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Cemu (Wii U emulator for Windows) updated to 1.4.0c, improves speed & graphics


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23 Responses

  1. Saint says:

    Greay news! Anyone thinks there will ever be a time when we can play Xenoblade in our PC with this =)?

  2. Jamx says:

    That’s great. Hopefully those working 360 and PS3 emulator will get a better improvement of the game emulation as well.

  3. Emu-chan says:

    Jesus Christ that’s horrifying. Just stop already lmao.

    Going to go back to my consistently well performed Wii U.

    • Katie says:

      A system’s that’s gonna die out and soon where other people can enjoy the same experience for free sometime in the future 😛

      • J says:

        Are you 12 or poor?
        Do you not understand what pirating does when the system is still current.
        You won’t shell out the money and buy the console, but you will gladly pirate the games.

  4. WiGoForward says:

    Great to see theres love from developers shared with us. These people are highly underrated. Thankyou for your hard work!

  5. Smoker1 says:

    Reminder for those getting crashes with NSMBU: You are required to get the 2 Files with Uwizard them have 4 Files in order to make the Game and possibly others work correctly.
    Also, if you get Black/Grey Screens, Full Speed Audio and FPS, you need to delete ALL Versions of the Emu including the Current Release, keeping the Keys File, the 4 Files for NSMBU, and your Games. Re-Extract the Current Version, and before altering anything, try a Game to see if Video shows.
    Least, that is what I did anyway. Thinking Results/Solution will vary.

  6. Cameron says:

    Getting about 20 fps.
    Impressive stuff, pretty funny to think the wiiu had a day one update which was like 5gb and this emulator is 6mb.

    • Quade321 says:

      Yeah, it is funny, but you have to remember that’s just the System Menu. With an emulator you don’t really need that since you can just drop straight into game code execution.

      • Thrawn says:

        Still 5GB are WAY to much for a system menu… remember win xp (different hardware, yes, but complete operating system) came in one cd with about ~650MB … and with all updates packaged in it goes up to ~750MB.
        Vista came with one dvd and seven too, win 8.1 iso is just over over 3GB and win 10 iso comes in with 5,9GB… those are full OS’s, NOT UPDATES.
        Most Linux distros fit onto a cd… and are even more compressed/streamlined for live usb booting.
        What ninty was doing with that day one update is beyond me… maybe all wii game updates and all virtual console configurations in one package?

  7. Oh no. says:

    Where is the PS Vita news at????/

  8. troll says:

    how does it work without the gamepad?

  9. WolowleeO says:

    Why no april fools pranks wolo usually your a silly *** guess the joyful spirits are dead.

  10. Darrow Nemecek-Gulack says:

    This is one of the biggest feats of software engineering I have ever heard of. Getting a computer to emulate a current video game console this well is like getting a toaster to tap-dance; it just shouldn’t be happening. Not since Bleem! and Connectix VGS have I seen something this mindblowingly impressive.

    • al andro says:

      Guess you weren’t around the Wii or GB/A and DS scene when those emulators were on par with their generation.

      • Darrow Nemecek-Gulack says:

        Oh yeah, those! Well, DS could STILL be better, but VBA was/is LEGENDARY. The difference there is that both of those are handhelds, so I never found them as impressive (an average computer was 3000 light years ahead of the GBA in terms of power and complexity, so any differences between the hardware and optimizations weren’t as important. Still awesome, though; I still have VBA installed on all my computers). And Dolphin wasn’t on par with the Wii when it was still out, especially considering the average power of computers at the time. Even now, you can’t run Dolphin on just any old PC, where as Cemu is progressing lightening fast and running impressively (not perfectly…yet) on modest gaming hardware.

        • al andro says:

          It actually wasn’t that bad once we had a sudden influx of devs contributing to what has now become the official dolphin repo hub. I still remember when I first saw this in class and was in awe that a wii game could 1)look this good and 2) be emulating at this speed.

  11. Nirv says:

    Bayonetta 2 menu is 60 FPS, but gameplay… about 7~10FPS. i5 4760/GTX 970.
    Very good for a 4MB emulator XD