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Gamers are bringing Virtual Reality to the PS4 ahead of time


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12 Responses

  1. anonanon says:

    The latency on that would be absolutely terrible

  2. Jgr9 says:

    The latency this must have though…

  3. Adam Fox says:

    I wouldn’t call this “VR” at all, more just 3D….but I don’t think there are any PS4 titles that take advantage of 3D, I know some PS3 games did though

  4. Yamagushi says:

    But the PS4 is streaming a non-3D image to the PC. So this is faked 3D via software, can’t imagine a faked 3D image being very good.

    • Lucif3r says:

      Its just classic stereoscopic 3D….Theres nothing magical about it and it has existed for at least 50 years already, possibly even longer. You dont need any “magic 3D stream” to use stereoscopic 3D…

      • Nyx says:

        It isn’t “classic stereoscopic 3D” seeing as it isn’t actually stereoscopic. Remote Play has no ability to render a scene from two different angles (yet?) so its just a flat image formatted to work with with a 3D headset.

      • akian_aray says:

        Except you do. Whole trick in stereoscopic 3D is having separate image for each eye. And that’s not the same images, those images account for difference in eye position, so point-of-view on each is shifted in relation to another, just like your eyes get depth of perception in real life. What he got is same image for each eye. It’s nice HMD and beats monitor for immersion, but it’s not 3d, unless he somehow made game to render two separate images for each eye.

    • domthybomb says:

      It’s not going to be any good. Since it’s only one viewpoint, the “True 3D” (lol) is horrible. I took his image into photoshop and the only thing different it seems is one eye’s viewpoint is shifted to the side by about 2 pixels. He might think it’s 3D but it’s not. No way to tell the difference between something right next to you or off in the distance.

      This post almost seems like an ad for that guys remote play app. Better off just getting a capture card so you can take the raw 1080p feed instead of a compressed 720p feed.

  5. rolls eyes says:

    silly nit picking comments above. who cares if its not true 3d….its very early stages and its a small step into a better direction

    • Tony says:

      Exactly my thoughts. Look at all these little beaches full of envy because they wont ever do anything to be featured and liked by people. lol

  6. Daipop says:

    Maybe Twisted can take this idea and include an option for simulating a 3D picture directly to the PC without necessity for streaming the signal again to smartphone