Sony announce plans to release a PS4 Remote Play PC app, ensuring bleak future for the unofficial Remote Play


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27 Responses

  1. Dero says:

    Thats Gold, Pure Gold.

  2. Jefphar says:

    I got a suggestion for Twisted why not make a remote play app for the Vita for Android and Vice Versa like we can play PS Vita games streamed on our Android Phone then Android Games played on the Vita Streamed through Android Phones then charge $10 if you want. Then Sony will again follow.

    • wololo says:

      Not sure if you’re being sarcastic, but I’ll bite: The PS Vita does not have Remote Play streaming capability. Streaming Android to Vita could be a possibility if you could have your Android phone faking a PS4 identity, and then use PS4 remote play on the vita

      • akian_aray says:

        Moreover, what the point of streaming one portable device’s content to another (with inferior control options, too)? Just bring your Vita along. Streaming from android might be useful, but must devices nowadays have better screens and specs, so you might want to just use vita as game err pad.

    • pouet says:

      You meant streaming PC (steam) to Vita? Then yes.

      who would want to stream Android Vita, that’s useless and stupid

  3. bakkoi says:

    Doubt, maybe they’re starting to work on it but the only reason is because they’ve realized a 3rd party solution can’t be defeated other than by defeating it with their own version. Shame to Twisted and all the work he put in.

    • akian_aray says:

      It’s actually very good, their move it’s so much better than rushing in screaming C&D! C&D!

  4. jazneo says:

    i wait for the sony release Lucky they didnt sue you lol

  5. Jamx says:

    I don’t know about his unofficial app pretty much, but if he can make built-in recording system, where users are able to record the PS4 gameplay and turn it into a footage, kinda like capture device like Avermedia or Elgato, that would make his paid app even better because my guess is that Sony’s upcoming PC Remote Play might not have this kind of feature.

    Sure there are program like that (Fraps and Bandicam) to record, but built-in is much more better.

    • PermaNull says:

      That’ll be basically the only way he’ll get on top of the official is by providing features Sony doesn’t offer, and I’m assuming Sony had already thought about doing this and seeing the interest and fact people were willing to pay finally made them bite and announce they would do it.

      Imo good marketing strategy wait for someone else to cash-in a bit then break em down and take back over your market.

  6. Charlie says:

    Unless sony plans on releasing this next week im still buying the unofficial app. You broke *** can whine about not being able to spare 10 dollars, im sure anyone who is interested will get their moneys worth even if its only up a couple of days.

  7. lmao says:

    WTG Sony, better than stupid Nintendo that always block everything from youtube to fan made games. I have never bought nintendon’t stuff for over ten years.

  8. ombus says:

    if sony makes it a paid app you can expect all of the other people shitting about twisted making it paid saying words of praise.. dumb idiots.

  9. natsu says:

    its funny coz he decided to make it a paid app (and for $10?? really?) and Sony suddenly decided that they will be releasing it for FREE…

    anyway, i really don’t see the point of streaming ps4 games to pc… i use a monitor and i only switch from analog to digital…whenever i want to use my pc..

    • Mamimi says:

      This is useful for those of us who would love to stream to a laptop anywhere in the house, and not have to use the tiny Vita screen, or especially people who don’t even own a Vita.

  10. warfaren says:

    The good thing about this is that we’ll get a free alternative, but I’m afraid it won’t support mouse+keyboard and the Windows version could be only for Win10 if we’re unlucky. The really bad part is that we’ll probably not see a Linux port of Twist3d’s version unless he releases his source code…

  11. American Dream Dusty rhodes says:

    Its all good twisted needs to now change the plan to freebie before sony requisitions the $€£¥!

  12. lollypop says:
    what about asking for twisted autorejuvenale.
    so we dont have to fill in forms
    and can autoconnect to psvitatv.

    i would even ask for a bubble :p

  13. Ahahaha says:


  14. Tyler Tizard says:

    They should just contact Twisted and be like “Hey, can we borrow that app you made and give you money?” And Twisted will be like “Well ***, if yall are gonna make one anyway, at least this way I get some money out of it, sure.” And then Twisted is happy because all his work isn’t wasted and he get’s some money, Sony’s happy because they don’t have to spend time and money working on one and the people are happy because they get an official one sooner and get to see Big Bad Sony’s nice side.

  15. lollypop says:

    aka for remoteplay
    sony should better focus on a pc client
    that can connect to remoteplay servers
    for all its system with one client
    sony remoteplay pc for psp psvita psvitatv ps3 ps4 etc

  16. Rastervision says:

    Started working on a PC app could mean they’ve had a meeting to discuss a potential title. I’m also not sure what they could sue him over. The format is not a form of DRM. Sony would have to prove the app actually caused them to lose money. What are they going to claim, people aren’t buying Vita’s because someone released a PC app to stream the content? Even if that was the case, they just killed that defense by claiming they are planning on releasing their own software.

    More than likely the streaming format is based on an existing format.

  17. fnoobee says:

    Yeah, they’ll just buy a license for the unofficial app and then reverse engineer it off Twisted’s work. Better yet, Sony: How about you do right for once and hire Twisted to make your application since apparently it took the work of an independent developer to get you to pull your heads out of your rears and provide functionality that your customers have been asking for for over a year. Also, guess what? You’re behind the power curve because Microsoft already baked this into Windows 10 OS for all Windows 10 devices and will be enabled (if not already) in a future Xbone update.

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