Linux PS4: fail0verflow release ps4-kexec to boot Linux on your PS4


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16 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    With the official transition of Xbox One to Win10 and the unofficial transition of PS4 to Linux, both relevant consoles of this generation have turned into PCs not only in hardware, but in software as well.

    Would someone please think of the Vita now?

    • Jefphar says:

      I always thought of my PS Vita as a phone aside for being an overall hacked PSP emulator. Android on Vita in the near future

    • n says:

      The vita is useless and dead to devs. There’s no point in making a hack for a useless system that has failed to be what sony and us fans wanted.

      • lmao says:

        that doesn’t change a thing about how vita hardware is interesting

      • nope says:

        You forgot that people do these things for the challenge as well. Hackers hear impressive security, more secure than the PS4, but all they think about is how to bypass all this security. It will only be a matter of time

    • lol says:

      If the Xbox is windows 10, and PS4 is Linux then the Vita has to def be OS X, since both suck

  2. chris says:

    Can someone please port this to 1.72? Cause I dont wanna upgrade my console any more…

  3. OS X > Vita says:

    If Xbox One turned into Windows 10 and PS4 turned into Linux, then the poor Vita will turn into OS X, very fitting for the Vita since both of them are total ***, hahaha

  4. osuman says:

    Someone, make it for 3.15. thanks.

  5. Danny says:

    Very interesting i’ll try to understand and stydy everything and i’ll test it on my secondary console (sorry for my bad english)

  6. Wolowlow says:

    This is looking like ps3 otheros all over again. In due time we will get a hidden surprise of a cfw the very first person who made it for ps3 not saying names for protection of sonys official daily lurkers on this site any a bunch of others.