Fail0verflow to announce a PS4 Jailbreak next week?


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  1. G0l3m says:

    wololo the 32c3 is the biggest congress for hackers in europe if not the whole world. All of your readers should look up the talk of Tyranid about the PSP security.

    Kind regards and maybe we will meet some day at the CCC 😉

  2. Aer0th says:

    WOWW!! I can’t wait for that

  3. animalovich says:

    oh boy , oh boy , am so excited ,,, this is the good news to end 2015 with 😀 ,, i will be like ( are we there yet ) 🙂

  4. ch3wt0ys says:

    Am I hearing a comeback for Other OS on Sony consoles?

  5. Cr0w says:

    @wololo .

    so that means maybe some jailbreaks will release soon ?

    when will release ?

    • Total_Noob_Vs_The_Z says:

      Thats easy my friend. They already said it will realease April 1st. Stay tuned!!!

      Come on man…u kidding me

    • nope says:

      I believe I speak for everyone here when I say that my crystal ball needs a little tuning up to reveal this information, sorry.

    • ELX says:

      Yeah I’m sure Wololo knows since he make the jailbreak


  6. vappy says:

    I guess we can expect something similar to their Wii U talk, though less in-depth. A few quick details, a cool PoC to show off, but no release nor plans for one due to a lack of homebrew ecosystem, and not wanting to enable piracy. Plus, part of the argument for not releasing the Wii U exploits when they were originally found was that the Wii U just wasn’t an interesting enough piece of hardware to bother writing homebrew for, and with the PS4 being essentially a locked-down PC, I don’t see the case being any different here.
    Either way, should be fun to see it all in action. Maybe there’ll be a more detailed presentation next year going through the entire exploitation process.

    • Niraj Khadka says:

      ps4 being a locked down PC makes it very interesting. I would love to see all my native x86/x64 apps run on the x64 platform. and why not try to write my own is that would run on the ps4. won’t that be cool? it would be a nice practice for students like me studying operating system? and finding the caevets on the freebsd kernel and see how it was exploited would be a very interesting learning curve. ta…da…. I am desperately waiting for the details.

  7. Jpsk8 says:

    I’m crazy to come one Ps4 jailbreak, hopefully come soo:)

  8. Jgr9 says:

    Wololo to speculate next week? Click here so we can tell you what to think!

  9. Manuel Eduardo Koegler says:

    Hope this could mean the return of OtherOS on playstation.
    If this allows us to run SteamOS on one’s ps4 I would go absolutely bonkers.

  10. B7U3 C50SS says:

    Whatever it is about.. it’ll be something i cannot wait for.

  11. Anon says:

    I smell the conception of PS4 emulation on PC. What a wonderful smell, that smell of a new PC.

  12. Sniped says:

    What could linux open up in terms of hacking on ps4?

  13. Niraj Khadka says:

    I would look forward for the detail about how will the penguins dance on the ps4. And the tyranids talk is the benchmark of all the console hacking talks. Let us expect more depth security talks about ps4 and how those certain vulnerability lead to exploiting it. How the bootchain was hijacked if any boitchain was hijacked and how the security checks were disabled. I am hoping for a positive talks about security and beating them.

  14. Philippe says:

    If they succeed to run Linux on PS4, that will be crazy !!! It will an opened platform 100x better that everything has been done on the xbox360 🙂

  15. Salar says:

    But what about vita 🙁

  16. Zeke says:

    Are we talking full, unrestricted Linux on PS4? Even on an older firmware that’s impressive. Total control of the hardware for anything we’d want… the mind boggles.

  17. nitr8 says:

    Looks like this talk (if it will really happen) is going to be a very very short talk. Console Hacking at 32C3 only states the Nintendo 3DS at the moment and i don’t see any other registered conferences tagged with this.

    Also, look at the duration time that is expected for this talk: “5”. So i think it’s minutes. That’s not much at all. I think they will only present what they were able to do at this time – nothing more (no explanation or anything else). They did it the same way years ago – asides from real conferences. But it looks like they will only will have a very short time this year once again.

  18. lollypop says:

    i want a
    ps4 android lollypop
    ps4 win10
    ps4 ubuntu
    ps4 macosXX
    and a
    psvita all of the same via homebrew and via cartridges ?.?

  19. Jp sk8 says:

    Ps4 cfw is the best!!!!!!

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