Qwikrazor’s Custom Bubbles and the Vita Half Byte Loader are still working as of System Software 3.57!

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  1. nope says:

    *Before 3.55

  2. Predator0808 says:

    Great newsThat’s great news! Keep going guys putting some live in rusty PS Vita homebrews scene 🙂 Good job Qwikrazor.
    I know it’s not the right topic but… What is status of ARK-3? Any news, any new exploitable PSOne games? Thanx for info!

  3. untoldzero says:

    so if i have ark-2 bubble on my 3.55 that works without anyproblem, can i update do 3.57 and ark bubble still works?

  4. Jefphar says:

    Sony Developers and Hackers Cat and Mouse Play continues……………………….

  5. Ragnar says:

    Im in 3.55 with ark, i restore sistem so i need activate/ update sistem . Dont want to miss it vita update blocker works? Thanx

    • lurker says:

      Yes, it works.

      • Anchit says:

        I just did not think through and updated to 3.57, because i had to activate/update system which could be done by vitaupdateblocker which i forgot so silly of me ,please don’t make the same mistake i did which i regret but does the miyanma iyer do vhbl i curious to know

  6. Ozkr says:

    How to install vhbl in 3.57??

  7. VitaFan47 says:

    Zett what happened to your website, I can’t access it anymore. Also are you watching any anime this season or last season?

  8. DarkSlayer says:

    I’ve been a little bit out from the news around here… just tell me…a PSvita never exploited by any methods…and in 3.57…have still any chances.to get some homebrew…?

    • Rolenzo says:

      No, you need to have installed quikrazor’s method BEFORE updating to 3.57.

      • nope says:

        Before updating to 3.55***

        • Rolenzo says:

          Yeah, I think he’s right. my bad.

          • nope says:

            You’re fine man, I just see everyone updating to 3.55 and trying to set bubbles up then because Zett made it sound like 3.55 is supported now. Most end users are morons, (I want to use another word but my comment probably won’t be uploaded then..), the concept of common sense doesn’t apply to them and they end up blaming others for their own stupidity.

  9. Salar says:

    well i guess that we can call a good news 😕 maybe. i hope this scene will remain alive 🙁

  10. Franky says:

    This means that Sony needs to waste more time doing something pointless. GG Sony. You can’t even waste your time patching an exploit properly.

  11. Samuel says:

    If I’m on 3.55 with a mr gas bubble using ARK can I install a Qwikrazor bubble from there or do I need 3.52?

    • nope says:

      I think if you have a custom bubble already set up which allows you to run PSP Filer I believe you can copy the pboot over into a PSP game folder. May be wrong, but I seem to remember that so long as you’re not coping over an eboot you can still copy files over… May want to do your own research first though.

  12. Dan says:

    Well, VHBL does run BUT but not as well as before. On the SCUMMVM emulator all my games disappeared and I can’t add new games to it. Feels like folder permissions issue.. Bummer.

  13. Zeke says:

    Hmmm. The moral of the story seems to be, if you want to do exploits and you’re buying a Vita for the first time don’t buy one with firmware greater than 3.51.

  14. Elwood says:

    Hey guys! I thought that VHBL is currently only working with small files and packages (<1mb). Is that no longer the case? And is there a tutorial about setting up a vhbl bubble like in the video? I'm on 3.51 but want to update soon…

    • nope says:

      I remember something about that as well, but I believe that only released exploit games had that imposed limit? Using the pboot method you can turn any game into a bubble exploit game or not. Another thing I’m not sure about but I thought that this at least used to be the case.

  15. Benoitt says:

    I have a Qwikrazor bubble with Ark. Installed on 3.52 and currently on 3.55.
    Is there a way to convert that bubble from Ark to VHBL while on 3.55 and then upgrade to 3.57 ? This way I would keep emulators at least when upgrading.

    • nope says:

      Just either use a VHBL pboot already made (I’m sure people have posted links to downloads for one), or make one yourself. Very easy to make, tutorial on how to make homebrew bubbles is up on hackinformers tutorials sections

      • Benoitb says:

        On 3.55 I cannot make a new bubble as far as I know. This is why I ask if I can convert my only custom bubble that runs Ark into a VHBL bubble instead.

        • nope says:

          Right, I may be wrong but I thought at least that you could just replace the pboot file within your ARK bubble with a VHBL pboot and it would work. I may be wrong though.

          • Benoitb says:

            Thanks for the hint 😉 I will read more about replacing the pboot. I think as long as I keep a backup of my arked game I can roll-back while still on 3.55.

      • ianx says:

        this thing works, tried it myself, im on 3.55 myself, theres a copy of vhbl pboot lying around (use google), you could transfer it via qcma, then copy it to the folder of any of your existing custom bubbles, if you havent made any custom bubbles aside from your ARK bubble then you need to download demos in PSN (loco or petz) or even paid minis (tried it in “Family Games” 1USD, still worked), transfer vhbl’s pbot to their game folders, then backup the game to your PC and transfer it back to your vita for the pboot to load,

        • Benoitb says:

          Thanks man. I will prepare a VHBL bubble then with another PSP demo while we can still proxy 3.55 for PSN access. I’ll decide later if I upgrade, at least I will still have VHBL.

          • ianx says:

            im also thinking about updating but id rather wait till the best games of 2016 are out already (Hello! World of FF, DQ Builders, Digimon Cyber, Mighty 9, God Eater RB, etc)

  16. YZ Rum says:

    I knew 3.52 was the last and best FW to stay on. The FailMail Exploit is one of the greatest bypasses we’ve had in a long while. The fact that we were able to make our own custom themes convinced me that was the last FW I’m updating to. It was foolish for others to update to 3.55 just for online. Honestly, if you want to keep your exploits, just stay where you are and invest in another Vita.

  17. Dan says:

    Scummvm emulator does not work properly on 3.57 VHBL.

  18. RyoX says:

    dont think its stable (still Working), will wait for a proper one.

  19. Drakey says:

    Do Qwikrazor exploit for Mimana Iyar Chronicle (PSP) to run TN-V11 still work in 3.57?

  20. Quicksilver says:

    Hi I bought from someone PS VITA SLIM PCH-2016 Adventure pack where Firmware 3.55. Is it possible to upload these to the ARK outside PSN? I also own the PS3 where I have CFW 4.76. I still have a question Vita I have 5 games on PSN like to be Uncharted etc. Da download the game to be over psnstuff.exe PS VITA games.A then that data to the PS3, and subsequently copied to Vita? Thank you so much.

  21. Kox says:

    So waiting new kexploit?

  22. MyLegGuy says:

    I have a question.
    I currently have the custom bubble that you had to be on the firmware with the email exploit.
    Tom & Gas’s custom bubble?

    Anyway, I hear that one is now patched.
    Could I run an iso of the exploit game needed for qwikrazor’s custom bubble and then make another custom bubble that way? Then after that, update to the latest firmware?

  23. mrT says:

    iam still in 3.55 i want to play psp games or any emulator what should i do 1st?? before upgrading top .57 thanks , just got my vita

  24. lucas says:

    I just used the update blocker to connect to ps store in order to download my p4g, so its working. gonna test it with cma now, hope it works, this way we can continue using the ark-2 bubble. 🙂

  25. george says:

    TN-V is not working anymore :'(
    all I keep getting now is error c1-2858-3

  26. AngelaMi says:

    Hi, dell

  27. Kouenhasuki says:

    173210 finally releases his VHBL for EU’s MGSPO+!!!! But it doesn’t work lol

    So aside from that dev getting people to buy a game and leave em hanging for a whole month (I dont think anyone who got it and kept it under the promise 173210 made could get a refund now) this is the second time for EU people to be left out in the cold lol

  28. Elwood says:

    So I’m a bit confused, will it be ok if I do this http://hackinformer.com/PlayStationGuide/PSV/tutorials/how_to_install_vhbl_bubble_without_exploitgame.html on 3.51 and then update to 3.57? Or will such a bubble disappear?

  29. Victordup says:

    Hi, dell

  30. Sage says:

    Hello, guys.
    I have a question.
    Right now my vita is 3.52 fw.
    vitaupdateblocker doesn’t work…
    and no way to update to 3.55 not 3.57…
    Do I have to update to 3.57 if there’s nothing to do in 3.52?

  31. 2n says:

    There is now an eu exploit game for vhbl (metal gear portable ops+) on firmware 3.57. It’s available on hack informer. You need to use the debug savegame files and once loaded go to -> match -> edit message to get it to run vhbl.

    I just cant seem to get gpsp working on it at the moment (more a me issue i think).

  32. mrt says:

    does the exploit metal gear game work on R1? in R1 the metal gear named metal gear solid portable plus while in EU the plus is + sign

  33. Victr says:

    guys I have tnv-11 bubble on firmware 3.52…how to I install templar and other plugins?