VitaShell 0.4 released


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19 Responses

  1. Rolenzo says:

    This is the de-facto ftp and file manager for the vita. Really great release. Thanks much!

  2. boypalos says:

    I keep seeing updates for homebrews that can be used in Rejuvenate but how many ppl actually use Rejuvenate in Vita?
    I got a Vita with TN-V and ARK but no Rejuvenate

    • ch3wt0ys says:

      Most of the people using Rejuvenate are either developing homebrew for it, the ones that were late to grab a game/didn’t want to buy a game to run homebrew, and the ones that want native homebrew instead.

  3. Stanislav says:

    Why hack PS Vita??????????

    • Zeke says:

      Why anything???????????????????????????

    • SsJVasto says:

      Why write a book? There are tons around!

    • seth says:

      really? obviously to give it features sony didn’t intend on it having. why the f-ck else would you? god some people on here seem really f-ckin stupid sometimes it’s like there’s a bunch of 10 year olds or something -_-

      • Stanislav says:

        I’m pretty sure he meant “When hack PS Vita”. This guy is a Russian with next to no English knowledge. Given all the posts he’s made in the past he desperately wants a fully hacked Vita so he can pirate out the wazoo on it.

  4. Zeke says:

    This is great, the force quit option can make Rejuvenate more usable. RetroArch emulators already have working exit options for what I can tell, and I’ve tested a few others launching via VitaShell 0.4:

    * CATSFC-libretro-vita-1.1.1 – Quits back to VitaShell within a few seconds, even with a game loaded
    *SNES9xVITA-1.1.0 – Quits back to VitaShell within a few seconds, even with a game loaded

    * CATSFC-libretro-vita-20150823 – Hangs if quit without game loaded or crashes PSM Unity with game loaded
    * genplusvita – Crashes PSM Unity with or without game loaded
    * mgba – Quits out within a few seconds from main menu before loading any game, crashes PSM Unity if game loaded, hangs mbga if trying to force quit after pausing emulation with /\ or exiting the GBA game
    * VitaQuake – Loads with no video (only audio), doesn’t respond to controls, crashes PSM Unity when trying to quit

    Regardless, it’s nice to have the option, and I can test more later. Also I think the splash screen should be changed from ReVITAlize Homebrew Competition to ReVITAlize Homebrew Winner 😉

    Great work as ever from TheFloW, thanks.

  5. ryanrudolf says:

    has anyone tried vita shell and then putting the vita to sleep, resume then play homebrew again from within vita shell? if it works then u just need to launch rejuvenate once, and make sure the vita doesnt poweroff due to low battery.

  6. SsJVasto says:

    I love how the screenshot still shows “VitaShell 0.1”

  7. Elwood says:

    So I loved the new changes and thought… maybe it’s time to finally give that Rejuvenate thing a chance… and then I looked up the Rejuvenate tutorials and said.. not really. This is coming from a guy who made a very professional fake screenshot;) for Sony when the PSM licenses were needed, who solders modchips in his old consoles himself, does stuff like create homebrew compilation CD’s for these consoles, and designs 3d-printed cases for old computer electronics like the SD card readers for Atari and Commodore. I guess I had to stop somewhere.
    Can someone at least confirm that Vitashell can be run once, and stay resident until the Vita is powered down/ runs out of battery power? That would probably make me change my mind about it;)

    • Zeke says:

      It can/will stay resident as works inside PSM Dev or PSM Unity (Unity is better btw), but as mentioned when trying to quit out of certain home-brews it can/will crash and Rejuvenate has to be relaunched via PC or Android smartphone tether.

  8. daggdroppen says:

    I actually feel sorry for the vita scene. It’s so dead.

    And I think Sony preferred the psp, even though it got hacked by everyone. The vita is just dead :/

    • seth says:

      i bet you the vita scene would explode if no one had butthurt issues about piracy this console had soooo much potential

    • Zeke says:

      Lol yet another “Vita is dead” post, what a surprise… sure the scene isn’t up to 3DS levels because it’s much smaller but if you know where to look there’s still things being done with it scene wise. For my money it’s still the better console even with way less official games/quality home-brews.

  9. lollypop says:

    so when isa packaged linux released ?
    ps4-pkg-linux.pkg ?.?

  10. seth says:

    i think ahman needs to come back and make a shell for the vita xP

    • chad says:

      Something like iRShell for the Vita would be great, it was definitely one of my favorite pieces of homebrew, that and pReSS on the PSP.