PS3P PKG Ripper released


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13 Responses

  1. foage says:

    wow cool at least the ps3 scene is still alive and getting some respect

  2. saam says:

    what abouts ps4 hack? There is nothing about ps4 in 32c3 and i am so disappointed… It looks like ps4 will never be jailbroken :/

    • Rider says:

      Welcome to the waiting game!

      Sincerely, a post 3.55 PS3\Vita user.

      P.S. Be careful with that word :p, the walls are looking.

    • 2 says:

      Cant you just get a small PC or something instead? That will do the same job as a hacked PS4 for homebrew.

      I’m also 99.9% sure that there will something about PS4 hack at 32C3, but it still remains to be seen if anything is being released there. Failoverflow said with the WiiU hack back in 2013 that they would not do the same mistake again as they did with the PS3, where they just released what they had and they were disappointed with the result that it lead to (too much piracy, too little homebrew).

  3. Kira_Slith says:

    I’d ask “Is this really necessary?” but Aldotools quit the scene with a spectacular self-destruct. so… yes, yes it is.
    (Hate you, person who stole Aldo’s work against his express request, you know who you are. >:( )

    • MehSheep says:

      Aldo is a nasty symptom from the 90′ which should have perished with Windows XP. Closed source unless absolutely forced to by other peoples licenses (IRIS). Self proliferating, fame oriented, who himself ‘borrowed’ most of the knowledge for his tools from others (and public sources). Never giving anything back but (rudimentary) binary products. A total failure of the scene. Worshiped only by people like you who require click-able tools for some copyright violations. Hurray to any leaks.

      Meanwhile the guy above not only references the sources he used to create the tools, he also provides his source code (pb, nice!) and his motivation to learn. Absolutely not comparable to people like aldo.

      Fail dude. Fail. 😐

    • Aldo is a *** stain on the scene, he gets his panties twisted if someone constructively gives criticism to his work, he was responsibly for the closing of PS3 Cheat database, all because someone advised him on how to make his application better:

  4. Ivoyko says:

    Call me noob because i am… but if someone rip a pkg from a game (example) with this and someone with a ofw istall it in his Ps3… ¿someone can say me if the game would work?