Cobra Black Fin dongle announces the beginning of Piracy on the PS Vita for December


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102 Responses

  1. modchipguy says:

    I thought this was an April fools joke, but it’s December…

  2. nakedfaerie says:

    I like ISOs and playing backups but I wish this dies a quick painful death. Enough with the dongle ***. Its NOT needed.
    When a NON dongle way comes out I hope that will be awesome but this is not.

  3. Stanislav says:

    Guess Stanislav (the Russian one 😛 ) died of a massive joygasm or heart attack. He’s usually all OVER these kinds of stories. XDDD

  4. Jefphar says:

    The SD card is interesting to me. It can be used as a back up cartridge for PS Vita Memory card dumper of Major Tom.

  5. Takuya says:

    Why would the dumps be in the ISO format, its a rom card. should be rom dump, not a disc image dump

  6. Jefphar says:

    The problem with some comments here is that they are not thinking outside of the box

  7. Crzo says:

    This thing will die in no time, Vita has always struggled to sell in the first place, most people who bought it already played the few games that are worth having a Vita, many people will be scared of the p2p system and the few people who still buy this will stop using it when they realize it sucks having so little people on the network…

    This won’t be a system seller neither to get the attention of non-vita owners.

    And I love the comments “This will kill the vita, Sony/developers will stop making games for it”

    You serious??? Sony already stopped making games long ago, major developers barely made a game for it when it came out and never bothered again, the indie people were the only ones who ever showed that they cared about it.

    Vita is long dead.

  8. Salar says:

    Merry Christmass everyone 😀 well i love the idea that how it is work , it might be hard for some of us , but at the end i love the idea that how it is going to work 😀 i will buy one for sure if it will arrive in iran to test the product and see how it is going to work , and im going to thank everyone in the community for their hard works over hacking , thanks u all

  9. Stanislav says:

    Yesss!Rather, it would be!

  10. B10 says:

    so for people with no internet connection cannot use this? I hope someone out there could make like flashcart , 🙂

  11. Zeke says:

    I don’t think this Black Fin – if it is real – is that interesting. But if it is real perhaps it’ll lead to better things, like a way to reuse the game cart slot as a microSD converter solving the expensive Vita memory card problem which everyone hates. I’ll read Yifan’s thread to get his opinion…

  12. Smoker1 says:

    Slight problem with this: Requires Internet Connection, therefor, if you are not on the Latest OFW, Update Nag from heck. Vita Update Blocker does not always work.

  13. abdikhaliq says:

    im realy confused hear helow

  14. vampirovic says:


  15. Row says:

    what the f… weirdest hack i ever seen, i deff wont be paying for it, ps+ gives me all the vita games i need, eventually, probably literally all of them if not all ready

  16. stOneskull says:

    it’d be handy to just use with your own collection because you could use a big microSD card to fit lots of games rather than swapping game carts or using vita memory cards.

  17. reaper666 says:

    thats cool i would get it just to play multi player games with a friend even if they dont have the game.

  18. NoPatience says:

    Can this lead to finding exploits in ps4 by using vita remote play, running unsigned stuff and connecting to ps4

  19. Mamimi says:

    This seems pretty weak. You have to A) depend on people even owning this obscure thing and B) having the game you want to play available and on the server at the time you want to play. The chances of that happening at any given time seems astronomical.

  20. SaroLucero says:

    Sony won’t like it if you play with your dongle! 😀

  21. troll says:

    Finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

  22. Asuri says:

    I’d buy this. Even it works as a closed loop just for me. I have a media PC at home for my Plex stuff so I could just leave this thing plugged into my PC and play my games away from home right?

  23. aaaa says:

    So if this thing’s real, that’s the end of what little is left for the Vita.

    People find a way to pirate the games –> Don’t buy originals –> Sales drop –> Devs stop making software –> Console dies. Simple as that.

    Fun fact: the ecosystems for Vita and 3DS are NOT the same. So stop the bullcrap of piracy boosting the sales. LOL

    And you pay money to support piracy. Makes me want to puke.

    I’m fine with PS+ and what games I get from it, AND the games I buy from PS Store or cartridges.

    With the way things are, Vita doesn’t need piracy.

    • mixedfish says:

      The Vita stays floating because of a small niche of games. There is really isn’t much left to pirate, except to destroy that last reason to own one.

    • Sky says:

      I have to agree with you. I had a sort of sad realization yesterday that Vita is pretty much close to being a legacy platform anyways. What saddens me is that it is a really nice piece of hardware even several years out. Carts are so cheap in the USA for it and I own everything worth playing on cart. I don’t even think it will have that many more cart releases….maybe some Altus jrpg or a few lame 3rd party.

      Of course this hack device seems awesome to those of us that like a good mod but the timing is too late and its too cumbersome. How about a Dr64 anyone?

      PSN+ has been great for Vita especially if you have been onboard all along because I have over 60 psn+ titles as well as other stuff purchased when they have their super sales.

      Whats great about Vita has been that it gets most Indies that ps3/ps4 get and it is an awesome PSP and PSX player. I really wish it would just get cracked open because with its spec it would be a nice video and emulator player (like a super PSP).

      I have largely neglected mine in favor of the 3DS (sorry but fire emblem alone got played more than everything I have ever played on my Vita to this point). Still there are a lot of good games I purchased and never played like Y’s so I am going to give it some love.

      Vita was really Sony’s WiiU (accept I would argue Vita is a better kit where WiiU got better games)……they just sc*** the marketing, and never positioned it right. VitaTV is an awesome concept and if they had just launched it cheap as competitor to Roku and AppleTV it could have scored big. It is a mini console, that plays Vita/PSP/PS1 and streams ps3/ps4. All it needed was good media apps and tell me how its not way better as a gaming/video box than the others?

      RIP Vita….you are already dead so piracy will not be your undoing.

  24. dragng8 says:


  25. daggdroppen says:

    This sucks big ***. Why can’t we have a cart like sky3ds?

  26. wtf says:

    ok… if you go to the website and watch the video… it looks like in order to play games you must have this awkward looking device protruding from the top of your vita… that doesnt look practical lol. imagine how uncomfortable that would be. count me out unless im wrong and the only thing needed to play the game after loading it would be the card.

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