Could the PS4 Slim be a digital only console without a disc drive?


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  1. mubarak says:

    not all thhe middle has bad internet i live in the middle east and i have an internet connection that go up to 100 mb per second !
    and if you dont want it there are some other people that do !

  2. PlaGeRaN says:

    Not everyone can afford adsl line rentals and still data bundles.

    I prefer to take a drive to a shop, purchase my disc and play.
    Digital is 2 parts: purchase game, pay for data usage which alot cant afford

  3. Lawthugg says:

    If this was to happen Sony needs to include at least a 2tb hard drive with their system. theyre are quite a handful of games that take up a hefty amount of space, ie. Destiny. The hard drives are not as expensive as they were when the ps4 was released. If Sony was to release an all digital console having the 2tb drive may just be what sells me.