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PS Vita prototype video resurfaces


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29 Responses

  1. Franky says:

    Dang, it looks like it could have done well if they stuck with the prototype. Where did they get in in their heads that they needed to completely lock down the system in every way possible for it to be a success? Were the higher ups just bored and knew this thing would flop and just said,”Why not?”?

  2. Xstationbr says:

    Will their send to us disassembly this PS VITA tô reversal engine?

  3. Jackall4BDN says:

    I really would have loved the HDMI-Port on my Vita, i prefer the new design, tho.
    And i think there is NOBODY out there who isn’t upset with the memory-card-format…

  4. Alpmaster says:

    This Article infuriates me not only did the prototype have SD card support but HDMI too!!! Come on this so disrespectful to us consumers. I am sick and tired of these devices being so limited. Give us our moneys worth stop trying to add stupid gimmicks to make more profit i hardly even use the back touch pad just add L2 and R2 triggers to the next revision of Psvita and add more internal storage like how the PSP GO at least had 14 usable GB.

  5. rclr says:

    That’s really lit! Wish they go with this. But I do like the ps vita design right now. If they go with that structure they can probably put a umd drive too.

    • nope says:

      Why would they do this? It would cost them money to allow us to play physical copies of old PSP games we have as opposed to gouging us on games we already own to play them on Vita.

      • rclr says:

        thats the point play your old umd games on vita. rather than buying it on psn. without relying on exploit. if DS can do it why not the vita?

        • nope says:

          If Sony could gouge you for free as opposed to adding something that costs money to a new Vita model why would they? In their eye they can spend no money to sit back and rake in money or they could spend money to not get much money in return.

          It’s not going to happen.

        • Jesse says:

          Because a company like Nintendo has class, and Sony doesn’t. If you didn’t catch what the other guy was saying, putting a UMD drive in a Vita means that Sony can’t make more money off of you re-buying games you already own. It’s greed.

          • Aramaru says:

            Those are the risks of closed platform where company, be it s, m or n dictates what you can and can’t do. And well… those are the risks I’d honestly rather not undertake again… after ps vita

    • Johndill says:

      In a way that’s like asking Dell to add a 3.5 floppy drive on their Alienware laptops 🙂 Backwards comparability for Sony is called emulation 🙂

  6. Schadows says:

    Not sure about the rest (design, hdmi, etc.), but at least the SD card support would have helped to sell more consoles.

  7. Rexus says:

    Damn that looks slicks; maybe the vita would not be collecting dust if sony took this design approach. I really like how it took the form of a psp go. Maybe sony has something to reconsider in their next portable console.

    • JustAnotherOne says:

      i doubt this design would have helped the VITA much. in fact it probably would have hurt it more. in the video there was no mention of the the VITA game cart slot at all and with the internal storage there, all signs points to this prototype being digital only just like the PSPgo. we all know how the digital only PSPgo was received by the majority of gamers.
      as for the sliding screen, while it is nice, it will make having actual twin analog sticks impossible. the prototype seems to have sliding nubs only. i don’t know about you but i’ll take actual analog sticks over sliding screen+sliding nubs any day.

  8. RandySavage says:

    That’s it I’m taking my ps vita apart to make it look exactly like that.

  9. Tiaph says:

    I’m really glad they ditched the GO design personally, but the lack of any sort of SD or micro SD card support is ridiculous. I’ve seen so many posts on reddit recently of Sonys own 64 GB vita cards being corrupted and turned into paperweight, forcing people to buy more overpriced proprietary memory cards. It really makes me worry about my own.

  10. Josh says:

    Sony have a perfect opportunity to release the Vita Go with everything shown here.

  11. Gaze says:

    Although they aren’t exactly common, you can buy those from other people. Same goes for debug/IDU vitas. Although prototypes are more difficult to find than the other two. Too bad you’re really at the seller’s mercy as far as price goes… IDU/kiosk vitas pop up on ebay from time to time though.

  12. john says:

    ill admit this i dont like screen setup it looksl ike psp go i hated that system with passion.
    but all other features in this r amazing keep original vita screen added protypes led hdmi out etc it would been way better system in end imho.

  13. Wilfredo says:

    find out where this *** is and get this from him so we can reverse engineer

  14. alpmaster says:

    Now that i have cooled down i did wonder some things about the prototype. Was the SD slot going to be the storage or were they thinking of putting the vita games on a SD card? Also i noticed in the video it has an internal 12 GB. The SD card he shows says 4GB was this an addition or maybe the internal storage is really 8GB?

  15. Salar says:

    Im really Crying now 🙁 it could have been a master piece …. could have been.

  16. unknown says:

    PS Vita DEM-3000H84 Very interesting…

  17. Donald jr trump says:

    100 bucks says this *** *** doesnt even do anything with this.

  18. dyey-em_si says:

    This prototype is promising. I wonder can we use this for exploit hunting

  19. Toshirou says:

    I remember before the vita was officially announced and before all those grainy pictures of this vita leaked out all those years ago there was a leak by a game dev he said at one of the game expos him and a few other devs and suits from other companies were invited to a private Sony conference at the expo he went on to say that they had two ngp prototypes one go and one candybar and they had decided on the design they wanted to go with yet

  20. Arnaldo says:

    Go cut your nails.