PS Vita Memory Card dumper released by Major_Tom


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51 Responses

  1. Firion says:

    Curious, what use is this exactly?

  2. Black says:

    First 😀

  3. warfaren says:

    I’m assuming it could be used to dump games you have saved on your memory card.

  4. Vitaexploits says:

    Is this gonna work such as the previous exploits to run ePSP, emulators and such?

  5. Gaze says:

    Download created “5 months ago”

    • nope says:

      Be happy you have it now

    • lol says:

      i know right? the minute they made the download they should of wrapped it in a digital bow and emailed it directly to you with an E-card saying Merry Christmas right?

      • Gaze says:

        No you peasant. If hes had it that long he has clearly been keeping it private, yet he throws it out randomly? I doubt he threw it out there just because of a not-yet-confirmed-to-work piracy device came out.

        • haha says:

          peasent? lol whos the one complaining about someone keeping their own work private for months. How selfish of him huh, he owes u nothing, deal with it or better yet, stop b!tching and do ur own hacks……yea i thought so

    • ch3wt0ys says:

      Who are you? What have you done? The only reason this is getting released it looks like is because of that Black Fin ***. Do strangers on the internet owe you something?

      • Gaze says:

        I’m not complaining because he kept it hidden. I’m saying he held it for that long just to throw it out for what seems to be no reason. Since we can already dump on all FWs including 3.55… Why throw this out now?

  6. sega dude says:

    I tried this on my 3.36 Vita Phat and I can’t get it to work. By “inject” you mean put the PBOOT.PBP in the same folder of your base game along with the existing EBOOT.PBP, correct? I used the Age of Zombies PSP mini (NPUZ00024) as my base. I assumed I needed to rename “PBOOT_dump.PBP” to “PBOOT.PBP” so I did that. I then copied it into “/PSP/GAME/NPUZ00024/” via VitaFTP ran via VHBL. I then exited VitaFTP and VHBL, opened CMA on the Vita (I use Sony CMA on the PC) copied the Age of Zombies game to the PC, then immediately copied Age of Zombies back to the Vita. After copying back to the Vita, what was the Age of Zombies bubble shows up with the title of “Bowling”, with what I think is the Arcade Darts mini icon. Upon checking ms0:/temp, it’s empty. I tried this same procedure twice, and it didn’t work both times. Am I doing something wrong? I was not supposed to rename “PBOOT_dump.PBP” to “PBOOT.PBP”?

    • wololo says:

      I think you did the right thing, I am not sure why it didn’t work… have you tried *running* the game after you restored it? I haven’t tried myself yet so it’s possible I forgot to add that last step

      • sega dude says:

        No, I didn’t attempt to run the game. I’ll try the same procedure again and let you know what happens. Maybe it has to be done with a full PSP game and not a PSP mini?

        • sega dude says:

          I finally got it working with a different memory card and the same game. I followed the detailed tutorial on Hackinformer. After the bubble changes appearance, you have to transfer the game back to the PC, then back to the Vita. Then the memory card will be dumped. The only reason I used a different memory card was because the first one I tried wouldn’t have enough space to be dumped to itself.

  7. MyLegGuy says:

    So we can dump the files, but not restore them on 3.55?

  8. MyLegGuy says:

    I have another question.
    Can you do this on 3.55 without having previously swapped the PBOOT file?

  9. Yattoz says:

    When I try it, during the transfert of the whole thing to the PS Vita, I got an error C1-2753-7 and the transfert stops. When I go see ms0:, I see that the things that should be in ms0:temp/ are in ms0:, so I have several little things (folders, files) on my ms0:
    I used the smaller PBOOT file, transfered it through e-mail, I’m on 3.52. Is it a problem coming from this little PBOOT ?

  10. IngwiePhoenix says:

    FOREMOST o.o

    This tool is super interesting. We are almost there at being able to pull off the insane: understanding the PSV’s bones. Sure, this is just a start, but we already get to look at cached items and internal data. This. Is. …. not sparta. But pretty promising!

    • Zeke says:

      Most productive comment so far. It’s not direct access to the whole memory card itself but I have a feeling that’s what it could lead to, therefore paving the way to better hacks if the encryption can be cracked. Well, that’s my hope for it anyway. I look forward to seeing what home-brew devs can make of all this, being able to dump and play all my legal PS Vita game carts, an easier way to launch Rejuvenate… for example.

  11. tetbn says:

    Can we blind dump with this tool?such as I dump a folder which including many children folders in it .

  12. Chris says:

    I can’t wait till’ the real vita scene is alive! I can see the ppsspp emulator running on Vita! Same for PCSX2..ang dolphin.
    Vita runs Opengl 3.0-4.5 and has directx10.1 support, so I believe its very possible to see these guys running on Vita, not on solid framerates, but running like at 20-50fps max

    • Pliskin says:

      Sorry to crush your dreams, but PPSSPP is the only emulator that has a chance at running. There’s a reason you didn’t see PCSX2 and Dolphin ports to the PS3 or 360; Dolphin requires a stellar computer to emulate just Gamecube games, let alone Wii titles. The best we’re going to get is a pretty decent N64 emulator

  13. chrrox says:

    Are the dumped files encrypted?

  14. Mr Fwibbles says:

    But… why would I want to dump the contents of my memory card? The timing of the tweet makes it sound piracy-related. Can backups of digital games be copied between memory cards using this trick?

  15. john q guest says:

    The Vita library is so boring aside from a handful of games, I just hopes this leads to better emulation (not expecting fullspeed Dreamcast emulation, but hopefully fullspeed 90s 3d Mame emulation), and maybe ports of good indie games.

  16. N says:

    Am I the only one here that understands that this is mainly to be used with the black fin dongle? Once it’s dumped, you can put a ps vita Iso in its game directory, inject the dump back to the card or whatever. Someone hooks up black fin with said game you pirated so you can ply for free. Right? I mean, this and that single pretty much go together if you want to play ps vita isos..

  17. N says:

    Am I the only one here that understands that this is mainly to be used with the black fin dongle? Once it’s dumped, you can put a ps vita Iso in its game directory, inject the dump back to the card or whatever. Someone hooks up black fin with said game you pirated so you can ply for free. Right? I mean, this and that dongle pretty much go together if you want to play ps vita isos..

  18. Thomas Wade says:

    Would this work with the VHBL, or would it only work by creating a custom bubble?

  19. Franky says:

    Could this make installing Rejuvenate easier if you could inject it back into the Vita memory card?

  20. Toni says:

    Al Volcar ese archivo.Se puede volvar un TN-V?

  21. CosmicTacoCat says:

    Uh oh. I guess it looks like the piracy train will be arriving soon…

  22. Xtremegamer says:

    Wait i see id.dat ??? so i can finally change accounts without formatting my memorycard.
    so i can finally “activate” my psvita under my psn account.
    let’s check this out. awesome

  23. nope says:

    So I guess this means you can only dump your memory card if your card is less than half full?

  24. Alice says:

    Error C2-17775-7. Help?

  25. Reitor says:

    Please help, Error C2-17775-7

  26. Valuehe says:

    may i able to play iso game after do this?

  27. ABC says:

    Pls help! i dont have VitaFTP , and others . how to hack with a pure ps vita 3.55 ?

  28. masncar says:

    hey a lot of ppl having problem on 3.55 with error c2-17775-7 when transferring bowling game with supposed dump back to pc to copy to it back.

    any help thanks

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    is there any other web site which gives these kinds of data in quality?

  30. Sherif Maher says:

    if I restore my ps vita running 3.52 will it force me to update?
    i need to restore to dump a game.

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