Cobra Black Fin PS Vita “game sharing” device apparently retails for $77, but good luck finding it


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  1. untoldzero says:

    Actually i found it really useless, lets talk about this:
    it works like an P2P ODE..and it cost 80€ + shipping, basically you can get 4-5 games for that price supporting the Dev that worked on that game.
    There’s really no sense to buy something like this if not for piracy.
    i have a vita, and a psTV i really would like to play some games, of course i want.
    but i prefer spent my money over hte game then over a piracy system that would die soon..

    • w0t says:

      4-5 games for 80€?! Where do you live?

    • Franky says:

      For me it’s 1 1/2 games.

      I’m not going to pirate with this device if I do bother myself into getting it, but I don’t really care if people do. I know the Vita doesn’t need anymore help becoming an even bigger failure of a gaming device so yeah don’t pirate and hope this thing doesn’t reach Japan or the only lifeline for the Vita.

      I just wanna play my way.

    • Quade321 says:

      Personally, I’d probably buy it just because it’s cool. And maybe to share/borrow/demo a few games from my friend that lives across the country. I enjoy supporting my developers and would more often than not just buy all my own PS Vita games.

  2. Greco says:

    First! Gimme my trophie! ️️

    It was a matter of Time that this Thinge Wolf Show Up on the chineese Sites…

  3. rinkawa says:

    This device is just screaming “Oh look, I’m doing illegal stuff.” on Sony’s servers..

    • TheTruth says:

      Or “Sony pls ban my PSN Acc”

      • Ricky D says:

        You guys realize you can block all Sony servers through your router right? I do it on my 3DS and WiiU so I don’t get prompted to update my WiiU so I can still use the Loadiine game loader until something better comes along.

  4. Zeke says:

    $77 USD? For the equivalent in GBP I have bought about 6 games. I have a case that can hold up to 9 physical carts plus whatever DLC games I have on the memory card which is part of the same hard case which holds the Vita itself. Not a massive inconvenience to have to change those over as needed for gaming on the move. It’s one of the most pointless things ever and a total waste of plastic and microchips not to mention the time of those who made it, but if it is bought and reverse engineered and someone finds out how to make a PS Vita Gamecart -> microSD converter that can be used like a memory card (I’m also thinking highly unlikely) then it would be useful from that standpoint, but still ultimately useless for what it was designed for.

  5. Rolenzo says:

    It’s very irritating at how expensive ps vita memory cards are.

    I would buy a piracy device for the ability to put my purchased games on a 64/128 gb Micro SD card.

    • Ricky D says:

      That’s the only real interesting thing about it for me. I would much rather use a 99 dollar 200 gb microsd card. Not only would you be able to hold more games but you wouldn’t have to deal with Sony’s Content Manager app which is busted half the time

  6. BG PSVITA says:

    I just dont understand, if you do this hack , how excactly portable will be your ps vita ? Dont think that this will last long . Its pointles with all the sales, and second hand games to buy a device for 80 $ and play only at home and most likely no online(there will be software update) than rader just buy some games on sale (alot of games I just get Street fighter X tekken for 5.99 € )You do the mat.

  7. speedy says:

    499 yen approx $77 ? 499 is about 4.20 dollars

  8. Eddie says:

    I dont get the hate on piracy on this site. The ps vita is literally the only gaming system that deserves it. Majority of its library in the 2 years has been horrid and theyre cutting support and moving on. If a company moves on i wouldnt give them a penny. Would you buy dreamcast, gba, or super nintendo games right now? If a company is being fair and supporting the system i would never steal a game. But ill be damned if i give anyone associated with sony a penny on the vita after the support we received.

    • mixedfish says:

      That’s just your opinion, in the last two years I’ve almost bought more games on Vita than PS4 and PC combined.

      • Zeke says:

        I’ve bought about the same amount of games on the Vita as the PS4, but the difference is that on the Vita I’ve actually *played* them – lot of the PS4 ones got sold because they were, in my opinion, not what I was expecting and were ***, or Remote Play (which according to Sony is what the Vita is for now). Whereas the Vita ones are solid – having a blast plugging through Persona 4 Golden at the moment, for example, and apparently that one’s good for 60-90 hours. Not bad for £10 in the November sale.

  9. foage says:

    The Cobra Fin Dongle is just like napster maybe it was the inspiration of this device

  10. foage says:

    The Cobra Fin Dongle is a little bit like napster but for games maybe it was the inspiration of this device

  11. Bg man says:

    Are you bulgarian?

  12. jay clay x says:

    C’mon guys, why supporting this useless device when you can play vita games nowadays dirty cheap? with 77dll I am pretty sure you can buy must of the games you are looking for the vita.

  13. dongsmbm says:

    it’s listed as pre order on the site, so, its not really publicly for sale yet

  14. Salar says:

    If this device comes to Iran with a resonable price i would surely buy , cause i dont want to pay around 90$ in iran for a 32gb memory , and im agreed with some on up here in the post 😀 that said would u pay a penny to a company that no longer support their games , yeah im agreed , i dont want to pay some insane money ( to our country currency ) just for some games that no longer will be supported and i cant use their online features due to ePSP hack

  15. Anon says:

    It’s prohibitively expensive for a crowd-supported device, which also cripples the portability of Vita.
    And if Cobra team relies on their own game library to share with their customers, one cheap DDoS on their server will instabrick all these devices.
    I’m not even talking about firmware update essentially banning you from either P2P or PSN or a real ban from one or both of these networks. After all, this one is always online DRM where you have no control over it whatsoever.
    Besides, I can get about 8 used Vita games for that money or a used Vita in a good condition with some accessories.
    There’s only one scenario where I could buy it: to play games which I’d otherwise have to import, adding a hefty sum for shipping and taxes to an already expensive cost of the game itself.
    Thanks, but as long as I still can transfer PSN games to Vita using PS3, I’ll keep using that option instead.

  16. RT says:

    Hi guys, the item listed on taobao is pre-order only.

  17. flewsea says:

    In fact, the sale is zero

  18. Zeke says:

    And the moral of the story is, when piracy costs more/is trickier than just buying the games, piracy fails. 😀

  19. Mat says:

    The Item’s title is cobra black fin “pre order”
    預定=pre order

  20. Salar says:

    Hey everyone any news of black fin ? and wololo did u recived the device ? im really hoping to see the device in iran

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