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3DS: System Software Downgrade Tutorial (Updated!)

The Zett

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  1. nora crowder says:

    i downgraded had no trouble till i was going to go use it to hack my acnl game and menuhax i cant access cuz i believe via the net here says not to change the theme otherwise you will break the menuhax. i need to reinstall it and cant access the homebrew menu via the site with the qr code. so what im wondering here is how the heck do i reaccess the browserhax so i can reinstall or what the menuhax?? im needing help here.

  2. ROOKI3 says:

    @The Zett
    I’m stuck at the last part, mine just freezes every time..can’t update,downgrade or exit. i must hard reset.

  3. splin says:

    I did downgrade from 10.3 to 9.2 and machine type is N3DS LL(Japan Version).
    Power ON Led is Blue. And Screen is Black. I really blue now….
    And I didn’t backup NAND before downgrade.
    Recovery mode (L+R+UP+A) also can’t shows up.

    • Simon Brown says:

      Try booting without the SD card in the console?
      Did you delete 000400102002CA00.cia from the downgrade files and use the Japan region firmware.. if not you are bricked.

      • splin says:

        yes, I deleted the 000400102002CA00.cia of file before I did downgrade.
        Thanks for your replied.
        Did it have any solution to recovery back even back to original FW ? Please advise. Thanks.

  4. sam says:

    I downloaded everything but can’t find full firmware package.zip

  5. fergie maaaan says:

    I may have read over something in the comments or guide, but I need to know: after you downgrade, is it possible to upgrade back to the firmware you had before the downgrade? And if so, would you use the normal system updater in settings of the 3ds, or would you need to re-upgrade through homebrew?

  6. Cole Rugh says:

    I downgraded my 11.2 3DS system to 2.1 in order to download A9LH, but after panicking, I put in a game to see if it would work, and the game made my system update to 10.3. I want to get my system back to 11.2, but for some reason, whenever I try and update it, it merely gives me an error. Did I legit break my system, or is there a way out of this box? I need help! ( I Watched a tutorial by a guy on Youtube called FlareGames if that helps )

  7. LinnKhant2002 says:

    can I use soundhax instead of menuhax?

  8. DonutDog says:

    Is this still working? I’m trying to find a way to get homebrew, but I have 11.7
    I don’t want to kill my DS…