PS4 Hack: Tools and resources if you want to hack your PS4 today


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21 Responses

  1. Amir says:

    Why nobody work on ps3 to make other ofw hack?

    • seth says:

      because the ps3 is already set with e3 teensy and cfw’s already out

      • Kaiju-nt says:

        He said “other ofw hack” meaning to be able to jailbreak your console from a higher ofw like 3.55, not downgrading.

  2. Dexter says:


  3. Lan says:

    Ps4 drama,ps4 should be hacked weeks ago.

  4. meysam25 says:

    i am thing about buying ps4 😀

  5. Raikiri says:


  6. j says:

    When someone finds a way to run pirated games, that’s when the flood gates will open.
    All these people that never wanted a ps4 or say they don’t have money for one.
    Will go out and buy one, to pirate the *** out of it.

    For me i’d rather have a system fully hacked or running pirated game, after it has a successor or old enough.
    Sony could see this and be like, hmmm we should release the next PS sooner.

  7. RiotDX says:

    I’m just waiting for somebody to get a hack going that enables PS2 classics to work on PS4 so Sony reverses their BS about the hardware not being compatible and allows me to purchase them.

  8. rdtg says:

    Honestly, at this moment, I don’t see the point in hunting down a PS4 running old firmware. I’ve kinda switched back to PC gaming, and in that regard I am much happier. I’ll hack my PS4 when the time comes, but as of late, I’ve only been using it for exclusives :\
    I’ll hack my PS4 when someone releases some modified firmware and manages a good downgrade method (if even needed at that point) — hopefully someone will crack the PS2 Classics emulator like they did with PS3 😛 That will be fun to tinker with!

  9. Bum says:

    Hic…Hic….Hasn’t anybody…ehm…tried to copy a bluray game…ehm….hic…over network through FTP and add a standard mount call…hic…to the game hic…hic…burp….directory in BADIRET exploit to see what happens in XMB ? Burp…Someone said that a bottle will appear…hic…I am thirsty!

  10. jamilyos says:

    do I buy a PS4 now ? or do I wait the hack ?
    I am afraid that my model will never hacked “like the old PS3 models”

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  13. brendan says:

    is this pz4 vy and chad whant you to stop but dont cuz i need to get trand

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