thin ice sony

  30. tony says:

    Think it’s time to sell my wife’s son Alienware PC so I can afford this new upgrade. I think he will be satisfied with my old 2009 Macbook

  31. Zeke says:

    I wrote this detailed little comment about people’s love/hate relationship with Sony and the dangers of fragmenting the user base by having a PS4.5 and then shilling lesser versions of games designed for that console to regular PS4 owners (i.e. with crappier graphics) a few days ago, where has it gone?

  32. Ryan says:

    No Regrets. I have the MGS V Phantom Pain PS4 From Japan. Now, I can display it properly instead of using it =D

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