PSP: Davee’s Infinity Project will be released this Weekend!

The Zett

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  1. SaravananSMKKB says:

    First here hahaha. Great job Davee. Appreciate you work of reigniting the dead handheld.

  2. Predator0808 says:

    I really admire work of people, that are still inventing new stuff on old devices. Nice job!

  3. Raziel says:

    just as long as there is one for my Go i will be happy

  4. Gaze says:

    Why did he choose 6.61 though? iirc that version had some serious problems with plugins and other things that are never going to be updated… I switched back to 6.60 after I couldn’t get stuff to work. Well whatever, my cIPL flashable PSP2000 won’t need this anyway.

    • The Zett says:

      Davee will add the option to fake the FW to 6.60, thus plugins, themes and everything else that refuses to work on 6.61 (due to the PSP reporting it runs a different firmware than 6.60), will work on 6.61 Infinity (PRO/LME).

      6.61 should be identical to 6.60, except for some PSN connectivity changes. Those plugins/themes/etc dont work, because they check the devices firmware, and notice it doesnt run 6.60.

  5. MAXXXIVO says:

    Gosha my best friend was and will always will be, i love YOU my bro i love, u r so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Francesco says:

    I don’t understand, no Works with Psp e1004 street?!

    • The Zett says:

      For now it cannot work with the PSP e1000 (Street), because it requires firmwares 6.31 & 6.61.

      The E1000 does not support firmware 6.31, so it cannot use Infinity (at the moment).

  7. ardolaz says:

    Hey everyone,

    Is there a benefit to running CFW on a PSP if you already have a Vita running TN-X? Is there anything different you can do on a PSP rather than through the Vita’s PSP emulator? Thanks.

    • reckless0 says:

      I personally use my PSP for everything PSP and keep the Vita on the latest firmware to keep PSN access and Remote Play access. The screen on the vita is nice for TN-V and all the features it brings but playing online trumps that IMO especially when I can do everything much more easily on my PSP Go.

  8. Anon says:

    Will the source code be published?
    I’d love to see it running on a OFW out of the box.
    And since it appears that the base FW 6.31 doesn’t care which FW it starts afterwards, would it be possible to implement TimeMachine functionality, as in booting any firmware that your PSP model supports?
    It’s probably too much to demand from Davee, but if the source code is available, someone somewhere might be able to polish it even more.

  9. lollypop says:

    will infinity come to psvita to ?

  10. Somebody says:

    How can I tell what model PSP I have? I have a PSP 3000 but the sticker on the bottom has faded too much (and recently I lost it entirely) so I cant find out what exact model of PSP 3000 it is.

    • aces says:

      i believe the sticker for model type is behind the battery

    • warfaren says:

      Run PSPident

    • The Zett says:

      If your PSP 3000 ever ran FW 6.20, then you will definitely not have a 07g 3000.

      The 3000 07g is very very very rare, so the chance of you having one is nearly zero.

      Just run PSPident 0.75 on your current CFW, and it will tell you your motherboard (only important for 2000s), device generation (0Xg) and much more.

  11. Xuxa Vieira says:

    I never had a psp and I think I’ll buy one this weekend. It seems like it already have some sort of cfw (the guy runs isos on it). Can I find a good beginners guide to the psp so I find out what has the guy done to the psp and where can I go from there? Because I read this news and understood very little of it 😛

  12. 007 says:

    Impressive! Hopefully a 6.60 version will exist I would run one psp with 6.60 pro b10 and rest with qwikrazor 6.61 pro c and rahim us lme 2.3. Those are my 3 favorite cdw. I wonder if this method allocates and uses up more ram than perma patch though?

  13. Ninja_EX says:

    Great now we are one step closer to finding a public method to unbrick psp 3000’s and up!

  14. Ninja_EX says:

    Can’t wait! Looks like i’m finally gonna replace my psp 2000 with a 3000!

  15. lollypop says:

    what about abundle of …
    chronoswitch 6.61
    davee’s infinity 6.61hybrid
    davee’s infinity 6.60hybrid
    lol xD

  16. lollypop says:

    maybe a tnv-davee’s-infinity update for any psvita tnv ?.?

  17. Frank says:

    Dang… Great job yes but my PSP do not opens anymore. The light goes green and after seconds, it turns off again. There is nothing to do even if I remove the Pandora battery and try with pressing L trigger and Home button… 🙁

  18. yea says:

    I have an 07 psp and was hoping someone could tell me why they are so rare and if that rarity correlates to a higher

    • The Zett says:

      The 3000 07g is rare, because there are only a hand full of them.

      The 3000 has 4 different generations: 03g, 04g, 07g and 09g, and of these the 07g had only been sold for a few weeks.

      The 03g was the original 3000 (FWs 4.20+), the 04g the first revision (with FW limit 5.70+) and the 09g is the currently sold one (yet another FW limit 6.30+).

  19. ZeroSbr says:

    An 07 PSP is rare because they didn’t make many of them before going to 09. Mail it to one of the aforementioned people, they may even pay you.

  20. simbin says:

    Wondering if it will be possible to downgrade PSP Go to cfw 5.00 to run FuSa SD (fullscreen tv out plugin)

  21. MadKing says:

    flash my PSP to infinity but after prompted reboot, BSOD. Tried infinity recovery but not working. PSP 09g, help.

  22. lala1818 says:

    Hi, when you got BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), just simply press circle button to restore corrupt settings. I also meet this BSOD after I installed Infinity. My PSP is working fine 🙂

  23. elkun says:

    Is the file down for a moment, i cant find the link files…

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