Windows 95 now runs on the 3DS


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  4. drfunkenstein2k says:

    files not available to download from dropbox

  5. Calcifer says:

    It can run games it just needs some more optimizing for higher end games of the time. Anyways I had POP1 running just fine on it. it seemes like its as powerfull as the psp dosbox.

  6. Mud says:

    Maybe Starcraft on the 3DS.?

    • warfaren says:

      With huge lag maybe. You’d have more luck running that StarCraft HTML5 version that was released a while back I’m guessing.

  7. Stranno says:

    PSP also ran W95 back in the day, through Bosch build, not Dosbox.

  8. 3ds says:

    Not bad… 3ds look like old age notebook computer with dos. Maybe I can run warcraft2 at dos as well. Better than linux.

    • lol says:

      You are not seriously comparing a “system” like windows 95 to Linux, do you Oo? If so, you got no idea what you are talking about. Performance wise, you are also likely better off running Warcraft (2) under a native Linux than under an emulated windows … again. I don’t think you know what you are talking about 😛

  9. Hey, nice article! Thanks for using my video. I appreciate it! I agree about your RAM comment, Win95 only requires 4mb minimum. It’s most likely something else. Could be that the processor isn’t fast enough, as when Win95 is running, RetroArch has to run + the payload runs in the background as well. The N3DS processor is more or less 4 times faster than the O3DS in terms of clock speed.

  10. Wilfredo says:

    I’mrunning xp on mine

    • Smoker1 says:

      You need a CD/Floppy Installation Image to run it?

    • rolls eyes says:

      windows xp? pleeeease thats oldskool, i have windows 10 running on mine and it even plays downscaled ps4 games on the 3d screen!

      • agod says:

        yeah im sure you are running ps4 games on windows 10 os used on your 3ds

      • agod says:

        I’m sure you have a windows 10 emulator on your 3ds that can run ps4 games
        because that is just so easy to do and so possible

        sometimes I just look at people and think maybe evolution is possible
        and they have just never evolved high enough to process these sorts of things

  11. stOneskull says:

    That’s fantastic! Really cool..

  12. Ricky D says:

    Yeah, that’s what I want to do is run a 20 year old OS

    • seth says:

      this wasn’t made for you smartass it was made to show potential of the system among other things but the people involved in this at no point in their lives thought about you or what you wanted to do

  13. Anonymous says:

    His hands are so beautiful 😛

  14. nyx says:

    “ported” lol. He literally said he only compiled the core with 3DS profile. And it just randomly worked on N3DS.

  15. Daniel Whittlesey says:

    Dropbox still isn’t working. Can someone fix the download

  16. X68K says:

    It’s a fantastic

  17. mo says:

    What is that program for psp

  18. Neria says:

    Windows 3DS? Why not. Microsoft could charge 20$ for it.

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