PS Vita Revitalize homebrew competition: pencils down, entries are in


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13 Responses

  1. Gaze says:

    Well that is a disappointing amount of homebrews considering there is so much money up for grabs…

  2. tn0w says:

    Vitashell by a mile!

  3. wizardinblack says:

    I was intending on submitting a home brew to the competition but unfortunately I did not make enough time for myself to complete it. Hopefully I will still finish it anyway and submit it to the forums for all to enjoy!

  4. Mr.egypt says:

    I think I deserve the prize more than the people in the competition themselves as i haven’t Mack any non good PS vita homebrews. All this homebrews didn’t rised to the level of the true homebrews (The homebrews we want I mean). It’s the middle East thinking about the competition

  5. diego says:

    if i could code i would do my own things to share it but unfortunatly this sux. such litle ppl for that money..

  6. Juanito says:

    and the winner is?!?! well, there is no winner XD, with the native rejuvenate app I would love to see some real stuff like nulled ported, or a deadalus 64vita

  7. sowhat says:

    I hope this isnt the money pot which was meant to go to a native vita hack?
    Because you are shooting yourself in the knee if you give out money to these entries.
    Enough with the self pity. Only proper homebrews schould be accepted and the trash schould be laughed at

    • Chris says:

      Strongly agreed.

    • Daipop says:

      The interest in hacking a device is almost always driven by greed and ambition. All the consoles hacked that I know, were hacked in one of two scenarios, one is that the console doesn’t have much security and can be somewhat easily hacked by enthusiastic people. The other scenario is that the hackers have a huuuuuuge economic interest in breaking its security and they spend all their effort and money into it. Unfortunately for us, Vita isn’t any of those scenarios, is hard to hack and a failure as a product without installed user base. So, if the few people working on jealbreaking the Vita doesn’t come with something soon. Then $1000 on the pot wouldn’t do much for the scene.

  8. Henry says:

    Well the only homebrew which deserves to win is either VitaShell or VitaQuake. Everything else is just trash. Lots of ports and hello world apps…like VitaTester, I can’t imagine what the developer of it thought about. Who the heck releases a real simple hello world program in a dev contest??

  9. Kye says:

    Is it possible to still run .SLN files that people have made with PSM on rejuvenate

  10. Chris says:

    No. I want for another Vita Homebrew competition, this list is just atrocious. Or this competition needs to have a postponed due date.

    I think if here were a step to step tutorial on the new vita sdk we’d see REAL results.

    Also this isn’t fair for the people who will port N64-Wii emulators to Vita. WHAT BENEFIT WILL THEY GET if there is no competition?

  11. Elwood says:

    With all respect to the authors (there ARE several good homebrews on the list, after all), this is very disappointing… I think that this just proves that Rejuvenate won’t really take off until it’s TRULY a PORTABLE exploit for a PORTABLE gaming device.