Linux on PS4: More confirmation bubbling up from the scene


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  1. Jpsk8 says:

    In my opinion, make a ps4 jailbreak is most important than running Linux on Ps4 …..

  2. NakedFaerie says:

    As the PS4 is based on FreeBSD there is a huge chance Linux will run on that hardware. You just need a way to launch it.

  3. CPUzX says:

    Had a PS4 on 1.73-1.74, can’t remember the exploitable webkit firmware now, but I had a system that was exploitable on that firmware for over 3 months, but I finally decided to give up and transition to PC gaming.

    It’s going to take a very long time until we see (major) progress in the PS4 hacking scene, even if there is some major breakthrough currently circulating the net right now.

    For the most part, you probably need to be on the exploitable firmware for starters, and besides, instead of waiting for the opportunity to turn your PS4 into an underpowered PC, why not sell it for an even better PC with a GTX 980 Ti and an i7 6700K that’ll run in 1440p & 144hz.

    • lmao says:

      I can’t understand why people want to turn PS4 into a PC, but I CLEARLY UNDERSTAND MOST people just want to play pirated games on PS4.

    • JustAnotherOne says:

      “why not sell it for an even better PC with a GTX 980 Ti and an i7 6700K that’ll run in 1440p & 144hz”
      going full-on pc elitist mode here, huh? you mad bro? that GTX980 Ti alone already cost almost as much as 2 PS4s and then there’s still that i7 6700K and all the other required parts for a functioning pc, plus a 1440p, 144hz monitor that costs in the multiple hundred dollars, that will surely put a dent on the bank account. after all that and it will never play a single playstation exclusive game. pffft. i don’t care if your pc can run friggin 10k resolution, if it can’t play the playstation exclusives, i don’t give a damn. oh and before you start spewing “console peasant”, “fanboy”, or “pathetic console peasant fanboy” at me, fyi, i have a gaming pc that i built myself along with my consoles and handhelds. i’m not a fanboy. i’m a gamer PERIOD

      • CPUzX says:

        pathetic inferior PC peasant.

        • Alex says:

          lol you mad? He clearly trashed you in this argument. Go elsewhere, PC elitist scumbag.

          • yuuki says:

            reasoning + pc master race = 1/0

          • CPUzX says:

            He trashed me in the argument on your terms, sure. Not everyone elses’, but because you agree with him.

            That sore pain of yours is indeed the true potential of raw butthurt from a PC Master Race user. Get used to it, inferior simpleton. Enjoy that 1080p at an unstable 45fps on average.

            Meanwhile, I’ll be avoiding the butthurt by reminding myself of the 1440p @ 150fps on superior graphical settings; playing online for free every month, on a stable online service that doesn’t get DDOS’d, and has severely cheaper titles for sale, along with the potential for mods and free control of my Windows 10 OS…

            (replying to you in-game on Steam, while sitting in the passenger seat of my friend’s Zentorno on GTAV@ 80fps 1440p

          • CPUzX says:

            Sorry that you can’t afford to be superior, by the way.

      • yea says:

        Amen, this pc masterrace bs is getting tiring, ppl get a ps4 to play….PLAYSTATION GAMES! (shocking discovery. Who cares if someones pc is a billion times more powerful.
        Power power power and spec specs specs seems to be most import these days…….people are forgetting about the games and now it seems so are developers, no wonder games are getting shorter and lacking.

      • CPUzX says:

        He trashed me in the argument on your terms, sure. Not everyone elses’, but because you agree with him.

        That sore pain of yours is indeed the true potential of a PC Master Race user. Get used to it, inferior console user. Enjoy that 1080p at an unstable 45fps on average.

        Meanwhile, I’ll be avoiding the unstable framerates by reminding myself of the 1440p @ 150fps on superior graphical settings; playing online for free every month, on a stable online service that doesn’t get DDOS’d, and has severely cheaper titles for sale, along with the potential for mods and free control of my Windows 10 OS…

        (replying to you in-game on Steam, while sitting in the passenger seat of my friend’s Zentorno on GTAV@ 80fps 1440p) Maybe this attempt will bypass the offensive word filter….

  4. Hello_PS4 says:

    What benefit to use ps4 to run linux. Pc not fast enough & ram not big enough? Console is console. Just do it originally what design for. Even If i can choose. I prefer win7,10 instead linux.

    • Hello_PS4 says:

      People buy ps4 just for game. If i need to run linux. I just buy some cheap parts to build a pc tomorrow, just spend half hour then i got pc with linux. Fast than ps4 one. Don’t need to wait for end of year. Hacker wakeup.. This project is it meanning?

      • fattah says:

        i almost died at your english bro. if you wan to start scolding someone, please go brush up on your english first.

        • animalovich says:

          really , this is what got ur attention !!! english language !!!!!! this is no school , so deal with it 🙂

    • Cypherous says:

      Because it allows you to learn more about the hardware of the console, it does have more than enough RAM as its packing 8GB of DDR4 so thats not even remotely a reason for not doing it, its a much greater learning tool when you’re not being restricted by what GameOS wants you to see and you’ll find that a lot more advancements will be made once you get linux running on the system than if you don’t

      • animalovich says:

        now its clear 🙂 , so even if Failoverflow are planing not to release any files , still one step ahead for the PS4 scene which should evolve later

    • luggage says:

      it’s a device hooked up to your media center/TV, why wouldn’t you want more functionality out of it or the ability to do cool things and have control over the device you bought? I don’t even care about PS4 games, I have a PC that’s twice as powerful and plays every game I’d want it to, but I completely see the applications of having a livingroom game console that doubles as a cheap linux computer. That sounds awesome for me and makes PS4 a decent investment where as now it’s just a waste of money to me personally.

      Even if all you give a *** about is games, you obsessive man-children, this could lead to adding PS1/PS2 backwards functionality to the system. Isn’t that amazin enough?

    • layla says:

      Because it is free software. Everyone deserves the choice to run software they can use, modify and copy for any purpose if they want to. Taking away that choice from the people is ethically wrong and Sony have always been a repeat offender in that regard.

  5. Jrx says:

    I think most of the commenters are missing the point. Having Linux run on the hardware means we would have access to the physical hardware and could more easily find bugs & exploits. Also, (with more time and experimentation with the firmware) we may eventually even be able to spoof firmwares similar to the way 3ds users have been doing.

    • lmao says:

      what? spoofing firmware is easy, just solder a secondary flash holding secondary fw with a switch.

      • DeViL303 says:

        I don’t think adding a second flash and a switch qualifies as “spoofing firmware” , that would be actually changing it. Not to mention a lot of work.

      • N says:

        Are you really that stupid?

        • CPUzX says:

          lololololololololoolololol. Don’t you just hate it when a kid tries to act clever on the internet by attempting to outsmart someone else with their interpretation of superior grammar & knowledge on something they know absolutely nothing about in reality… This kid, DeViL, man…….If there was a cringe section on this site, your comment would be a sticky.

  6. dasgoodgam says:

    Linux + PS4 = STEAMOS = MORE GAME

  7. feretertret says:

    Well if they showed a hack on the wii u 2 years ago but never released the files then how does showing the ps4 running linux help the scene at all?!!

  8. z2 says:

    So f0f is just another group of hackers that is “look at this X console running unsigned code that we will never share”..

    Forever engaged in circlejerks and *** contests..

  9. Patches says:

    Linux on ps4= homebrew. Yeah free ps4 games are cool and all but it would reuin multiplayer gaming if it was fully modded but im all for homebrew on any system

  10. :^) says:

    What is wrong with pirating games? File sharing is perfectly moral thing to do, like lending your friend a movie or book; it is only when people do it for profit and even then they are the exception not the rule within the file sharing world.

    • 1 says:

      Thats not the same situation at all. If you buy a movie, you might lend it to a couple of friends. If you put a movie up for everyone to download, maybe a million people will download it. You’re not going to borrow that movie away to 1 million friends. Also, when you borrow it to someone else, you wont have access to it. When you download a copy, everyone have access to it.

      • :^) says:

        So we should outlaw photocopiers and scanners than. People have been copying information since language was invented. A few Sony laywers isn’t going to get in the way human nature :^)

        • 1 says:

          No, why should we outlaw copy machines and scanners? They have a lot of great usage. Same thing with file sharing as well (i can make some music and share it easily for example). No one is talking about outlawing anything here, my only point was that lending something to a friend is not the same as downloading a pirated copy of something. This also have nothing to do with Sony in particular.

        • 1 says:

          You also werent talking about copying information earlier, you were talking about copying games. “Information” also contains a lot of stuff. Would you be happy if someone was copying your credit card information and a lot of sensitive information about you? Would you then say that a few Sony laywers arent going to get in the way of human nature? 🙂

        • 1 says:

          I can also add that personally i dont care if you download pirated games or not. I just wanted to say that lending a book or a movie to friend is not the same as download a pirated copy. If you lend something away, you wont have access to that. When making a copy, you will. Thats the big difference (also that piracy online is on a lot bigger scale compared to just lending something to your friends).

          • lol? says:

            Urg, I hate these brainwashed copyright moral-hipsters. Go eat some bio carrots. Copying is a natural right which is restricted arbitrarily by an upper class who gains from brainwashing you with claims of morality. If you think nintendo should make money with super mario world on the basis of moral, you are extremely naive. When that law is reduced to 5 years, or some social tax system, then we can talk. When their winnings are not millions, and they actually employ people, instead of washing out money to investors (who by definition have money to begin with -> rich get richer), then we talk. But don’t tell people they can’t copy sh*t -> that’s the most basic thing primates do to learn and advance …

          • 1 says:

            “lol?”: Sorry, but i dont really know who you’re talking to here. Are you the copyright-moral hipster? Why are you that? Its definitelly not me because i even said that i dont care if people pirate or not, that is their own choice. If that reply was aimed towards me, i would recommend that you read whats being written a few times, otherwise your reply can look really misplaced, like your reply was now. Can you please give me your personal info like name and adress? Its natural to copy information, so i want you to share it 🙂

          • lol? says:

            You are (apparently unknowingly) defending a system which calls copying piracy. You try to defend a moral standard on what is OK and not OK to be copied, based on the rules given to you by a rich elite – which if it could control it, would also remove your right to copy your book and give it to a friend (they can’t so then use tax systems etc. to get compensation).

            Dude, piracy is a robbery-like violent crime, not a natural behavior of individuals and societies. Anything from a bug to an ape to a human copies all the time. How do you know how to do literally anything without copying? Since when does your natural right to grow as a being involve money? How can you buy into such obviously cheap manipulation of your ethical code by greedy people?

            Also since this is the internet, I am a dog (google it), so my personal information wouldn’t help you to slander me.

          • 1 says:

            lol?: No, i’m not. Copying have a lot of legal usage. If i make a drawing and copy it, of course that is not piracy. Piracy means illegal copy. This applies to everyone, not just the rich.

            Oh, i’m not here to slander anyone. I was just asking for your personal information because you said that copying is the most basic thing to do, so i wanted to see if you wanted others to copy your personal info 🙂

          • 1 says:

            And do you really think that a rich elite is trying to stop for example babies from copying behavior from their parents, so they can learn the language and such things? Of course the piracy talk only applies to taking copies without permission of entertainment products like music, movies, games, books etc.. It does not talk about the general concept of copying.

        • 1 says:

          That was all 🙂

  11. Xtremegamer says:

    Most of these Linux on ps4 commentors forget that the ps4 actually runs on Linux…

    Only you cant choose what to run.

    Thats like Windows 10 only able to run the apps it ships with due to some restriction.

    You wouldnt put up with that either.

    You payed 400 Bucks for a system designed to play games.

    What i see is a system with active stand-by, that alone sets you back 500 Bucks. Then you have a very capable transcoder.
    So much posibilities on this system its a shame Sony limits you but they do not have a choice.

    • Aces says:

      The most exciting thing about linux on ps4 will be, being able query the hardware and finding out what makes it tick. If it allows unsigned code, surely querying the hardware would be a go

    • segfault says:

      PS4’s OS is based on FreeBSD, not Linux.

      • AuRoN says:

        Which is UNIX-Based like all Linux Distros. Also, freeBSD can run almost every linux binaries.
        There really not a lot of differences.

  12. saam says:

    Would ps4 run pirated games on linux?

    • segfault says:

      FreeBSD has a compatibility layer for Linux compatibility, so going the other way should be possible. But it depends on how different the PS4 OS is compared to a standard FreeBSD install, and of course whether any homebrew devs are interested in doing anything like that.

    • Ricky D says:

      It’ll run Linux games

    • 1 says:

      Yes, if you download a game for Linux.

  13. j1056039 says:

    Would steam work on linux on ps4?

  14. Kira_Slith says:

    Is it really worth looking at fail0verflow’s work when they never release anything..? Their last release was for the PS3 back in 2010, which they promptly locked up, now returning “Go Away” when you attempt to access the git repo. Since then they’ve claimed to have hacked countless systems but… no proof that could mean anything of interest to anyone but the device’s manufacturer, and their “Chromecast Hack” is little more than a self-correcting buffer overflow, which got patched out completely almost immediately.

  15. AnalysOr says:

    You don’t understand. If they could run linux on aeolia they powned all ps4 system! Not only kernel but all system from bootloader!
    Instead of crying like a child shut up and read ps4devwiki…
    Fail0verflow didn’t release their works but they shared informations ! Informations are more fundamental than binary for devs.
    Without fail0verflow 27c3 conference there would not be possible to make a cfw on ps3
    | | |
    | | |
    Geohot Mathieulh Kakaroto
    Rebug, Habib …

  16. Jpsk8 says:

    Waiting cfw,thanks!!!!!

  17. Jp sk8 says:

    Waiting cfw,thanks…..

  18. Joe says:

    Awaiting Linux and CFW on PS4 Thanks 🙂

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