VitaJelly: JellyPhysics now available for PS Vita (rejuvenate)


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14 Responses

  1. seth says:

    this looks promising

  2. Masquerade says:

    Everything about that old video takes me back. IRShell, that Gameboot that everyone on Youtube had at the time..

  3. lollypop says:

    what about vitaLinux first ?

  4. what about vitaLinux first ?

  5. Elwood says:


  6. edeni says:

    I feel like the Vita has been overshadowed by the recent PS4 hacks. Seems like most of the devs have jumped wagon onto the promising PS4 scene. Such a waste. I’m sitting on multiple bubble hacks, waiting for something cool but it doesn’t look like anything cool will come. At the moment my vita is just collecting dust… as it was meant to. Sad Really.

  7. Ubbdullah dollahz says:

    I will pay anyone who can produce a cfw for ps vita. Slow scene from beginning only because many show no real interest unlike 3ds scene. Professional dev can make it just the way the atom bomb was made with love and effort and dont forget math!

  8. PAull Porkshank says:

    That previous comment by the Arib was substantial vitas scene is too small probably as tiny as they come.

  9. geoff says:

    im supprised no one has tried p-root (fake root) on the vita. With this its possible to bot into linux without the need of hacking further than we already have into the system.

    • hm says:

      If I’m not mistaken, we only have *c* or *c++* code execution on the ps vita, in the ps mobile sandbox. So for launching anything you would first need to port the proot program to the architecture (arm7??) and: can we even execute bash-like code ?

  10. Elwood says:

    True, I would also easily pay 25 (or even 50) bucks for a dependable and simple way to run homebrews and set up bubbles. Not interested in piracy. Unfortunately it would be rather hard to set up a kickstarter or a patreon page for this project without attracting unwanted visitors…

    • MaxXimus says:

      With funding like that, who wouldn’t. I know that I would quit my day job and dedicate months of solid work in to providing a cfw if I was guaranteed “25 (or even 50) bucks” with cash like that, I’d be set!

      • Elwood says:

        LOL dude don’t pretend you don’t know what kickstarter or patreon is… How about 1000 people willing to give you 50$ – sounds better? Just dreaming… let’s set up a fictional kickstarter page for “Killer Pony Revenge 2000 the Video Game” and use the funds to… you know;)