CTurt publishes PS4 Kernel exploit technical details, decides to end hacking research on PS4


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  1. anonanon says:

    “Oh, and for the people who say this isn’t a Jailbreak, I’m sorry, but you just lost this round”

    You’re probably just poking fun here, but Cturt isn’t using jailbreak in the traditional ios hacking sense – the process is in a FreeBSD jail – when you jail a process on FreeBSD it means it can’t access anything outside it’s jail, or folder. The jail contains everything that process needs to run or access. So jailbreaking in this sense is breaking that process out of its jail.

    • anonanon says:

      Bad explanation – I know. Just wanted to point that out. Jailbreaking in this sense means breaking that process out of its confined jail. Nothing more.

      • nobody says:

        so what does “jailbreak” mean in any other context?


        idk, sounds like it’s a jailbreak in this sense and a jailbreak other senses also.

        but if you want to say “jailbreaking is only iOS”, then you’d be guilty of trying to make crApple’s iOS sound above everything else there ever was. which it’s not.

    • Yo says:

      The process jails you talk about are also present in iOS. It’s referred to as the Sandbox. You typically need to escape (break out of) the sandbox to do anything fun like a “Jailbreak”. (There are exceptions to this of course.)

  2. Franky says:

    The only real issue I see here is another “Gateway” occurring. Halting a minor evil to allow a greater evil does sound concerning.

    • Vappy says:

      Yep, exactly. PS4 piracy is no longer an “if”, it’s a “when”, and whether or not companies like Cobra and True Blue are going to get there first and make millions all over again.

    • Manuel Eduardo Koegler says:

      Thank you!
      I don’t really see why they have to act about it the way they do.
      I don’t support piracy, at all, but it’s inevitably going to happen as soon as a system opens up to unsigned code. They don’t have to deliver a backup loader or anything, but someone will at some point down the road, all they’re doing is delaying the inevitable and making the waiting longer for everyone, even those uninterested in backup loading. (I myself want to have the ps2 emulator opened up in order to play disc based games for example)

      • Aces says:

        Or they could do what davee did and intentionally gimp it to not run images.
        Chickhen 5.03 had added code by memory to shutdown attempts of “backup” loading.

        • Franky says:

          But the research is already out. All someone with the intent Gateway had has to do now is finish the research and it looks like so many more people are getting in on the fun. Who’s going to be the next Gateway or better yet, who’s going to be the next Geohot/failoverflow?

  3. rjaman says:

    lets wait and see, i have feeling that Failoverflow will gonna take the shot.

  4. Trapstar30 says:

    History repeated itself again why do people continue to hit these people up begging for things and not just wait for everything’s to play out damn. I know Half of them are damn script kiddies that don’t know ***. I hope this get put to good used and jailbreak cfw do come out one day I will be waiting but I guess I have to put my ps4 1.76 back in the closet for now.

  5. Alex says:

    RIP CTurt. God knows what sort of threats 50ny sent him for him to quit the scene and block his Twitter…

    • yobeans432 says:

      not threats, what kinds of checks did they send him 😉

      • Tony says:

        Its also highly likely that sony has taken action due to the fact that with more revealed findings and research this could lead to ps4 mod chips much sooner then expected allowing players to pirate games and whatnot, all they need is to figure out how or when the ps4 does the security checks and how it boot a game and they could probably make something like the ps3’s blueray drive emulator.

  6. Bj says:

    Itssssss ovvvverrrr !!!!!!!

  7. Zeke says:

    Wow. Interesting stuff. I read CTurt’s article (part 3 as linked in the blog post) and although I don’t claim to understand all of it I have a grasp of what was done to gain full access, and it clearly requires intimate knowledge of both x86 architecture and FreeBSD vulnerabilities. Impressive that Sony found and patched this out before it had even been found by hobby devs – they must have some skilled people on the security side of their team.

    From the conclusion of CTurt’s article, I wouldn’t say he’s giving up, he states “I’ll probably take a long break from the PS4 first.” Probably being the key word here. Sounds likes he’s invested a lot of hours and just needs to step back for a while. Interesting that he name checks Yifan too, who masterminded the Rejuvenate exploit many of us currently enjoy on the Vita. Doesn’t look like he has been given a cease and desist by Sony or anything like that. I can’t access his Twitter feed because it’s protected, but going from just the article that’s what he’s saying.

    CFW and home-brew seems a little closer than it did before, although the former might take longer than the latter. The foundations have been laid though, so I personally think it’s too early to write off the PS4 Jailbreak as over before it even started. From where I’m sitting as a semi-skilled observer, it’s being set in motion slowly but surely.

    And CTurt, that’s fine work. I look forward to seeing what other skilled hackers come up with on the back of it.

    • wololo says:

      This was based on a CVE. FreeBSD patched it and Sony just updated their codebase. Their engineers probably didn’t do the security leg work

      • Zeke says:

        It’s just a simple codebase update? Damn. I gave $ony too much credit! I assumed they found and patched the vulnerability themselves…

        • 1 says:

          I doubt that Sony combes through FreeBSD for potential vulnerabilities. I’m sure that they do some work on that part, but its the collective work of the community thats mostly at work i think. We also dont know what security improvements that have been made after firmware 1.76.

  8. jr says:

    The PS4 is my GOD

  9. ololo says:

    Sad news. All the best.

  10. Eddie says:

    See, this is what happens when words like “jailbreak” “custom firmware” and “piracy” start flying around. Now if you’re really lucky someone will figure the exploit out and make everyone pay for it. Hope no one went out a brought a 1.76 firmware PS4 just yet. Happy Holidays.

  11. Cturd says:

    Total sham go figure.Holiday hackers will go to town on this and is the reason why he closed down the operation out of fear of being prosecuted.

  12. KeliVurac says:

    What a *** ***

    ”Muh hacker code of honor”

    You’re a *** hacker already what *** honor?

  13. PSLOAD says:

    I think Sony contacted him and gave im money to stop or something like that. I dont see any reason why he would stop at this point. I mean he kept his ps4 on and old firmware and spent maybe months to find this exploit and now he stops? I cant believe this.

  14. magneto327 says:

    Must be on Sony’s payroll now. Farewell Cturd.!

  15. Coolio says:

    Sounds like he’s taken a pay off from Sony or developing the hack someone else to sell. Maybe the hack is rubbish and cant progress any further. If a hack does come out he will get no credit at all. Isn’t this the reason why hackers do it like C4eva with the Xbox. He stated that he need to write a CFW and loader in previous posts . Now he’s stopping because he’s worried about piracy. What a joke. Think Cturt might be another fake

  16. Zeke says:

    The guy spent hours finding this and released all the information on how to recreate it for free and all some people can do is *** about it? Figures. I guess they’re just butthurt they’re not getting the ability to play backups just yet lol.

  17. Supremeone says:

    Lol that Cturt guy is a ***

  18. PlayStation_Rule says:

    Beginning like a show. Ending like a joke…

  19. Jpsk8 says:

    A guy posted on youtube today things about Jailbreak Ps4, I talked to him and asked if Cturt would leave Ps4 hack scene and he said not that Cturt will not let the Ps4 jailbreak that is a joke, also said Lizard squad is working in a very Ps4 jailbreak, and also said the jailbreak Ps4 out in January or February I hope you enjoy the news, thank you

  20. animalovich says:

    its all good people for the PS4 scene , as long as its an open source.
    am looking to the bright side of the story

  21. Meler says:

    Smart Hacker Learned Lession From Geo.Well he is not looking for fame 😀 for sure 😀 cos he could give the pirates and all bad people what they want but…….gives tips,tricks instead smart wise + for him 🙂
    other thing sony could contact him privatelly on social media saying stop or accept the concequences if futher steps will taken 😀
    hope for jailbreak is there but needs to be more tricking sony who did it 😀

  22. Cloudy says:

    These comments are disappointing. If he had been paid off by Sony, he wouldn’t have basically posted a “how to” guide for anyone who has the skills to exploit it. It just wouldn’t make sense.

    He doesn’t owe you anything, not even what he has already given you. Stop being dicks 🙁

    • Cloud9 says:

      U should stop being stupid. seriusly u dont even have a glimpse how world operates

      • Casavult says:

        @Cloud9 I think you’re the one being incredibly stupid here. @Cloudy is absolutely right. If Cturt wants to quit/have a break or whatever, then he can. Cturt doesn’t owe anything to YOU or us and he’s under NO obligation to share his knowledge with anyone. Quit being b.utthurt that you won’t be able to pirate sooner than you thought! Haha.

  23. snowy_mario says:

    It’s crazy how this exploit got patched before the developers found the exploit.First time hearing a scenario like this.

  24. Edward says:

    what a *** ***….no *** to finish what he started..else dont start at all…*** monkey

  25. Get_Ballz_Deep says:

    Its not crazy @snowy_mario in fact, thats typically how it works..In Android for example many CVE are found and only made public after its patched.. Luckily in some cases the manufacturers dont patch things right away and those older firmwares are still exploitable.

  26. Jpsk8 says:

    Another Dev could finish the Ps4 jailbreak is what I think 🙂

  27. Lol says:

    Lol, more like Sony investigators came to his house.

  28. jpsk8 says:

    And Ps4 jailbreak Lizard squad? He promised that 2015 would release the jailbreak 🙂

    • Manuel Eduardo Koegler says:

      Lizard Squad consists merely of a bunch of pushovers and script kiddies performing DDOS attacks.
      Don’t expect anything noteworthy to come from them.

    • wololo says:

      LOL, that “lizard squad PS4 Jailbreak” was a fake created by some rumors site that had nothing to do with the scene. Can’t believe how many people thought this was real…

  29. Jpsk8 says:

    Because Kurt Ps4 not release the jailbreak? Sera that is afraid of sony? Will be that Sony paid him to keep quiet? What do you guys think about this? I will come some Ps4 jailbreak until the new year?

  30. Jpsk8 says:

    Because cturt Ps4 not release the jailbreak? Sera that is afraid of sony? Will be that Sony paid him to keep quiet? What do you guys think about this? I will come some Ps4 jailbreak until the new year?

  31. DeViL303 says:

    Kinda seems fishy to me that he would work so hard, get so close and then “end research” , could this have anything to do with failoverflow I wonder..or an upcoming dongle release..jk

    What if CTurt and crew know they are close to opening up the ps4 ( and they know that means piracy too) so that he/they decided to take a step back, publish what he/they know (without enabling piracy), pretend they are arguing amongst themselves, then come back in the new year with new alias’s to finish the job, as some way of protecting themselves against Sony.

    Cool story anyway. 🙂

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  33. Basil says:

    If it doesn’t’ make sense to you, then don’t do it. Meditate and think nightly before you go to bed.
    No wonder he previously some sales problems or challenges.

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  36. Monty says:

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  37. Xyrem says:

    Thank you CTurt for the work you’ve done ! 🙂

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