Is a PS4 Jailbreak usb device in the works?


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  1. El Cagon says:

    w00t first

  2. Franky says:

    I hope this isn’t true, but at the same time I hope it is. I’ll gladly give out money to whoever can allow me complete control over a device I purchased. Just saying.

  3. Saya says:

    Wow this team does everything and suck your-

    wallet dry.

  4. Leo says:

    I dont think this will pan out to be anything … Cobra only existed after the Ps3 dongle came out.

    Black Fin device isn’t out either … I think its all hot air

  5. Yo Leo says:

    My oh my, seems like that millionaire Nigerian Prince is at it again.

  6. Stanislav says:

    OOO Yesss!!Please,continue!

  7. nebu_187 says:

    me own a hacked ps4 console, seen? bombaclad pay fitty dolla now
    even if its true i wouldnt want a ps4 unless it runs ps2 games like a charm thats another story.

  8. sh21ab says:

    I think the guy (ha4cker4net) is just a liar who wants to attract attention to himself, first he says he will release their fw in March pui in February and icing on the cake on fw3.15! seriously guys the developers have difficulties in the 1.76 and says that he just had a little problem at psn! I am 90% sure there is no team and it is a mytho

  9. animalovich says:

    oh ok , will keep waiting for more news about this

  10. PepeCobain says:

    First!! 😛 great news!

  11. Yay ore d*ldo’s for you DRM loving dumb a*s’s to stick up your fat piracy loving a*s’s.
    Also F U Star for posting this on IRC and ruining my breakfast with this stupid news :/

    • AcidBath says:

      Yet you post the same news on your site? Why not keep your 5 year old tantrums on your site. For someone who hates so much you seem to love posting about it.

      • Ricky D says:

        This is GR we’re talking about. That’s all he knows how to do is throw hypocritical hissy fits like anybody even cares what he thinks. His over inflated ego is hardly justified. It’d be amusing if he wasn’t just so annoying

        • AcidBath says:

          Hahaha. Maybe he’s mad he has nothing to contribute and can’t make money off hacking so he needs to be a troll to get people to his site to make some money off advertising. Hopefully this whole thing is fake cause these plagued the ps3 scene.

          • Ummm AcidBath its your boyfriend Ricky Dumb who supports people making a profit off the scene.
            I hate clowns who make any money of the scene.

          • Ricky D says:

            This is a response to GR but since I can’t leave one to him for some reason I’m just going to leave it here. Grow up kid. Nobody cares about you or your drama. You do nothing in the scene except run your mouth. That’s all you’ve ever done. Get over yourself. You’re just not that interesting

          • YaBoi says:

            I agree with Ricky D here. Give him a break though guys, must be tough when you have to troll bait for traffic to your own site. Maybe one day it’ll grow up, but don’t hold your breath.

    • WhoCares says:

      Desperate for some traffic on that site of yours huh? You always spout this kinda *** about dongles/DRM but nobody cares about your opinion. Something tells me you’re a closet case with all this talk about a s s e s and d i l d o s smfh

  12. anotherps4user says:

    Why do people constantly call copying games ‘Pirating’. When in the eyes of the law, selling games is pirating. Copying games for FREE is NOT pirating. Some people in the scene seem to work against themselves. Look up copyright law, and if you don’t shut up about pirating. The real pirates are people who sell games without giving royalties to the copyright owner. THIS INCLUDES SELLING SECOND HAND GAMES!. Downloading a game for free off the internet via torrent or otherwise is NOT pirating. Selling a second hand game IS.

    • true but says:

      lets face it tho, most ppl who are copying games are uploading them behind paid links for a little profit….not all but most are

    • Me says:

      Correct, it’s not technically Piracy, but shock horror, it’s also not legal so drop the FREE part as unless stated otherwise by the company who hold the licence, you are NOT allowed to possess a copy unless paid for, either by you, or by someone else (multi user also comes under this when renting a game etc).

      Also, I have ZERO idea which laws you have been looking at, but it is NOT against ANY law to sell on a purchased game (second hand).
      Oh and before you mention it, some companies are ‘attempting’ to ‘bind’ the original purchaser to the game…………………. and failing 😉

      Guess what?…. I actually DO know about copyright law and will be glad to supply you with the FACTS if you ask nicely (as opposed to the drivel you have most obviously been reading/quoting).

      Have a nice day 🙂

    • Crzo says:

      Piracy: The unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work.

      I’m pretty sure copying games for free totally matches that defifinition, you don’t need to be selling it to be piracy.

      • anotherps4user says:

        That’s not the legal definition.

        • Crzo says:

          Legal definition? You got to be kidding me…

          Every country has their own laws and the legal definition of your country won’t be the same as mine,there isn’t an standard world wide legal definition, really silly on you to refer to YOUR “legal definition” because that will change according to where you live.

  13. Rolenzo says:

    I would be much more interested in running the ps4 as a steam machine or a having a nice snes emulator for it.

    Or maybe injecting ps2 games into a ps2 classic on ps4. A man can dream.

  14. says:

    I’m ready to buy and donate cfw 😉

  15. MAXXXIVO says:

    Finally some fresh air for good and poor people all over the world , we need FREEDOM more then their greedy and false rules, I SALUTE YOU GOOD PEOPLE !!! CFW and Cobra all the way long !!!! LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. bleeep says:

    That`s just a whole looooooooot of ***.

  17. hacker's fan says:

    I hope it is not a fake , but sadly it looks like !!

  18. nopw says:

    I hate to tell you but a dongle that enables piracy is not inherently illegal, it would only be so if it contained illicit or illegally obtained material.

    • 2 says:

      That is true, but i dont think Amazon has ever sold modchips and things alike. Companies are also trying to crack down on these types of devices, trying to stop the sales of them.

      • StriiX says:

        They did. Like the E3 NOR/NAND Flasher. Or the PS3BREAK stick.

        • 2 says:

          E3 NOR flasher isnt really a modchip or a piracy device in itself, its just used for downgrading as far as i know, so that isnt too surprising to me. I didnt know that they sold the PS3Break sticks though.

      • Frank says:

        On the contrary, Amazon has a long history of selling modchips.

        • 2 says:

          I didnt know that. Doesnt seem like Amazon themself are selling it though, but 3rd party sellers. But still surprising to see that they’re being sold through Amazon.

    • Jesse says:

      Selling devices that circumvent copyright mechanisms is a violation of the US DMCA, so yeah it’s not exactly legal for US residents. Enforcement however, is rare and difficult because the devices get shipped from China to resellers and there are so many it’s pretty pointless to shut them down. I guarantee that eventually we will have a fed “Operation Modchip Killswitch.”

      Never heard of the college kids getting busted for selling 360 flashing services?

  19. lol says:

    I think this is a fake. I searched for this guy on twitter but the account was disabled. I think the best hope we have is rebug team.

  20. Mike says:

    Lol I don’t think they meant amazon is gonna list it. I think its more of broken English .

    Whether it’s true or not who knows.

  21. Zeke says:

    Hackers with way more talent (and crucially, PROOF) have been barely able to do webkit exploits on 1.76 and below, this is clearly fake and I’m not sure warranted the effort of a blog post, no offence…

    • nods says:

      but as it stands its classed as a rumor same as all the other rumor posts. but i agree with u

    • tg says:

      As the post says, there’s too many people asking for the same thing and this post is to tell them all “no, this is fake”

      • Zeke says:

        Easy to miss the first sentence if you’re skim reading. I know I did and just read from “There are growing rumo(u)rs…”

  22. l4m3 h4x05 says:

    Sweet, so according to The ps4, Nintendo Wii U, and the PS vita are all going to be seeing hacks/dongles and jailbreaks in the month of February? After being pushed bag a couple dozen times?

  23. nope says:

    When’s the article about the leaked PS4 1.76 kernel going to come out?

  24. Munky8758 says:

    They are probably coming out with a blank dongle that you have to program yourself. That’s just my opinion.

  25. Cr0w says:

    so what tha fu…. ? after release that *** we can run the pirated games on di…y ps4 ?
    how much costs that *** ?

  26. hamid says:

    this contré is the bets of the woor ,

  27. Koreanfrenchbreadstick says:

    Seems great hopefully i have a chance to get it tools like this can make a poor man live like a middle class person.

  28. Cr0w says:

    So what tha fu…. ? can we run the pirated games on ps4 Easy?

  29. Fimo says:

    That’s certainly not 100% fake.

    Take a look at the comments of Chaos Kid on psxhax:

  30. John says:

    pff… Fake…

  31. STLcardsWS says:

    I must say, I hate seeing Rumors that are obvious fakes make the news. Is that not the goal of these people (fakes) anyhow? So why promote something that we can easily tell is a fake??

  32. Mike says:

    We did this by using a level 0 0x0406 0x3258. Bios and the core is completely compromised .

  33. Shaun says:

    Hi! Major newbie here, but does the CFW allow for me to play computer games on my PS4 (without having to load Windows or OS X, etc on my PS4?) I honestly just want to add mods to one game BUT be able to play it on my PS4

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