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Team Rebug started researching PS4 exploits


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  1. Meh says:

    The problem with rebug is that they “release” binaries, not source codes or patches. I would prefer if we provide patches and exploits not so that people can “install” stuff, but that they can tinker with it themselves and improve the work. They are just yet another closed society, for no reason. If they can release binaries, they can release information too.

    • Meh says:

      PS: When they do. Even for the PS3, then they get my donations.

    • Jesse says:

      They do release things for free, though. No dongles or any of that DRM BS. I hear you on the closed source, but I would think they’d get a bunch of flack from users “tinkering” and ultimately bricking their consoles, blaming Rebug. Closed source also prevents people from confusing other or claiming they are official rebug releases.

      A lot of these types of groups release sources when they are finished with the project.

      • Meh says:

        I am convinced that you can make arguments that just about anything is somehow legitimate 🙂 I can see the issues you named, though I think they are minor and not actually worth the argument.

        It’s a bit like MS, protecting you from the bad people by sending your downloads to their servers for “checking” them against viruses (smart screen) a giant cluster *** of a privacy invasion and literally almost as bad as anybody breaking into your PC (esp. in the age of snowden) … Or Apple along the same lines of shady consumer-friendly-backdoors and cloud uploads.

        But to reply to the points you made:
        – I could fake and redistribute a “rebug” without issue. I don’t even need their code. I just need to give you an update 😉 What prevents it, is their domain (official channel) 🙂
        – People who tinker, brick sometimes. If you try it, it’s your chance. Add a red blinking warning (1996!), make it some in-the-back page nobody visits (not the fancy release page) or a git repo. Devs care, users don’t.
        – They also use a ton of other peoples open work to make their product better – so not giving back at the same time seems like the wrong attitude.
        – Releasing after the fact is fine (again I will donate) but the value and my interest decreases over time – not because it’s old, but because other people move on, so I got no others to do neat stuff with. I will backlog it, and never get to it. Meanwhile I could have improved it if I had been able to – and learned and had some fun … 🙁
        – Also, a release after the fact is not as easy to grasp. If you had been there when it was created, you would have understood it better – because you can see the steps, trails, trials and errors 🙂 Look at the swift repo – you can literally see a language being created 🙂

        So, while I like their work, I would hope, that they just simply work openly. Nobody will steal their thunder, and the other issues, well as said I don’t buy them 🙂

  2. Jp says:

    What a wonderful guy news, good job watery cfw hehehehehe 🙂

  3. Arnaldo says:

    Piracy please

  4. maroto says:

    Actively working?? Oh yeah my ps3 4k is running 4.70 rebug!

  5. animalovich says:

    exciting news 🙂 , will be waiting for more to come 🙂
    all my PS3 CFW are just rebug , awesome CFW , the best for me 😉

  6. KDreams says:

    The best news of month (:
    I can’t wait to install CFW Rebug in my ps4.

  7. Dmaskell92 says:

    “but they’re no certainty”
    Small typo here, fantastic read though. I hope REBUG gets decent donations.

  8. 2 says:

    How is donations going to speed up the developement?

  9. lollypop says:

    please rebug
    first research auto rejuvenale
    so i dont have to manuall update the lics
    cuz i failz horribly.
    in a usermode greasemonkey auto debug symbols devkit on psvitalink.be lolz

  10. scotty says:

    Would be cool to get Linux on ps4 with ps4 vr drivers working to for future development

  11. waster says:

    so ps4 might get hacked and set up in a convenient way before the ps3. nice.

  12. lurker says:

    Did I miss something? When did Team Rebug any Hacking on the PS3?

  13. Ashton says:

    I wish them luck, still no need for ps4, but i’ll get one if they release cfw.

  14. Thomas says:

    How Speed up? Buying PS4 console, hard disk games, raspberry etc etc. For investigate and for create a CFW!
    I’ve lost 2 HD only for backup and load games!
    Rebug is the best CFW on PS3 console!!!
    And i believe that Rebug will be best CFW for PS4 console!!!
    Habib Joniee Evilsperm and many more work in this team!
    QA Flags for downgrade, CFW for retail en dex console, patch cobra, PSN… Do you remember?
    Thanks guys for all!!!

  15. Derf says:

    This is great news! I loved all their previous releases and am appreciative of all the hard work put into it!

  16. lunacryd says:

    Fantastic news I was gonna update my ps4 but i’ll wait lol go team Rebug

  17. lol says:

    lol@ a few ppl here auto expecting there will CFW on the ps4 just by reading this article

  18. Z says:

    Seems to me like they are trying to make some quick cash, don’t expect much from them

  19. Mymi says:

    I have an exploit on the ps4 to download non-officiel psn content like to change the download link to something different when downloading something from the psn store how do I send this? I don’t know their email and I’m not a professional but i’m pretty sure someone can go really far with that exploit.

  20. Ivan says:

    Rebug team is the best team that was able to create the most stable and versatile Cfw for PS3 . Hope to see their cfw for ps4.

  21. Ivan5 says:

    here you can contact rebug
    website: rebug.me/contact-us/

  22. Lonepwnr says:

    If I won the billion powerball I would give a huge bounty prize on the team or person that jailbreaks the ps4

  23. wrrit says:

    great news, I hope for now for ps4 cfw this year.

  24. gokhan says:

    REBUG is awesome, its been the most stable CFW provider on PS3. I am sure they will do great on PS4 as well. If anyone from REBUG is reading this, no matter if you can ”hack PS4” or not, thanks a bunch for your past work guys.

  25. Kosgoslav says:

    But the real question is, how we play the games that are online only? For now are few games, but maybe in the future there will be more of them.

  26. Shadow says:

    My brother works for sony in ps4 development section.

  27. I simply must tell you that you have an excellent and unique article that I kinda enjoyed reading.

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