PS4 elf loader and other tools released


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  1. Zeke says:

    Ah, actual development tools for those who want to code for PS4! Now THIS is the kind of stuff that is of use to the homebrew scene, and seems (based on the timing of the blog post) almost a subtle dig at f0f for playing their Linux demonstration cards too close to their chest with their “we won’t release the exploit” stance. Look forward to seeing what comes of those. 🙂

    • Hito says:

      First comment made, best comment yet 🙂

      The work provides a convenient environment to execute code and have access to a wide range of (standard) library functions so people can (comfortably) program (as said tinker) in standard (posix) C (without using SCE wrappers, unless needed).

      Anybody can try it for any reason, for example to find a kernel exploit, which is not in contrast to Linux – but seemingly ‘required’ these days. A piece of grand logic I have yet to grasp 😉 At any rate an exploit must become public, so that linux is usable and the inevitable will follow as well. So what’s the big hoopla about retaining it? I still have not received their divine insight in how A blocks B. But I digress …

      Maybe somebody can even find other good uses for the webkit process or something that the ‘closed’ community missed (173210 did recently find how to re-initialize the joy-pad).

      Maybe somebody finds the code even otherwise useful or interesting and looks at it or reuses it (or ideas) out of scope. I like to share back what I do (as small as it may be), so that other can learn and enjoy it as much as I have learned and enjoyed their stuff. That’s all (see license).

      I don’t care about credit much, but I sure hope that people will share any exploits they find or implement, or I will have to, at one point, invest time myself – and I am currently really not motivated to do so (and it would take a while) 🙂

      Kind Regards to all

  2. naysayer says:

    Er, but Linux requires native code exec – In userland and kernel… So in fact it’s at least twice the fun of elfldr 😛
    And no, this here won’t enable piracy.

  3. pilou says:

    what i tend to not like about the hacking scenes . is that once we have one exploit hackers, wont go on to find exploit in higher 3.11+ firmware and find pkg ,hardware or firmware based exploit

    • nope says:

      That’s a little ignorant. Hackers need to find one exploit in one firmware which could open the door to further exploits. Once one exploit is found and perfected, attempts are made to port said exploit to more recent firmwares. The 1.76 exploit is still very much a WIP, but once more progress is made it can (possibly) be ported to more recent firmwares. Maybe not webkit exploit, but some other exploit which could be found via te 1.76 webkit exploit.

      Be patient. All of this only very VERY recently started taking off. Interest has been generated so we can start to see more progress soon I’d think.

  4. Sergio says:

    Piracy is not fun, but the possibility to install PT (for example) on these devices that can’t be is awesome.

  5. Rain says:

    But but but piracy will hurt the homebrew scene! 8(

    Give me a break.

    • nope says:

      It’s not necessarily piracy that will hurt the scene it’s the people who abuse it who will. I’m going to be honest, if iso loading becomes a thing on PS4 I’ll probably download a few games myself. The difference between me and the average person is that I download games to try them. Most games do not have demo’s like on XBL, so you have to guess if a game will be to your liking. I’ll download a game, play a mission or whatever then decide if I like it or not. If I do, I buy it. If not, I delete it.

      Backup loading also opens the door for fanmade translations of games. It’s people who abuse iso loading/backup loading that give it a bad name and scare some people away.

      • BoBabo says:

        Agreed. PC is where all the piracy takes place, yet people still buy games on steam, however hackers being scared of enabling it on consoles is just baffling.

        Things will still get done homebrew wise, and in fact I think some homebrew is better than actual games out there. Much rather be playing Wagic or even the quake ports than be playing something along the lines of say a telltale game. Heck maybe that would even be incentive for Sony want to actually make better deals that benefit gamers and devs and keep them interested.

        In fact, piracy on the Vita is not even enabled (unless you count the horrible P2P fin thing) and the homebrew there is very lacking to be honest, and in fact the system itself is collapsing ontop of itself too in terms of actual games. Quake and the few old emulators are nice, and playing psp homebrew opens a door to old homebrew, but it does not actually matter as much since I’ve had my psp for so long with lots of stuff there.

  6. ARnaldo says:

    Oh yeah baby! Much more fun.

  7. CaptainJack says:

    Belive me .iso loaders won’t be happening for a very long time.. By the time a cfw is available, Ps5 development will be well under way.. Just my guess with how much the scene like to talk up for fame.. I pirated most 360 games and dont give a fukc about anti piracy phagotry. But there is not even any games worth pirating current gen.

    • WTF says:

      PS5 ??? Are you telling me I wasted my $$$$ on the PS4 ????? Bahhhhhaaaa its a good 5 – 6 years away atleast. Keep pirating your Xbox ****. Oh that’s right there’s no more to pirate. I wont be surprised to see CFW in the next couple of months.

      • CaptainJack says:

        Yes.. ps5… You do know sony/ goes into development of next gen years before public release don’t you ?.. Hope for CFW soon for my ps4 aswell.. But I doubt we will see it soon.

        • WTF says:

          Well aware of Sony’s Development procedures but you wont be seeing anything for years. PS3’s life was around 8 years so I wouldn’t expect any for 5 -6 years. CFW will be sooner than you think

          • CaptainJack says:

            Yep hope to see a cfw soon too.. The scene are scared of the legal troubles these days.. Been watching closely since the darkalex psp 1000 days in 2006.. Nearly all emulators run on a crappy cellphones these days.. I hope to be eating my words with the shock release of a custom firmware for the mass of people on the latest 3.11 soon . just cant see it for atleast another year.. Maybe saying it “wont happen untill ps5 development has started” was a bit over the top. Just trying to not set myself up for disapointment if its not soon which is the best way of thinking. Peace

  8. El Cagon says:

    O please loading downloaded iso to test is still piracy its all the same thing might as well be a full fledged pirate arffffffff!!

  9. Jpsk8 says:

    Waiting Ps4 cfw,thanks…..

  10. hacker's fan says:

    homebrew , please , please , hahaha .

  11. Percy says:

    1.76 is useless firmware and also the hacks that comes with it.

    • nope says:


      You’ll be eating those words once an exploit comes out for 3.11+ which was only possible thanks to 1.76

    • shh says:

      uesless to you maybe…well thats too bad. hackers are not on this planet to make u happy.

  12. Popeye says:

    Yo Ho and 3 bottles of Rum. CFW is on its way, Hooo Rayyy. Won’t be long now. 1.76 is perfect for me. PS4 sitting a in a box on 1.6

  13. lollypop says:

    is there an eml trick webkit-server process installer commin for latest ?
    or only psvita atm ?

  14. lollypop says:

    is there an eml trick webkit-server process installer commin for latest ?
    or only psvita atm ? common postit dammit ballangers

  15. Romwlq says:

    C’mon !! Custom Firmware NOW!!!

  16. Handy says:

    I would love to make something for the ps4.

  17. lollypop says:

    ps4isoloader sooner or later ?
    psvita-webkitservicePS4+PSVita lol
    like those psp savegame exploit to exploit another system.
    psvita-game-server service updater
    and campaign online ofc :p

  18. Irakjack says:

    You hipercrites And bozos who yap about piracy should go and never come back on this website.the majority of all gamers come here for this info and to learn more about what they own.

  19. Ashton says:

    Nice.. the moment they release cfw is moment i get ps4.. even though i don’t really feel the need atm, heck i’m looking more forward to vita cfw that allows backups, (ps4 library ain’t impressive for me, got superior pc, only reason i get consoles is for exclusive content).. Then again by the time they release either might be time when i don’t need cfw that much…

  20. Loot says:

    Legit Question: Which of the retail units comes with the right firmware? Like, which bundle should I be on the lookout for that is old enough to come homebrew ready?

  21. Jpsk8 says:

    Although there is still hackers, here in Brazil the games are very expensive and piracy helps a lot who dream of a Ps4 unlocked.

  22. Jpsk8 says:

    Although there is still hackers, here in Brazil the games are very expensive and piracy helps a lot who dream of a Ps4 unlocked

  23. Eric says:

    If a pirate downloaded every single game, they would probably never play half of them. Piracy an industry in and of itself, and per user – we’re probably talking about 10-15 games in a consoles lifetime. Piracy happens on all systems but it’s like most things. Once you can have everything, most people lose interest and would only play a few games now and then. It’s the hype that drives everything. I think it’s an overrated problem – i think most in business would have discussed can a loss make more money then a plus and as I say it’s an industry at a certain point in the cycle. A game you play pirated taking money from someone is no different to a game you play homebrew that could have went to someone else. It’s just a different *** cheek – same bum. Get over it.

    • nope says:

      This I actually agree with. Piracy isn’t even that great, and to this day I stand by my opinion that piracy completely 100% ruined gaming for me. It forced me to set my standards for games ridiculously high. I was under the notion that if a game didn’t catch my attention right away I could move onto the next one. And if that one didn’t then onto the next and so on. Pretty soon nothing was catching my attention and I couldn’t find anything I wanted to play.

      That’s when I started using piracy as a demo tool, download games to try then buy them. If I buy it then I force myself to eventually play it to not feel like I wasted money. Honestly piracy could be seen as free advertising.

      I don’t really know if I can ever be all “piracy is bad, m’kay?” based off how I used to be myself. I’ll never be anti-backup loaders because of the many doors it opens up not just to pirate games. And I mean really, if you like a game why wouldn’t you want to go out and support the dev’s? That just shows them how much you appreciate their work and may get a sequel to the game. This has been nope’s two cents.


      • Meh says:

        Good analysis of the psychological symptoms of over-satisfaction. On the other hand, turning this around, shouldn’t it tell you that essentially (most) games are a waste of your time and you just play them (through) because you “bought” (invested) into them. In essence your brain assigns a higher value to them instead of admitting failure (I don’t have a link right now, but the point has been researched – a higher price can generate higher satisfaction tolerance in a product – because of the assumption of “value”).

        That said, the underlying issue is not only if copyright violations are wrong or right but also if copyright as-is is. See everybody discusses the moral of a violation while nobody seems to discuss the moral and validity of (still) paying for PSX games. Does it serve anybody but a rich elite? We need to have corporations look on their greedy plate before looking on ours. Moral if applied must go both ways or shouldn’t be applied at all.

        • Meh says:

          Btw, the whole issue is completely of topic to the news and what was released. Shame 🙁 I think it’s because wololo made the fail0verflow remark at the end and their weird-azz logic 🙁 As if the Linux would work without an exploit and inevitable copyright violations – similar to any native reversal. You don’t need to reverse the system a lot to load isos … it’s just a hobby.

          • Eric says:

            Nah cause of what Big Boss said and the general theme – you know Native code. But yes, because there’s a social element to it and also a fantasy element. If everyone could lucid dream? No one would buy a console. It’s an interesting topic.

      • CrisCo says:

        I experienced the exact same thing(s). Oversaturation led to disinterest. And I too now pay for games that are worth paying for. I’m also glad the experience taught me to be more critical of what I was buying, however; I literally shake my head at what some devs charge for games knowing what value they actually hold. Regardless, I consider being able to back up media and play/switch on the fly invaluable to the overall experience and safekeeping of the discs.

  24. Jp says:

    Many people are in need of custom firmware jailbreak or many can not afford to buy expensive games that absolutely will unlock the Ps4 that will jailbreak, custom firmware because this is the dream of many people …..

  25. Stanislav says:

    When will the Black fin for Vita:(:(:(?

  26. If he shows up, we stick with him.

  27. gunblade says:


  28. Anthony says:

    The ps4 as fully been hacked it was done a while ago along with xbox one. It’s just the groupe behind it refused to release to public

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