PS4: Unofficial Remote Play PC app updated, more licenses available for purchase


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  1. Arnaldo says:


  2. lol that thieving b*stard is worried about piracy when he is a dishonest *** who pirates his forum software.

    • Ricky D says:


      • You must be to dumb to understand what the word ‘hypocrite’ means.
        I could be only a hypocrite if i was stealing IPB4 as well when complaining about twisted doing it.
        I have paid for my IPB software since last year, i have the license and payment details to prove that i have,

        • Ricky D says:

          You must be too dumb (see how I spelled too correctly?) to understand what I meant when I said hypocrite. Please explain how you feel your involvement in the PS3 scene is any different? You steal games or at the very least help other people steal games. You, sir, are the very definition of hypocrite when you come on here trying to call out somebody else when you do the same exact thing.

          • Well you are such a clever guy, noticing a small little typo and correcting someone on it.
            Don’t pretend you know me, you don’t and you won’t as you are a coward who hides behind a crappy fake name, or as someone on my IRC server said ‘Ricky ***’.

            1.) I do not pirate games, I can afford my own games, I also receive them as birthday and Christmas present.
            2.) I do not help people pirate games either, my involvement in the PS3 scene and any other scene is to help people hack their console and for homebrew, i do not need nor are care about piracy, it ruins the whole hacking experience for me, which is why i love Smealums Ironhax/Tubehax as they only allow homebrew.
            3.) I am quite anti-piracy, i regularly b***h at people who pirate games, ask some sceners on Twitter how many times i have moaned at them for not buying their own games.
            4.) You speak of my involvement in the PS3 scene, yet you miss the part where i was totally anti-reDRM and was vocally against piracy dongles such as True Blue, an example of this can be seen in my sig on this very forum.

            As you wipe the egg off your face, learn the lesson that assuming you know someone and being wrong about them, just makes you an ignorant a**.

            Like i said, i pay for everything i own, i pay for my servers, my domains, my forum software, my games, my games consoles, i even pay the stupid British TV license just so that i am not considered by the government as breaking the law.

            Anyhow, i am going back to my forum, which i paid for with my own money and post some articles on the server software which i paid for, ill probably edit the article about the games console i paid for and the games i paid for that i play on said games consoles that i paid for.

  3. NoSpam says:

    “Won’t work on a VM without hardware deceleration…”
    Ah well, I guess my computer is too fast to handle it.

  4. MyLifeIsPotatoes says:

    Shuhei YoshidaCompte (CEO Sony) confirmed Remote Play for PC/Mac 🙂

  5. Christopher Fiola says:

    Can you send me the file so I can try it?

  6. Skillerd skylard says:

    Should be a free program to use by now. Sony can make trouble for twistrd he should know better.

    • Rolenzo says:

      Yeah…even if sony didn’t develop an app, it would have been released for free eventually anyway. I don’t think this guy should get any more publicity

    • blub says:

      hes taking all the money he can get as long as the “hype” is real

  7. lol says:

    I wish ppl would stop moaning about it being a paid app. Hes charging for it so suck it up, hes entitled to, who cares if sony is release a version that could be free, it will be the same as everything else sony released, it will be buggy and *** and wont get many updates. With this i’m fairly sure he will keep it updated the best he can.

    • Rolenzo says:

      We should criticize it. 10 dollars is a lot of money for such a silly application. It’s what is wrong with the generation.

      I really like wololo and the bloggers and contributors here because they freely distribute their work while giving donation information if you so choose.

      It feels arrogant for this degenerate to charge money. Especially after Sony announced their supposedly free application that will, in all likelihood, perform better and have more customization.

      Wololo did due diligence in announcing that it worked as advertised (at 720p albeit), so it’s not a complete scam. But it isn’t worth 10 dollars. Don’t drink the kool-aid.

    • You mean the same way that Twisted’s application is buggy ?

  8. Torrent hash says:

    This is the hash of the torrent file: CB46D4173AEFC962BCE3BBFB0A227135D6587A31
    Name: Remote Play PC Setup (No Key) [TWISTED89]

  9. CaptnGr says:

    There should be a remote play app for the Vita instead of the Ps4 ._.

  10. anon says:

    geeggory rasputin you fat poof, still playing with scripts on irc? u r the ultimate pleb m8, gg paying for a license since last year. oh my, what a good boy you r, more like, f4ggo7.

    • Thanks sweet heart <3

    • Lucif3r says:

      Well, aren’t you a brave boy, posting as anon…
      Considering the way you write, with “u” and “r”, I’m pretty sure you’re still in your single-digits. You also need to work on your punctuation.
      This basically renders all your attempts at insults useless. Someone who cant even pass first grade english(and before you come up with excuses – no, english is not my native language) have no right to ‘attempt’ insulting someone, you just make yourself look like either a 5 year old kid, or an uneducated dropout. Congratulations.

  11. Ricky D says:

    Blocking replies is the mark of a coward.

    That’s a whole lot of talking to say a whole lot of nothing. You could have shortened it to this ‘It’s OK to bootleg games as long as there isn’t a redrm device involved’ which makes you a hypocrite. Who’s hiding behind a fake name? I’m just not stupid enough to use my real name when there’s trolls like you that like to harass people on facebook. I’m well aware of your history of using ps3hax logins to get into people’s facebook accounts to show your ***. ‘Ricky ***’ – what are you? Are you 5? That wasn’t even remotely clever and nobody cares about your forum or your IRC and it’s incessant circle jerk. You are a sad little man that likes to pretend that he actually has an impact on anything at all when the truth is you’re just a basement dweller with an inferiority complex.

    Good day, sir.

    • I can see you don’t know how to read, it clearly states that i am against piracy in that big long post that you struggled with, so with or without DRM, i am against bootlegging, though it is understandable that you are to dumb to grasp that.

      So keep calling me a hypocrite, it does not bother me, i know you are wrong, everyone else knows you are wrong.

      Oh , i can’t actually block comments, its something to do with the comments setting on the site, nothing to do with me and calling me a coward when as i said you hide behind a fake name, makes you a hypocrite O.o

      Also calling me 5, when you are the one arguing and throwing your teddies out of the pram, makes you a hypocrite.

      So we have established that you are a dishonest cry baby cowardly hypocrite, who has problems understanding what a hypocrite is and who thinks that bootlegging and piracy are not the same thing.

      Maybe i have not made much of an impact on the scene, but clearly with the amount of *** coming from you, i have made a huge impact on your life, glad i could help 🙂

    • I would also love to see proof of these unfounded accusations of abusing ‘ps3hax logins’.

  12. Roast Master says:

    I pronounce the winner of this comment Ricky D for his roast of GregoryRasputin,his clever wit and undeniable finesse pushed his opponent into the depths of oblivion.

  13. mlt says:

    720p quality is far away from true 720p , plus no real fullscreen. Wouldn’t buy 3/10.

  14. azoreseuropa says:

    Nah, Sony will release PC and MAC remote play for free soon. No thanks to their greedy and profit money. NO!