Kojima Vs Konami moment during The Game Awards 2015

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  1. Mu says:


    • :P says:

      yes u are, now kindly remove ur boring a$$ out of here 😛

      • Mu says:

        It is like watching someone’s marriage falling apart, and you know that both of them are fukin´ idiots. It´s like soap opera, I hope Quantic Dreams will make good game out of it. Would like to Kojima to slap *** Konami or silently walk away? Ahhh, you made Solid Snake cry 🙁

        Fukin Boring

    • drd7of14 says:

      I can’t believe I wasted my time…

      Reading this comment!

  2. Manuel Eduardo Koegler says:

    Let Konami have their fun. They’ll notice the dip in profits soon enough once they notice nobody will buy their products anymore due to this exact kind of behaviour.

    • Konami says:

      You think I care about you gamers? Games are only a fraction of the profits I make. The real money is in pachinko machines, slot machines and mobile game micro transactions. Yes that’s right, mobile gaming. I’m going to milk those filthy casuals for all they are worth and then… proceed to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

  3. piotrekhenry says:

    I thought that I might get some info from this article … Instead I found only more speculation.

  4. Zeke says:

    I would say I find it hard to believe that Konami would be such an asshat to the man whose baby has made them multi-millions, but big business isn’t always about grace and good manners. Love or hate it, MGS is a huge franchise. It’s creator deserves a little more respect.

    What’s this promising new game from 2016? And can this show be streamed online or anything, I wouldn’t mind watching bits of it over the weekend.

  5. Hardin says:

    Kojima’s problem is that he thinks he’s a writer and no one at Konami seems to have a strong enough pimp hand to cure him of his delusions.

  6. VIVA LA FRONCE says:

    The issue is by fact. Kojima really thinks extremely highly of himself and that pic you have on the main article of him is exactly how he thinks of himself as if he is the character of his creation. He must be weird to work around and having other members at konami understanding and not backing him up when he left. Anyway for a japanese man who is richer than all of us why on earth would he even be a topic of discussion here on wololo so all can be soo concern is beyond me.

    • italkgame says:

      It is, in my opinion, really strange to bar one of the leading creators from accepting an award for his work. It is beyond silly, and am curious to find out what happened between the involved parties in ten years time if ever at all.

  7. DrRetro says:

    Sorry that I must say that, but we all didn’t know whats happend between Konami and Kojima. We don’t know if Konami oder Kojima is here the “bad guy”. For the most MGS and Kojima fans it’s clear, they don’t need any proof, they know it can only be Konami’s fault… but the world is not so easy like the fans want it. It is only possible that Kojima do something badly wrong and Konami is totally guiltless.

    All what I want to say with that is, that I don’t know the reason for this “Show” that Konami show us this year, so I can’t judge who is the good and who is the bad guy here.

    • Calsolum says:

      I’m of the same opinion. i remember an article a while back about kojima being a control freak and basically being an all around difficult person to work with but from what(little) information that I’ve seen it seems that its konami in the wrong here and by a huge margin. Its definitely possible that kojima is the one at fault… but i sincerely think its konami being *** in this case