Gateway3DS bricking 3DS consoles if you use competitor products… again


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can understand their motives for doing this, but I have to agree that this is quite stupid, and that Gateway may be going too far with this. I mean, people can choose whoever they want to buy from, Gateway does not have the power to change that.

    On the flip side, I was actually thinking of buying another 3DS with a lower firmware and a Gateway 3DS card so i could play Fire Emblem: Fates and Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. But after hearing about this, I think I’ll just buy a 3DS and go for the Pasta CFW method, since that seems like the best method right now for pirating games

    • N says:

      Bruh. If you get a low fw 3ds.. Use CFW. It’s free and won’t screw your system up.

      • Anonymous says:

        Unforrtunately my 3DS XL’s firmware is way too high, so i have to buy another 3DS XL that has a lower firmware and then use CFW. I appreciate the support

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually you know what? I’m just gonna buy SKY3DS+ NOW! HALLELUJEH! Much cheaper than buying another 3DS since I’m on 9.6E!

          • Sky says:

            Why bother? I have a GW as well as an MT card and they have both served me well on an XL and a Launch Cosmo…..still now you don’t really need it.

            Anything up to a 9.2 XL or Old 3DS can be downgraded to 4.x allowing you to use the MSET hack to launch CFW. On 2DS you can downgrade to 6.x I believe and also use MSET (with RxTools) to launch CFW. N3DS is a little trickier but can still use CFW.

            RxTools allows you run current EMUnand so you can use eshop, go online or whatever as well as install a .cia installer. Which then allows you to install any game/eshop or DLC/Update you want.

            If you are anti-piracy then dump your carts and use a .cia converter to convert them.

            SD cards are so cheap, you can get a 64GB card and have everything you would ever want to play. No GW, no bricks, no problems!!!

          • Anonymous says:

            Man, you guys were right. RX Tools is the way to go. I downgraded my 9.6OFW to 9.2SYSNAND, installed RX Tools Nightlies, MenuHax to boot RX Tools off powering it on and updated to 10.6 RX-E EMUNAND and its perfect. Now I have the japanese version of Fire Emblem If (because f-ck the localized version butchering everything), and I just download any 3DS rom and convert it to CIA, or just download CIAs and DLC and install onto my 3DS EMUNAND. It’s perfect, with online play also. So happy with this, and am so glad I didnt buy a Gateway or SKY3DS+. CFW is the way to go

  2. Asuri says:

    They way I see this is:
    If other companies can make the product cheaper and still make a profit, so can GateWay. There is no reason for it to cost as much as it does.

    • Tatsu says:

      If other companies can copy their firmware and bypass the software engineering costs, so can gate- oh wait.
      Look, i’m not being apologetic of the douchebaggery that gateway is doing, it’s a bit extreme, but if people are buying clones without the proper knowledge about them, i can assure you 100% that they’re buying them just to pirate games.

  3. chihuahua says:

    What happens when people get random bricks again for using a gateway card legitimately?

  4. A concerned user says:

    Supercard is at fault for thinking Gateway would roll over without a bang. Supercard willingly took the risk and now Gateway is to blame? Please.
    If Supercard created their own Launcher.dat file this mess would not have happened. Instead they now went from reputable DS flashcard to useless clone because they wanted to capitalize on Gateway’s achievements without even putting in 0.01% of the effort Gateway has over all these years.

    For that, Supercard deserves ALL the blame.

    • wololo says:

      Attacking the *users* is not the right move when a *competitor* is doing you wrong. In particular because Gateway ends up attacking their own users! (People who bought both the Gateway and a competitor product). I’m not saying clones are doing the right thing, but ultimately, Gateway are the ones who consciously chose to destroy people’s property, including that of their own customers.

      • Anonymous says:

        i’m not on gateways side, but gateway did “warn” the users many time.
        when the *user* decides to continue, then who’s fault is that?
        like, I warn you that I have put a nail on the ground, do not step on it, but then you stupidly decided to do so anyway….

        Over the past couple years, gateway did show and achieve many new things for the hack community, without them, I don’t know how rxtool will exist.

        • wololo says:

          you’re assuming flashcart users know about Gateway, their website, the clone wars going on, and more generally where and how to get such information. That’s a wrong assumption for 95% of the users of these flashcarts.

          • Tatsu says:

            well., they reap what they sow

          • Zik says:

            I have to agree. I’ve been to some local stores that deal in these products, and most of them haven’t even heard of this clones war that been raging. And the store owner didn’t even know about it either, and started issuing apologize notices to all their past customers that came in and complained about it.

            You’re basing this on assumption that the users all knows about it or that they’re even keeping up to date on scene like these. Chances are…they’re not…and Gateway can cut down on the cost, but they’re not, because they know they’re the only one that has the “REAL” hack that nobody else has.

            The only way you can cut into Gateway’s profit is if you’re able to reverse engineer their codes and sell it, but so far, from this report, it seem like nobody has.

  5. w00tguy123 says:

    lol @ images. Personally I would have chosen the image right before the red one on the “destroyed 3ds” google image results.

  6. noobs says:

    Asuri it costs because of research and development. Flashcards are dirt cheap and don’t do anything fancy. It is the firmware that is doing all the hard work. It is the firmware that competitors steal to sell their products.

    If you understand that the firmware is doing all the hardwork, then you agree destroying clones is the right thing to do.

  7. Typhoon_Neon says:

    *** really? I was thinking about getting a Gateway 3DS for CubicNinja + translations without HANS but *** that now. This is a really dirty way of doing business and I ain’t supporting them.

  8. zed says:

    Never buy anything from them, when they are done they will burn your 3DS

  9. Alex says:

    Don’t blame Gateway, just blame Dstwo+ to have not checked the code and just made a simple paste of the Gateway code without any modification and any check…


  10. BlumCoLe says:

    GatewayTeam should die …what a *** against-gamers-strategy.

  11. Goldenboy says:

    Thanks god, the new sky3ds+ card has updatable firmware and ap fix. So i can play fire emblem and zelda heroes without gateway bricksoft. Yes sky3ds costs 12€ more than gateway, but its working even on 10.3fw and not risk for any brick.

    • Anonymous says:


      I just looked at the website and its been confirmed!

      • Soplox says:

        Yeah man! Sky3DS+ Rocks. No need anything like Spoof Firmware or anything that could brick your 3DS. But of course it cost money.

        • Anonymous says:

          WHO CARES! I’d rather buy another flash card than have to buy another 3DS entirely coz my firmware’s too high! This is a dream come true ^_^ now I can play Fire Emblem Fates and Zelda: Tri Force Heroes <3

  12. MyLegGuy says:

    Solution: Don’t use Gateway. Buy your games legitimately, and run them on cartridges like everybody else.

    • Hakatox says:

      There’s always that one guy…..

      I hate the idea of a manbag just for a portable system…

    • Brian says:

      This. I find it ironic that a group making piracy possible is now upset that they are being pirated. LOL

      • JustAnotherOne says:

        what goes around, comes around
        and for them it seems to hurt like a ***. so much so that they have to resort to doing this. LOL

      • blade2577 says:

        It’s not butthurt feelings, it’s business. They lose potential money from people telling other people not to buy their product too, but they won’t lose money from the ones that already bought the product.

    • Anonymous says:

      get out of here with that ***

      • Anonymous says:

        it’s people like the OP posting “get legit copies, blah blah blah” that really *** me off.

        Maybe people can’t AFFORD to

    • Anon says:

      Nah we’re hackers. We wanna bypass that.

  13. ch3wt0ys says:

    I personally would opt for an annoying watermark, or a shutdown timer for a few minutes whenever running software from the clone. But bricking the console of unknowing users, putting them in awkward place where they can’t go to Nintendo to solve the problem, isn’t a nice way to say “Hey you’re running a unauthorized card” when most clones are hard to distinguish from the original.

  14. Jay says:

    Ya know. I wanted a GayWay 3DS, but they proved that they are not what I’m looking for. I’ll just stick with the sky. Simpler, and SAFE!

    • yuuki says:

      and not future proof.

      • Jack Attack says:

        Yeah, because Gateway is so future proof you have to stay on an explicit version for it to work at all. Great work there… Oh and look at that, the new sky3ds is future proof and updateable.

        *mic drop*

  15. RPRezo says:

    Yes, they do have a right to protect themselves, and yes, it shouldn’t matter to them that people are buying clones without thinking. By buying cards to pirate games people throw away their rights to be *** if it backfires. And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ever pirate games, no. But do your research or blame only yourself for problems.

  16. W wololo says:

    The best is sky3ds.

  17. Zololo says:

    You gotta be joking this is just like when total noob decided to be a little boy tight *** about people hes mad at and started doing the same thing to zettabytes and whoever else thats on his hater list. Buy sky3ds or stick with cfw it’s getting better we just need better coders hopefully people from the ps3 cfw team jump in.

  18. RyoX says:

    well i guess gateway design new software that way. although r4 they send is really a cheap knock off.

  19. Linkinworm says:

    See these are the sort of *** that ruin everything, they are providing a device that is aimed at piracy, I don’t care if they say its for “backups” they know what people do with it, yet try take some moral high ground on it by saying “no we are the only company you should use our software with” imagine if microsoft did this because you bought MS office but decided to use libre or open office because it does something better, or your uni or college required you to use them because office wasn’t available, *** these guys.

    I do not own a flashcart and only use software based homebrew only, but I was involved in development with the 1st software backup loader for wii, and me and the other guy made specific reasons to try make sure that at its core it would not break something, even when people made their own mods to it, if something was broken we would release fixes that would help with their development.

  20. Alpmaster says:

    Screw Gateway Sky3ds is beast!!!

  21. lmao says:

    they should brick every nintendo console for all i care :v

  22. lmao says:

    Both gateway and you people sucks, sympathizing pirates now, really? it’s not like i defending nintendo, i hate them.

  23. Primate Master says:

    Its more than time that we have some realiable option for modding and running roms on the 3ds

  24. Byte says:

    So unsuspecting users may know nothing, but SuperCard team sure as heck knows what they were doing with their “GW” plugin. Telling their users to install a certain piece of software that they themselves have no control over. And it was known what happened to clone users, so SC cannot use the We Didnt Know argument.

  25. dragng8 says:

    ill be buying a bricked or used 3ds and probably not going through a company who uses malicious code to destroyed what i payed for instead of targeting the cloners. Until i read this i had no idea and was going to use gateway but this killed it for me. Why not simply permanently disable further use of Gateway products instead of bricking their customers consoles? IF, and i stress IF modding your own consoles ever becomes 100% legal, gateway’s “warning” wont save them from a lawsuit. Actually, if a loophole is found in whatever law it may be, gateway is in trouble…maybe

  26. progamer1515 says:

    *** GATEWAY!!! They need to be taken down a notch! All they do is repackage everyone else s hard work and sell it back to them. at an over-inflated price! That is why they hate clones. The “clones” sell the hardware at a decent price. They’d rather force a monopoly than face competition.

    I could see them making the Gateway firmware not run on a clone because it is their firmware. But *** bricking a console THAT ISN’T EVEN THEIRS?! *** THEM, that’s crossing the line! We need to rise up against these money-hungry ***! Quit bending over and just taking it! Quit letting them take your work for granted!

  27. progamer1515 says:

    The hypocrisy is strong with Gateway!
    “We are completely fine with releasing a product that enables piracy and screws over legitimate software developers. But we become butthurt when people pirate our stuff. Whaaaaa! I can’t handle it so I’ll brick their consoles!”

  28. progamer1515 says:

    The hypocrisy is strong with Gateway!
    “We are completely fine with releasing a product that enables piracy and screws over legitimate software developers. But we become butthurt when people pirate our stuff. Whaaaaa! We can’t handle it so We’ll brick their consoles!”

  29. Soplox says:

    All hail Sky3DS!

  30. ombus says:

    gateway.. are u mad ? talk to nintendo .. lol

    • Neurazgriz says:

      yeah,like if they’re the ones that got a license from nintendo to hack their consoles,lol

  31. Loki says:

    It’s funny how a team of people who enable piracy on a console, screw over people who pirate their work. Consumers are always the ones that get sc***.

  32. Neurazgriz says:

    Wow,the mafia amongst the flashcarts…. like,seriusly, why won’t they just stop this madness?

  33. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad I didnt buy a Gateway or SKY3DS+. CFW and RX Tools is the way to go. I downgraded my 9.6OFW to 9.2SYSNAND thanks to SysUpdater and the Homebrew Launcher (THANK YOU TO WHOEVER MADE THE DOWNGRADE POSSIBLE), installed RX Tools Nightlies, MenuHax to boot RX Tools off powering it on and updated to 10.6 RX-E EMUNAND and its perfect. Now I have the japanese version of Fire Emblem If (because f-ck the localized version butchering everything), and I just download any 3DS rom and convert it to CIA, or just download CIAs and DLC and install onto my 3DS EMUNAND. It’s perfect, with online play also.

  34. Adalberto Vinup says:

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