PS Vita Revitalize competition: votes are in!


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4 Responses

  1. ViRGE says:

    It looks like TheFlow and skogaby are the big winners for VitaShell and Snes9xVita respectively. By my count TheFlow won overall best entry ($400) and best non-emulator homebrew ($100) while skohaby was the overall runner-up ($300) and won the best emulator ($100).

    Which isn’t all that surprising given the limited field. We’re going to need a shell once the SDK allows proper application exits, and of the emulators entered the SNES is by far the most popular platform. So congrats to those two.

  2. Zeke says:

    Glad to see the most useful app (VitaShell) and second best SNES emulator (I like skogaby’s CATSFC better) are going to win, they’re both excellent choices. Hopefully the cash incentive will allow skogaby and TheFloW to continue their fine work – getting VitaShell viable to switch between Rejuvenate homebrews is the next big step to avoid the wireless Android phone tethering stuff.

    • Typhoon_Neon says:

      Actually, VitaShell already supports that and the SDK was recently updated to exit properly. All the devs of other homebrew need to do is update their elfs to support that 😛

  3. Zeke says:

    So, uh… have the prizes been handed out? Do the winners all know they’ve won? Can’t believe there’s that much cash flying about for it and less than a handful of comments/no updates.