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PS Vita hack: Cobra Black Fin dongle, the future of piracy on the Vita, or just an elaborate hoax?


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34 Responses

  1. Rhodderz says:

    Does look interesting. Intrigued more on how this works as it seems to plug into to top port o.O unless it plugs straight into the memstick port and wraps around (though this could block the back panel)

  2. Lucif3r says:

    The theory behind it is plausible, but what I cant get my head around is how they will trick the Vita into accepting normal uSD cards. As far as I know, no one has succeeded decrypting the memory card yet..? Yes I know we can ‘dump’ the contents on the card, but simply copying that to a normal uSD and hook it up to the Vita would only result in the Vita laughing its *** off at your stupidity, lol…
    Anyway, Im more interested in the uSD solution than the actual piracy-part of it. *** those damn proprietary cards >:(

  3. Franky says:

    I hope this is just human error and they just forgot to set something up/made a mistake setting something up. This thing needs to be real.

    Piracy sucks and all, but not like the Vita was doing all that well anywho.

  4. Jgr9 says:

    idk, You should ask TMZ…

  5. meysam25 says:

    how much dose it cast
    where we can buy one of those machin
    its look real to me

  6. DarkDante says:

    Very interesting!! I don’t know how these dongles normally work, but would this mean they (the makers) have effectively hacked the PS Vita? Does this require the use of Rejuvenate? Could this thing be used to get into the vita a little deeper?

  7. Giovanni says:

    It’s really nice that you tested the mail yourself after the hackinformer news. As you stated ,the Black Fin seems really accurate and logic and therefore now I believe it is a real device. So now…when it is the real Cobra Team , that’s worked on the ODE , you can guess that the release date will rather be December 2016 😛 The ODE was released much later than they said , but well , it was perfectly working and saved many PS3s from non-usage.

  8. NoPatience says:

    Do i need an internet connection constantly or just for once to make a connection?
    And can we disconnect the fin from laptop after verification?

  9. try harder says:

    must be connected to the net?, not good for me..ill let it pass and wait for this site developers software hacks

    • try harder says:

      but well, if maybe, it can also act like an adapter that can make the vita use some much more cheaper sd cards for storing games and also the piracy of vita games it originally offers, then who wouldnt want that s***, really..

  10. JohnnyC says:

    Its legit. If its advertised on Maxconsoles (they host the “official” Cobra ODD forums, among other “official” forums) and GaryOPA says its legit, then you can believe it is. If anyone is in contact with the Cobra crew, its him

  11. Jazneo says:

    Buy Wololo and test it out lol

  12. Macrey says:

    So after all this time, the great Playstation Vita finally break to piracy ? For real ?

  13. Scrub says:

    When this works with the newest Firmware (multiplayer/trophys), im buying it. *** Rejuvenate bullcrap.

  14. lutecio says:

    Fake as the vita tv mod

  15. Enigma Hall says:

    Well, I’m not a expert then i will make my question based on my idiotic sense of logic. If they can take a part of autentication and send it under p2p why this information cant be stored to use without p2p or if need to be transmited why not under a android phone or pc?
    This elephant will need to stay attached to vita while play?

  16. Neal Cullum says:

    If it’s real then i might buy one, depends on the price and how good this p2p network will be.

  17. Stanislav says:

    Good very very Good!!I ochen ochen waiting for this release Huck!

  18. RandQalan says:

    Either way not for me tied down with a portable system

    I say hoax and even if not not worth it to many problems
    Possible trace
    Possible hack of OS
    Possible brick
    Possible Sony taking all accounts ban
    Possible not to play what you want
    Possible hack of vita for ID
    Possible to stop dev the few that is left to leave the Vita
    Possible to cost a lot
    The list go’s on ect.

  19. B10 says:

    I want this to be real, hope the price wont be to expensive, and I hope also after authentication we can use the vita Offline and the game just work without the need of internet,

  20. Paolo says:

    For me it works like the following :
    they have take the method of mr Gas
    Now, with this method you must put an original cartridge to use your dump on ms.
    They problably found a way to simulate the insertion of a real cartdrige, but the cartrige is over the net , miles away….

  21. gbro says:

    Does it have a vibrator feature?

  22. samsam says:

    not happy about the piracy part of vita games except when its emulation or homebrew
    in any case if your willing to pirate stuff you should be willing to lose trophy support and an online experience

  23. musak goyscript wpa says:

    each one external memory first must be format in fat32. For long the memory duration

  24. Salar says:

    Hey Wololo , um did u got the device that u said u will get it till end of this month ?
    the cobra device for vita

  25. NoPatience says:

    @wololo #wololo wololo
    Have you got the black fin now??

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