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PS Vita: Where is the “Cobra Black Fin”?


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31 Responses

  1. Italo says:


    • Vitagenic says:

      Wow, does everyone remember back in 2012 when commenting “first” was actually funny for one of two times?

      • lol says:

        ur just jealous 😛

        • CPUzX says:

          yeah, you’re just jealous, Vitagenic… Who wouldn’t want to be a no-life loser nobody who lacks female companionship and a social life; with no grades, no friends, no job, no life, except refreshing a page every 2 seconds in order to get first place on a console hacking website.. you see, Italo is a very important person. He’s widely respected and has contributed so much useful information to the hacking scene, so he deserves the praise. Deal with it.

      • BlumCoLe says:

        I’ve never understood why it is “funny”…

      • Fie says:

        I remember this *** from like 2001 and it was never funny man

  2. Tiroloco says:

    On the same site that is the WiiKeÜ

  3. Mark says:

    I agree I nearly forgot about the entire thing it’s been so long

  4. word says:

    I think Cobra gets way ahead of themselves pretty often. The Wii U device they announced just a day after WiiU Key was announced was the worst disappointment. The freaking website is still up http://cobra-ude.com/ This is when I lost all faith in the team. There was nothing to back engineer or copy so there was nothing to release. The Black Fin? I honestly forgot about it as soon as I heard the announcement. I’m not sure what their issue(s) are but until it’s produced and reviewed here or another credible site I’m not even considering the team viable. “Hoax” is a nice way of putting it. That term never really came to mind when I think about Cobra.

  5. pooman says:

    damn straight

  6. I didn't do it? says:

    Pretty much the same as stealing sky tv with this system. Good job!

  7. Smoker1 says:

    Just waiting for them to finally come out with a Card System like Sky3DS or Gateway for the Vita.

  8. Franky says:

    It doesn’t make sense to put out a thing like this only for it to be a hoax and to not put a pre-orders option out. Maybe the one overseeing this is just unmotivated to take their job seriously?

    • Thraw says:

      Or maybe they ran into some kind of unforeseen difficulty as it is always with such devices.
      I keenly remember the cobra ode for ps3. It took eternity for it to arrive but when it came it did nothing short for us with unhackable slims and superslims.

      • Franky says:

        I probably should make it clear that when I said “It doesn’t make sense to put out a thing like this only for it to be a hoax and to not put a pre-orders option out.” I meant, put pre orders out in order to get people to pay for something that doesn’t exist an run with the money. Not that I’m saying that’s what I think they did, but if this were a scam, isn’t that what they would do or done already?

  9. megatallica says:

    I have to agree with wololo, Its not like it was the celeco chameleon, they took no orders, so there was no financial gain, if anything there is probably legal issues, hardware issues, or they are having problems producing it.

  10. Salar says:

    i really wish that they can make it and produce it , i really want to buy one as soon as it arrives in iran , and there is somelittle dark part of me 😀 that wish that one day PS4 will get completetly hacked and in that way they can do something to improve the vita or gain more previlage on the system. keeping my finger crossed for the cobra team , i sincersly thanks them from here for all theyve done so far for all hacking scene. nobody asked them to this stuff , and now they are giving their all to improve this kinda system and hacks and brings us more joyment from our device.

  11. Stanislav says:

    Good jub!!Hacker,please continue!

  12. krisk77 says:

    It’s crock of *** from the looks of it anyway. The Vita is practically dead with the current support it has and you might as well buy the games.

  13. Ziken says:

    I think it may more have to do with the software itself than the hardware. If, based on what is cited, that you’re able to share cartiage over the net, via wifi and that you’re only able to play the said game ONLY if that person has the said game plug in, that would require a decent wifi connection and probably limit your travel time.

    Not only that, but they’re probably encountering the issues regarding the security protection on the cartiage itself, as someone, i forgot who, managed to dump the game itself, but wasn’t able to crack the security protection on it.

  14. mgrev says:

    maybe they got raided like hykem

    jokes aside, i was kinda sceptical from the beginnig, but if they were to lie, why make it so “advanced”. to make it sound real? nah, i don’t think so

  15. nope says:

    Man wololo you’re falling behind, where’s the article about the PS1 bubbles?

    • wololo says:

      Sorry about that, I was abroad for 2 weeks with lots on my plate, did not have time to look into the scene. Get in touch with me if you’re interested to become a guest blogger 🙂

      • nope says:

        Unlike most people here I actually meant this as a joke but because I was so tired when I wrote it I came across as a complete ***. My apologies, I had assumed it was something like that (I do remember you saying this site is a hobbly of yours). I wish I could write well enough to be considered as a blogger, if that changes I’ll get back in touch with you.

  16. Merivex John says:

    I just want to talk about the Vita.. Vita is not hacked yet and thats mean it’s not dead!.. While 3DS is hacked. It means people buy 3DS but don’t buy games. So Developer should release thier games to the PS Vita.. Nobody play crack game on vita..

  17. game4deal says:

    now it has been come out ,and you can find the cobra black fin from :

    With only $96.9/pcs

  18. Christian says:

    Hi Wololo,
    today I got the Black Fin sponsored from Team Cobra. I don’t know if you already had the possibility to check it out, but it would be a honor for me to send it to you. Maybe you (or other Wololo members) can get deeper thru the vita system with the black fin.

    Let me know if you’re interested.