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Linux on PS4: Fail0verflow get 3D drivers to work


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60 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    My PS4 is on fw 1.76
    But i think upgrade the console… Waiting cturt, waiting linux… but without an exploit all is for nothing!
    I’d like buying a 3DS!!!

  2. asdf says:


  3. hacker's fan says:

    thank’s for the news boss .

  4. mizryt says:

    Seriously guys? Hacking the PS4 to install linux? Yeah, i ll spent 300 on a gaming console to turn it into a linux pc for my living room. Get a grip, or you just don’t have the b***s to make a CFW happen

  5. zxc says:

    they are just wasting their time. Who on the world will turn ps4 into pc?! I am upgrading my ps4 finaly, Cturt was on a great way, but he retired. And, fail0verlow with their ego will do nothing. I hope they will see that nobody on the world care for linux, when they release it. I mean there was linux on ps2 and ps3, but very little precent (about 5%) of the users used it. So give us the real jailbreak, or go away.

  6. Enigma85 says:

    These linux on ps4 updates are great and all, but kind of pointless until they release an exploit. Scenes that worry about piracy always die. Thats part of the reason the vita scene has died i’m sure. When piracy is available for a scene, sure it poisons the water, but it also opens the scene wide open for homebrew. You’ll never deter piracy. If you can’t beat them join them, or at least don’t worry about that side of the scene.

    • Handy says:

      fair statement.

    • wololo says:

      Enigma85, that’s a very interesting point, I never thought of it this way, but I think you’re right to some extent.

    • dal1 says:

      Wololo please, you can text fail0verflow privately, also cturte. Tell them to release the hack. I also noticed that the scenes where hackers worried abo ut piracy died. So please…

    • seth says:

      the vita “died out” actually because security on those is really tight and exploits are hard to find on it and smartphones practically took over the portable gaming community

  7. Handy says:

    What ever happened to that wiiU thing?

  8. Zeke says:

    Love the short sightedness of some people. Think a year down the line when you’ll easily be able to pick up a “bare bones” used PS4 with no games and one controller for about £100, one that never went online, and turn it into an easy Linux/Steam/Kodi box. Plenty of people buy these things and never connect them, use once unwanted present types. Look at what people write on the ads to find the clues. Sounds better to me than some cheap Android box for around the same sort of money new. A cheap powerful machine for the money, possibly. Sounds like a good deal to me.

    But yknow, haters gonna hate. If they can’t see it jokes on them…

    • f4 says:

      Hear, hear! Although, I don’t think you’ll find too many used PS4s that have never been put online…

  9. anonanon says:

    Again, the community here has sure gone down hill recently. Yes there are people who want the ps4 hacked for *gasp* NOT piracy. Having consoles never used to be about piracy until you f**ks came along. All you little s**ts are, are the whinny, vocal minority.

    F**k off and Take your piracy somewhere else.

    • enigma85 says:

      Actually the piraters aren’t the minority…..the homebrew scene is the minority. Piraters actually make a scene explode, which in turns boosts the homebrew side.

  10. eoooq says:

    Why would someone want to turn his ps4 into pc? Why are they wasting their time? PS2 and PS3 had linux support, but interest for it was very small. Release the cfw(jailbreak), or go away fail0verflow!

    • LiahNatas says:

      linux support on PS3 doesn’t have access to the rsx (gpu) so clusters made with ps3’s are actually pretty weak using sonys otherOS

  11. dal1 says:

    The best thing ever would be ps4 modchip, like the one on ps2.

  12. Nukin Futs says:

    And how are you suppose to run and test this ???? without an expoilt which they wont release you can. Defeats the purpose really. A total waste of time. Stopping giving these DIVAS credit fir nothing. No one can test it. Does it really work. No one knows. Bring on CFW. Dont think its going to be too long now and forget about this rubbish

    • f4 says:

      The exploit was released months ago. Go ahead and run a Game Boy emulator on your 1.76 PS4 today, if you want. If fail0verfow released the work-in-progress Linux loader and you bricked your PS4 by being a n00b, you would be crying that they broke your PS4.
      Let them work out the bugs, or go ahead and figure it out yourself, starting from the webkit exploit, which, I repeat, is readily available.

      • Nukin Futs says:

        Why would I want to run a Game Boy Emulator on my PS4. You can buy a GameBoy for $20. lol. As I said waste of time

  13. Nukin Futs says:

    All that trouble to PIRATE Game Boy games. And yes all of you that say “go away pirates” are infact Pirating Gameboy games. Hypocrites aren’t we. Go get yourselves a Wii U. That’s hacked already

  14. ANU815 says:

    So…I have to agree that I’m not feeling great about this whole Linux strategy. If I wanted Linux I would buy a PC. The manic of the console scene has always been forcing a proprietary OS to do what you want. Would I have the same love of my hacked PSP, PS3 and Vita if all it did was boot to Linux and let me play a bunch of Linux based games? Absolutely not. I want to load games from the XMB. I want homebrew written just for that device. I want someone to exploit the PS1 and PS2 emulators built into the PS4. Linux is a really cool OS, but I could just plug a raspberryPi to my TV and do the same damn thing… Come on FailOverFlow…

  15. Krazynez says:

    Wow, so many people are so ungrateful. I don’t even own a ps4. I do have a decent PC and I still think this is awesome. Maybe because I much rather (somewhat) program (scripting) on a Linux machine instead of a windows machine so any Linux news makes my little heart glow. I believe people just don’t like Linux because they don’t know how to use it (Most people). So its something new and just don’t learn about it just say its stupid, lame, pointless. Anyways, I appreciate failoverflows hard work. Because there is no way in heck at my level of basic programming would I figure out how to do that, and makes me what to figure out ways to do things not. “Ugh I’m to lazy to read about C++ to find a way to do this one day so let me just say that we want a cfw instead” oh wait I’m bi*ching about something that takes time and hard work to do for free (with some donations maybe) to get my point across that I’m just a lazy person demanding things that don’t need to be demanded. If you want CFW on a ps4 go find it yourself stop demanding it from developers. Yes I don’t have a ps4 like i said before because I like PC games better (my choice hate me for it w/e). But I come to wololo.net for news about awesome stuff that people are proud to make for people, and all I every see in the comments besides a few people are little whinny lazy babies demanding things. Enough is enough.

    -sorry for the rant but its true

    • zxc says:

      If you don’t own ps4, don’t post philosophical comments here. We want a full control console. Not a console that also runs on closed system. And imagine, how “well” will the games will be optimized… So go away.

      • Krazynez says:

        But your missing the point I guess. So you can have a ps4 for legit ps4 games, but with Linux on top of that you can have lets say a ps2 emulator, ps1 emulator, snes, etc…. etc…. heck a cheap desktop in a way. I just see the potential being fantastic. All I see to a ps4 with custom firmware is piracy. Now i did own 2 ps3’s one 60gb with yellow dog linux on it (which i loved to death, kept a pillow case on it to not collect dust haha!) and later a slim (not sure what HDD like it matters) with cfw, yes I was in high school at the time and didn’t have a job so I had no way to buy games unless some holiday was around so downloading I would go. Now that I have a job I don’t do that *** there is no point if I have the money to buy a game I do if not I wait until I do. (Back on topic) With linux on a ps4 i could see myself actually wanting to get one possibly just to mess around with and see what I could try to do with it and see the growth of others developing for it (and for only one game… Uncharted).

        • zxc says:

          I am in high school now and I can’t buy games. You also did the same thing, don’t act hypocrisy than. Plus, I live in a country where average salary is 250euro. So, if I lived in a country where average salary is 1000 euro I would buy games even if I was in high school. But, imagine my situation , I am high school gamer in a poor country, so I have not any other way to play 7-8 games in a year.

  16. Super Soup says:

    All this hate… Whether or not you support piracy or CFWs, why does everybody act like FailOverflow did something wrong? They work on Linux on PS4 as a passion project. It’s not like they’re getting money from you and not delivering a product. If you want a jailbreak or CFW, why does FailOverflow have to be the one to provide?

    • Youwish says:

      It’s not hate. It’s disgust, the natural human reaction to boasting, which is what fail0verflow is doing. They’re not documenting what they’re doing. They’re just going around posting screens/vids of “hey, look what we did!”, and telling people to try to do it themselves. The definition of boasting.

  17. Ralph Winchester says:

    I want piracy on my PS4 so I can download all the games for free !

    • Captain Jack says:

      Finally someone being honest. Piracy is what hacking the PS4 is all about. People pretending that its for something else are liars. What is wrong with Backing Up your games and playing them from the hard drive. Faster loading and not burning out your expensive laser.

  18. Ali BEYAZ says:

    e need a “shared” exploit still 🙁

  19. unholycow says:

    PS4 scene is like watching a t.v series lol full of drama.. cturt our fallen hero quit the scene… failoverflow doesn’t want piracy ***?

    We just need a hero like Total_Noob who gave the 6.20 cfw for the psp..

    • seth says:

      i hope you know that total_noob and psp development wouldn’t be anywhere near where they have gotten without dax

      • Anonymous says:

        What ever happened to dark_alex anyway? I never kept tabs on the scene back when he was still dominating, so from my perspective he just disappeared.

  20. Xploiter says:

    Failoverflow didnt discover the PS4 exploit. Them including Cturt are just trying to get some Cred before someone releases CFW.

  21. RyoX says:

    Looks like it will soon be running Linux emulator for playstation 1 soon. Dont know if there is any…..

  22. ElfenTaiga says:

    “And if you can’t see the point of having a nice centralized box for all your gaming and entertaining needs in the living room”
    I have one of those, it’s called my computer.

  23. David says:

    Those who hope for CFW on their PS4 are similiar to that of a dog. Always barking to ask for some food in form of their own ***. Please, support the industry by buying the origanal disc. They work hard for a game. Let me ask all of you…Let say you invent something, or at least work on a product that took many years to complete…..then, suddently someone steal your products and gave them away to everyone for free….will u be mad….if not, the one and only word that can describe you is an ***.

    • Pirate says:

      The developers get less than 50% of the cost of the disc. Sony and the disc manufacturers get the rest. If Sony wasn’t so greedy and reduced the amount they make, then everyone wouldn’t bother about Piracy. We could then all afford to buy there games. Sony are the hungry DOGS. Let’s make them walk the plank. Bring on CFW. ARRRRRRRRR

  24. Pwnsony21107 says:

    Even if linux ran AAA titles, the ps4’s power is only a fraction of what games a real pc can play. I’m thinking a ps4 can only run old steam games.

  25. Tim says:

    Really does amaze me how people can complain about something that doesnt involve them.

    I like to see the contract that these developers signed that said they would release hacks,cfw,iso loaders ect thats give you rhe right to *** about how one likes to spend thier hacking hobby..

    My favorite was the 360 scene when people were getting banned and *** about it

    The world today.

  26. Beoaba says:

    Yeah !!! *** You Sony !!!

  27. layla says:

    I’d be happy to see free distros such as Trisquel running smoothly on it some day and the PS4 freed from corporate scum.

  28. zxc says:

    Use qemu-kvm and start windows on it

  29. lunacryd says:

    I’m honestly not interested in Linux on the PS4 if people didn’t care about it on PS2 and PS3 i don’t think it will be a difference on the PS4

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