Is now the right time to buy a 1.76 PS4?


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  1. Jpsk8 says:

    I am on ofw 1.71 and waiting ps4 jailbreak

  2. Relys says:


    Yesterday was the right time to buy a 1.76 PS4. 😛

    Although Cturt just found an FreeBSD 10.2 RELEASE 0day, so there’s hope for later versions. 🙂

  3. jskp8 says:

    Well CLEARLY you didn’t read the article, did you? No one is interested in what you want!!!

  4. Bonovox400 says:

    This reminds me of when the JTAG hack became the desired method for 360 hacks. Sure, you could do the DVD mod to most drives to play burned discs, but with the JTAG, you could store on the HDD, get DLC, homebrew etc.
    But until the RGH was available, those JTAG-able units sold at a premium for awhile. Likely the same will happen w ps4s unless more exploits for later fw’s are found.

    • BlumCoLe says:

      Generally, I agree with you.
      But you cannot compare xbox and ps directly. :/

      PS3 – Downgrade possible, you need definitely ofw3.55 to jailbreak
      Xbox360 = Downgrade impossible, but each firmware is “hackable” (if JTAG or RGH + DVD flash)

      Xbox One = Nothing
      PS4 = 1.76 …wip?

      Time has changed and the developers use much better methods to save their consoles.

  5. T5949r7t says:

    heck i have a launch ps4 unopend the day a cfw is released i open it but till then ive got my 3.50 for the real deal i honestly thunk this is the way too go /not only ps4 but all game consoles ive done this strategy with ps3 wii u 360 and 3ds and iv never missed a kernal or cfw haha but… Money wise…… Yea you get it not cheap

    • KiraSlith says:

      Then you might have a problem. If I recall, the launch-day PS4 had a mandatory update just to get to the main menu like the Vita did.

      • Andrew says:

        No worries, the PS4 lets you update from a USB so he just doesn’t enter any network info into his PS4 and put the 1.76 fw update on his USB. Job done.

  6. simbin says:

    Don’t these older 1.76 PS4’s have the old CPU – that runs hotter – noisier fans? Main reason I’m hesitating. I never liked all the noise my “quieter” PS3 slim makes and the “normal” temps it runs at.

    • Raul says:

      There os no new cpu as far as I know. There were changes in fan and thermal paste to make it quiter and colder. Ppl changed thermal paste and results were the same.

      • simbin says:

        Ah, I didn’t know that. CUH-1200 uses 8% less power – I assumed they revised the CPU.

  7. Xplic1T says:

    What about the hw downgrade method that is set to be released soon? I’d love a white Destiny ps4 but those are next to impossible to get under 600 + USD. European ps4’s are white (GTA 5 Bundle) but im sure are in the 2.x’s.

  8. Tom says:

    We like to think the best of people, but one trend which is cleary related to the decrease in releases is people have realised they can make money, lots of money…. Find exploit, poc it for all to see, wait for cobra, gateaay, etc to make you an offer, profit…..All while making out that fear of big corp’s legal teams coupled with an moral stance of facilitsting mass piracy is the reason for no release.

    We live in a world of profit, remember that, you have to profit by the designed system we live, to survive and to have nice things, and as part of keeping up moral appearances, we don’t talk about it or lie about it.

    Do you neec a ps4 on low firmware. No. Not unless you want to explore the developement side of things and even then freebsb can handle a fair amount of that if set it up correctly.

    If you are after piracy, backups, then wait for the hardware version. It will be locked down and obfuscated to no end and only really allow piracy, but will be well supported and we can certainly expect a user friendly release long before software solution becomes viable to the masses.

    Thats how I see it today, anyway.

    Exciting times for many.

  9. Rubinas says:

    Hm.. I don’t believe that jailbreak happens in short time. If i remember PS3 was jailbreak after 4 years. So PS4 have to be jailbreak after 4 or 5 years minimum after he was release. And it’s strange that PS vita is save but PS4 can be easier to jailbreak. I’m not haker.:) but i think maybe there is easier way.. For example not jailbreak console but create software and create place from where you can download games. And that console recognize those games like originals.. Just thinking. 🙂 But still good luck who trying jailbreak. I’m always glad when somebody can do that. And not that we was enemies who creating games. But for those who not have money to play games.

  10. Iracema says:

    For guys that can travel to other countries, places that don’t produce the consoles thenselves usually have old models for sale. Here in Brasil it’s fairly easy to find a 1.76 or even a 1.00 console.

  11. Fimo says:

    Wololo, I think you are too much optimistic about the 3.xx firmwares.
    To Jailbreak the PS4 you’ll need:
    – First run a “piece of code” with the 1.76 webkit exploit. It seems that Sony hasn’t patch the whole system, there should have other exploits still available in FW 3.xx (youtube or ?): Maybe still OK for the 3.xx FW
    – Second you’ll need a Kernel exploit to gain root privelege, run code outside the sandbox/prison: dlclose exploit is working up to FW 2.57 and all the new potential exploits haven’t been confirmed and if they are working, it will work on FW up to 2.xx max FW

    My conclusion is:
    – PS4 on FW <= 1.76, JB will be available soon
    – PS4 on FW <= 2.57, JB will follow a few month later
    – PS4 on FW 3.xx, JB won't be release in 2016
    – If people don't stop to upgrade their PS4 FW, there won't be any JB available for their PS4

    But as you said, this is a bet and I don't have a crystal ball.
    One thing I'm pretty sure: the one who are interested in JB, stop to upgrade your machine, buy second hand games and don't use PSN/play online.

  12. Loki says:

    I bought a new ps4 a couple of months back, I payed £280 for a brand new boxed killzone model. It came with firmware version 1.5x something, it also came with a bonus 12 months of PSN. I have started to see that the same consoles are £700-800.

    Now I’m in two minds as to what to do, do I sell it & hold out for a hack to become available on the latest firmware, or keep it & play homebrew when everyone else does?

  13. Sony says:

    So much for fw 1.76.. People are fools to buy 1.76.. Like the article said if you expecting cfw 1.76. Its not gonna happen.. If someone makes it happen. Do u think sony wont make a move? All new games requires latest firmware. If you want linux on a ps4, for same price you can get a pc with better hardware than ps4. Its your personal choice spend extra cash on ps4 1.76. Than get it jailbroke. Sure you can run older games and maybe linux.. Till than use your fking exploit to print “Hello World”..

    • Loki says:

      PSN Patch, you know, the thing that lets you play games without being on the latest firmwares, it’s worked on ps3 for years, pretty sure it wouldn’t take long to have one ready for ps4….

      • Sony says:

        Seriously PSN patch.. How many days have you played with that thing until new firmware came out.. Do you know how many people got their account and console banned for that.. Please, we know how psn patch makes you able to play online for few days with a fking chance of getting ur console banned.. Even if u spoof your console, it aint working with PS4. Cause sony knows all the dirty tricks.. And dont think sony is n00b. He has been in business for years..

        • Loki says:

          I have my PS3 that is still not banned, I used PSNPatch every time I needed to play online. I’d agree that on occasion, I may of had to upgrade to the latest CFW & wait a day or 2 for the patch to come out, but for the most part I had no problems with it.

          • Sony says:

            wait a day or 2. As if hacker scene is so working so hard for you to play online game… All the games hav there unique ID.. When you use pirated games, sony knows it… Keep fiddling with PSN patch, day will arrive soon when you are going to get ur console banned.. Sony wont let it happen again, not with ps4.. Keep dreaming…

          • Sony says:

            Wait a day or two? You are saying as if developer scene are so much like ur slave to help you play pirated games online.. All the games hav their unquie ID. Sony knows pretty well who is playing from legit games.. Just because you didnt get banned till now, doesnt mean you will be safe forever.. With ps plus mandetory psn patch wont happen with PS4.. Unless you have your own developer team who will work for you to make your own private server… And the chances, hahaha think for yourself… Keep dreaming…

    • X小黑 says:

      I agree. Besides this website is against pirating, so we know the people here will never attempt to fully hack the PS4 or the vita for that matter. But I really hope someone does hack it. Really want some of the Japanese vita games. The list here is kinda crappy. PS4 eh…….rather play my short game listed vita……….

    • Squall Lionheart says:

      Buying PS4 with firmware 1.76 early ensures that the buyer is in the safe zone should CFW comes out. That’s all. No headache later on. Of course, there’s no guarantee CFW will ever come out, but that’s part of the game to the owner.

    • nope says:

      You’re stupid.

  14. kada says:

    Mostly people want JB for pirating (or using their legal backups) games but games supported FW 1.76 or below is useless (and not much). Upcoming titles are much better. Anyway wait and see whats gonna happen.

  15. Rodpin says:

    I believe that if you’re buying a console is for gaming, not just for hacks. So I’d prefer to keep my PS4 updated in order to have access to all content (PS+, latest games, online gaming and social) than keep it on a lower firmware.
    My Vita is sitting on 3.38, but there are no new games after it that really interest me. And the PS+ games I receive I still can transfer using PS3 trick. So no big deal.
    On the other hand, if you have enough money to bet, you can buy a second console…

  16. kloklojul says:

    I have a < 1.76 FW ps4 for sale, So i f anyone is interessted feel free to contact me

  17. Rubinas says:

    Why my post was deleted? Did i write something wrong or what? No free opinion in comments here???

  18. sora says:

    Hi, I’m new to the PS4 scene but well versed in the scene in general so I have to ask. Is the kernel exploit that the hackers have found only for the PS4 firmware or will the hackers be able to use this security loop to get into the Vita as well?

    Most of the games I want are being released for the duo of PS4 and PS Vita and I was looking at getting a PSTV due to the low cost of entry, only $30 including a 4GB card. Terrible that the memory cards are more expensive than the console though.

  19. games says:

    is no mystery no one need to buy another PS4 just do a reverse firmware with the technique of the Raspberry Pi and sends record 1.76 over the 3.50 and ready problem solved use Linux and be happy in your ps4

  20. nebu_187 says:

    no ps4 is the cheapest solution.

  21. lollypop says:

    what about the right time for eastern eggs ?.?

  22. Max says:

    It will be possible with the discovery of 1.76 out downgrade? today my ps4 is 3.11. for now I will stay on hold.

  23. Mcdele says:

    It will be possible with the discovery of 1.76 out downgrade? today my ps4 is 3.11. for now I will stay on hold.

  24. lollypop says:

    so is ther
    time right
    eastern eggs ?.?

  25. Giovanni says:

    I got an offer for an unused <1.76 PS4 with a controller in the original package for 275€ in Germany if anyone is interested. The package was only opened to check the Date code.

    • nope says:

      Seems l3git

      • Giovanni says:

        Well, it is. I’m thinking about buying it. I mean I saw it and it’s never been used or updated. But I don’t think it’s worth it…better buy 5+ games for the money.

        • nope says:

          Well if this console is for you and you’re not trying to sell it here that’s another thing. Really depends on what all you’re trying to get for the console. Lots of “ifs” with the PS4 scene right now. Seems likely that there will eventually be another exploit for 3.XX systems but there’s never going to be a guarantee. Could be like the PS3 and 3.55, it’s been almost 6 years and there was never a new exploit after that point. If you’re not too interested in linux/CFW buy the games. But if I were you I’d buy the console, decide if you want to keep it or not, if you decide against it turn around and make at least 100€ more than you paid for it. Someone would still pay that price, and now you can get 6-7+ games for that money 🙂

        • Fimo says:

          Yes but an unboxed PS4 (never connected to the PSN) will allow you to use the 1.76 webkit browser exploit ?

          • Giovanni says:

            Well anyway , I’m waiting for the PSVR Release and updates on the rumoured new PS4 Version. Until then the scene will also see some development and we’ll be wiser.

  26. Junglebook says:

    I love the idea of running homebrew and emulators on my ps4. I own every game and system i use so the idea of having emZ would be exxxcellent for my personal usage!

  27. Any news on Ps Vita??? says:

    Guess not. Time for me to take a hike back into my cave.

  28. Devo says:

    Always buy 2 if you want the best of both. I have 2 ps3’s, one’s modded. 2 ps4’s, day one still sitting in it’s box. Patience is key. Excited to watch it all unfold!

  29. foage says:

    I think there’s some old bundles (CUH-10xxA) that are new in amazon which means they are under 1.76 and selling for like 350$-400$

  30. moi says:

    In other news, we have full rsx access on ps3 now (finally). Welcome ps3 linux 3d acceleration and other crazy projects!

  31. Noah says:

    I still have a brand new (unopened) Launch Day PS4. To be clear, I’m SELLING it, not giving it away for free.

  32. Alex says:

    I managed to get a 1.72 ps4 on ebay for $400. I guess I’m lucky. It’s not a special edition or anything, just a normal ps4. But its under 1.76 and that’s all I care about

  33. Connor says:

    Yesterday, after reading all this stuff about the 1.76 exploits, I called around to every store in my area to try and find a sealed CUH-10xxA model. (I live in rural Wisconsin). Found a sealed ps4 that was non-bundled at a Shopko in the neighboring town. Went to the store and found out it was a CUH-1115A model. Purchased it (with a half inch layer of dust on it) and brought it home. Plugged it in where my old launch day ps4 sat (on firmware 2.57) and prayed. Turns out it was on 1.76!!!! Still can’t believe I got one! Thanking my lucky stars right now!

  34. chris says:

    1.76v FW PS4 launch day console purchased for 421$ and BARELY EVER USED.

    literally has like 8 hours of up-time and has been stored in its original box since purchased
    I am considering making an ebay listing or just offering it for sale locally but rather it goto someone who wont UPDATE the FW for more info/pics also have a 160gb BLACK OPS bundle PS3 purchase for 321$ on 6-2011 unknown FW atm

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