PS4 hack: Developer Zer0xFF releases dlclose exploit source


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  1. top says:

    Cant wait for people to start complaining about not been able to run pirated content, and asking if it can do so because they refused to read the article, first by the way

    • wololo says:

      Agreed, this will happen

      • top says:

        It always does, seems your website attracts people who are completely inept with the English language and basic reading skills. It even has a on the GitHub page that states this doesn’t allow to use custom firmware.
        I forgot to mention there will probably be a slew of comments shouting FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! despite the number of comments already on the page. Last bu not least, there will be comments replying to people who aren’t actually first with derogatory comments regarding their mother/father and his/her nocturnal activities.

        • Mido says:

          Can I have a cfw 3.51 please ? Oh with multiman 2 ps4 edition and the ability to go online undetected LOL just kidding

          I do wish to see something cool coming this year though , Smyth anything that gets us hyped

          • BlumCoLe says:

            There is a cfw? *hurray*
            Where? Please share a link to the usb one click installer setup. 🙂

  2. top says:

    Hey wololo, I have noticed the little ‘post’ attached on all the articles stating that you are always looking for people who enjoy writing and have a strong interest in the console hacking scene, while I have not had an enormously strong interest in it since the late days of the PSP I still believe that I could contribute a fair bit to the scene as I am Networking Engineer/Penetration Tester (hacker for hire more less) and have a masters in Advanced Cryptography and Algorithmic Theory. I would be happy to write an article here and there provided a topic relating to cryptography or hacking/network security and nearly every aspect relating to PC hardware and gaming.
    If you would like to get into better contact with me then I am sure you can see the email I am using for this comment.
    I look forward to possibly hearing from you and if you cannot get into contact with me from the email attached to this comment or if you can’t simply see it then reply to this comment and we might be able to talk privately over an IRC or something of the sort.

    • cysin says:

      I am interested more in ‘hacking’ scene than (pirated) games so I am looking forward to seeing your articles

  3. Fimo says:

    Next week, the 1st bricked PS4 ! 🙂

  4. gbro says:

    yay, 1$oz

  5. hayzz says:

    F**k 1.76

  6. El Cagon says:

    Can this play copied games? 🙂

  7. Owh yeah! says:

    Good things are coming to us, end users (:

  8. Dig Bick says:

    Hm, wonder if downgrading a PS4 would be possible, since I doubt many stayed on 1,76

  9. Adam Monsour says:

    Bought another PS4 for just this reason! Can’t wait

  10. lollypop says:

    piracy is like a …
    an early kingdom …
    first its a early democrazy
    then stuff happens …
    then its a rights state
    more stuff happens …
    then its a extreme right state …
    more stuff happens …
    then its a free state aka piracy 😉

    exploits lead to the free state somehow or another tho :p

    • Franky says:

      I know piracy isn’t something to be glorified and create hacks and exploits could ruin an actual career for the devs that work on the hack and exploits that lead to piracy, but I hope Wololo and the devs that create and distribute initial homebrew enabling techinques that leads to piracy aren’t treating it as an actual evil. Are they just frustrated at how many people ask about enabling piracy?

      I’ve seen more proof that DRM free software gets supported quite a bit more over locked down games. Heck, Minecraft is one of the easiest games to pirate and it’s topped over 20M sales.

  11. gobulle says:

    I’m 1.76.
    And what else ??

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