SteamOS on PS4 a possibility in the near future?


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  1. Ricky D says:

    SteamOS sounds good in theory but there will be huge compatibility issues where a lot of stuff just won’t work. I’d be more interested in getting kodibuntu working to turn the PS4 into a decent media player. The PS4 media support is sorely lacking but it’s more than powerful to run a great kodi build.

  2. speedy says:

    Yes please !

  3. mido says:

    i wonder if windows is a possibility…if so it would be cool

    • warfaren says:

      Not likely. Not with full performance anyway. As they mention it has a few hardware differences to an actual PC and since Linux has its source code available you can adapt it to these differences. Windows however is closed source, so unless Microsoft does it for you (but why would they?!) it ain’t gonna happen. That’s not to say you could maybe run Windows from inside a virtual machine within Linux on your PS4, but don’t expect performance good enough for games.

      • mido says:

        i get you and you’re probably right but its not impossible with some big modifications

        i remember when ps3 ran windows 98 and couldn’t run xp because of the limitations
        you never know what might happen in the future..

        • warfaren says:

          Actually Win98 on PS3 was through an emulator, DOSBox and XP couldn’t work because it’s not DOS-based like 98 is, XP uses the NT kernel. Anyhow Windows requires for one thing a BIOS (or UEFI in recent years) which the PS4 does not have. There was a project to get Windows running natively on the first Xbox (because it is 99% just a PC, but lacks BIOS) but it was never finished due to developers giving up iirc. The PS4 is much less a PC than the Xbox was. Accomplishing something like this without the source available just requires insane amounts of reverse engineering, I just don’t see it happening unless someone would pay people to worm full time on it for months/years.

      • lol says:

        Oh yea, why would microsoft ever want the ps4 to run on windows? It’s not like they’d be delighted to *** off sony by offering windows apps on the ps4 even if just for a relatively small number of ps4 owners.

  4. Dero says:

    History in the making is upon us.

  5. Zhao Xiao Ming says:

    I see.

    So basically failoverflow used their jailbreak on an older PS4 firmware and made a linux distro.

    Anything newer than said firmware version is out of luck, for even installing their Linux distro(which
    doesn’t make sense to do so anyways). The effort they put into this…

    So they don’t have an exploit for current firmware, and they are not a fan of piracy. meh…..

    • Rain says:

      Very meh. Linux on yet another device. Woo hoo? If 99.99% of ps4 users can’t obtain it because of such an old firmware, what’s the point?

      • Aces says:

        The point is, it’s thier HOBBY.
        They do it because it because it’s fun, not to please a bunch of ungrateful bastards

  6. Wilfredo says:

    yes actually, i dont own any next gen consoles i only have old cosmo black small 3ds with r4i 3ds on latest firmware and ps vita latest firmware but this is definitely incredible to see

  7. Wilfredo says:

    how do i change this *** profile picture that automatically shows up? anyone know?

    • Anon says:

      On topic: neither Valve nor Sony will be happy to see this happen because the former will lose their Steam Machine and the latter will lose PSN sales of non-exclusive content. Not to mention that even if Gaben won’t ban you for running SteamOS on PS4, Kaz most certainly will. I won’t even remind you that PS3 was initially hacked through OtherOS, causing its total removal later.

      • Anon says:

        P.S. To clarify: I don’t give a single fug about what makes Valve or Sony happy, but in this case there will be no support with the most important thing – video drivers. Seeing that even ‘mainstream’ Linux distros can’t develop proper ATI/AMD driver by themselves, odds of seeing a decent PS4 video card driver are abysmally low, mostly due to PS4’s unique unified memory. It doesn’t exist on PC so you can’t port the code from there to PS4 AND you can’t port the (to be written) code to there except for the (non exisiting) PS4 emulation project(s).

    • TehCupcakes says:

      It uses gravatar.

      You have to enter the same email address as you use to sign up for gravatar, as that’s how it identifies you.

  8. cracker says:

    Congrats to them but why release this publicly at all? “Look what I can do!” They know who other hacker groups are so why don’t they just contact them directly? It seems like these are publicity stunts done by hacking groups.

  9. noname says:

    “As an example, at the time of writing, Final Fantasy VII on Steam costs $5.99. ”
    Maybe you should use an example that’s actually available on Linux.

    • neoman4426 says:

      Well, it would still work through In Home Streaming, but that negates the benefit they were talking about about not having to boot their main computer since the actual game is being played/rendered on the computer, just the AV stream and input are routed to the Steam client on the other box, whatever it may be

  10. 1 says:

    ” But, more importantly, and this is the part that Sony will not like, would I like to see some more competitive pricing for games on my PS4? Definitely!

    As an example, at the time of writing, Final Fantasy VII on Steam costs $5.99. The same game on the PSN costs $15.99, three times the price.”

    Keep in mind that the 3rd parties are setting the price. The reason why FF7 on PS4 cost $15 is because Square Enix chose that price, not Sony 🙂

    I’m looking forward to see further developement on the hack eventhough that i wont use it myself.

  11. Regarding steam says:

    Isn’t Steam OS a buggy piece of *** though regardless?

    • warfaren says:

      Who ever said that? All the negatives I’ve heard is that it (any Linux distro really) performs worse than Windows in games, but that’s because of the poor drivers from Nvidia/AMD. They just don’t care enough to make a good driver when the install base is so relatively small.

  12. Steam#isis says:

    Steam is like using psn you buy a game and when you do it also makes a edat of your game so that its tied to your ownership. I already sold my newer ps4 for the launch ps4 with the first firmware i suggest you meatwads do the same if not then you will be left out.

  13. Steam_OS says:

    The Boss of steam maybe happy to see this. He would love to see hacker to turn all PS4 machine to equip Steam OS. The real income always from the games. not the console. Compare the selling with PS4 & Xbox none in the world, Steam machine selling too low. PS4 sold at least 25 million machines around the world. For Stream machine is impossible.
    For people, more options is good. But we still interest to play for free. not pay for fun.

  14. anonanon says:

    Uhh as much as I hate your use of jailbreak, I hate it more when you can’t decide which term to use, so end up using both exploit and jailbreak interchangeably… Please be consistent..

    ” It will be up to other hackers to decide if they want to release PS4 Jailbreaks to run this. From their perspective, the Linux development is 100% unrelated to any PS4 exploit release.”

    • warfaren says:

      But it’s not pointing to the same thing. An exploit is the most vital part of the “jailbreak” that makes it possible. A “jailbreak” is a whole set of things that enables you to use your device under your own rules, i.e. it’s no longer in the jail it was originally put by its creator, hence “jailbroken”.

      • anonanon says:

        Normally that’d be the case, but in the context of the sentence, they’re talking about the same thing. Read the sentence quoted above.

  15. z2 says:

    too bad f0f wouldn’t want to see their exploit released..

    What a bunch of showoffs..

    f0f: “Look at this PS4 running unsigned codes that we will not share”

    Yep.. Pretty much them..

  16. BahamutBBob says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting a Steam Link recently. SteamBoxes can provide that functionality, right?

  17. gunblade says:

    Cpu I7. dual os. the ps4 os is is jus like a live Linux CD or chrome os think it’s like 4 gigs. Thks guys. Pretty cool Nintendo controller.

  18. Gz says:

    Both ps4 or steam game need to be pay so why not chose the stable one ? Honestly most people like to play a stable ps4 game not a unstable linxu steam game so why you guys wasting time on a unstable useless system instead of ps4 cfw? That’s no doubt that a cheap pc with windows running steam is better than ps4 with unstable linxu steam

    • saam says:

      I have the same opinion, I agree with you totally. Why are they wasting their time? We don’t want to play unstable games on ps4, when we can play that same games stable with 350$ pc. So release the hack, or don’t waste your time f0f, your policy is so bad.

  19. DRIVERS says:

    No graphic accelerate drivers-no steamos,lol

  20. Captain Jack says:

    Hmmmm Piracy. Isn’t that a pirate copy of Pokemon they are running. Think someone needs to get off there high horse. They are infact PIRATES. Shame on you. Lol

  21. Captain Jack says:

    Hmmmm Bunch of Pirates. Isn’t that a pirate copy of Pokemon they are running. Think someone needs to get off there high horse. They are infact PIRATES. Shame on you. Lol

  22. hacker's fan says:

    goood job guys .

  23. zxc says:

    *** you f0f! You are wasting your time. Why the *** don’t you release the hack? You are acting some high moral??? If you want to act like that, then stop hacking things. I think your just some bastards that want attention.

  24. zxc says:

    What is wrong with you f0f? You are wasting your time. Why don’t you release the hack? You are acting some high moral? If you want to act like that, then stop hacking things. I think your just someonethat want attention.

    • Zhao Xiao Ming says:

      They don’t have anything to the current firmware version I guess. that’s why they came up with “bring your own exploit” slogan. they made a linux distro based on the exploit they have on older and outdated firmware version, and claimed victory. You have a firmware 3.0? well, you’re gonna have to figure out how to install this distro.

      • zxc says:

        they just wasted their time, also mine, I constantly looked for news about their hack, and on the end there is nothing. Cturt was on a great way, but he did not finish his work. I think the ps4 hack will never happen. Cause the ps4 scene is not serious.

  25. Zeke says:

    In an ideal situation we’d have this Linux hack working on most recent firmware and be able to seamlessly dual boot between that and the stock PS4 FreeBSD, with the former providing SteamOS, Kodi and emulators with the controller touchpad usable as a mouse if needed and the regular firmware for everything else.

    In the situation we have, we have a dated firmware running Linux that’ll probably never do any of that which doesn’t have a full exploit released so… yeah, we got nuthin’. Lol.

    • zxc says:

      you are absolutely right!

    • zxc says:

      they just wasted their time, also mine, I constantly looked for news about their hack, and on the end there is nothing. Cturt was on a great way, but he did not finish his work. I think the ps4 hack will never happen, because the ps4 scene is not serious.

  26. alienware says:

    Wololo please do something!! SteamOS is absolutely useless. Alienware gaming consoles have SteamOS, even they have support for it, the optimization is so bad. So, if the optimization is bad even on alienware gaming console, than imagine how bad it will be on playstation 4. Release the hack, or don’t waste time fail0verflow.

  27. jPsk8 says:

    I still prefer the ps4 jailbreak than Linux , so Linux on Ps4 ? With jailbreak would bring happiness to all , homebrews , games in external hd , backup manager , etc …..

  28. noname120 says:

    And what about piracy from Linux? Some games are available both on the PS4 and Linux and could thus be pirated.

  29. lawthugg says:

    The only reason i want steam on ps4 is for DAY-Z, maybe another 2 titles but mostly Day-Z

  30. kretelos says:

    Don’t forget that you can run PS2 emulator on Linux.

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