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Remote Play PC for PS4: review


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30 Responses

  1. Moaz Nasr says:

    Is 720p 60fps the highest it can go?

  2. Vadim says:

    Does it need my PSN password?

  3. Nakedfaerie says:

    Would be nice but the licencing sucks bigtime
    Then on top of the licencing restriction they added a limit to the amount of systems. I hate when they do that. Makes me want to get it and hack it so it works for free then ill post it around.

  4. umhumh says:

    Good luck having it online for more than a month, i wonder what he will do when receives a cease and desist letter, how will he support the people that paid money for it…

  5. lollypop says:

    ripoff deal of the year

  6. Rolenzo says:

    Not worth 10 dollars, not worth 1. Hope Sony brings the hammer down on this degenerate.

    • smh says:

      Go away ppl like u need to pi$$ off, if u dont like it then just leave the app and him alone instead if hoping for nasty stuff to happen to ppl, all hes doing is trying to give a few ppl what they are wanting. Your the time of person who expects everything to be free and handed to you on a plate, i swear kids today! its pathetic.

      • marky says:

        Shill go away

        • goodbye says:

          nope, i’ll enjoy this app for the small fee of $10 because i actually earn money and support people to carry on with these things, even if it only lasts a month. what are you going to do, oh yea you wont help any dev and then u will moan when they stop working on projects. mhmm you don’t deserve anything they release.

  7. nakedfaerie says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one that thinks the dev is a low life making it a paid app. The official remote play app is free, the hacked android is free so why is the PC version $10? what a rippoff. AND its only alpha? AND $ony can send you the cancel letter any day so there is nothing saying it’ll work after today.
    Thats also why its in alpha format, NOBODY is stupid enough to pay for it so there are nobody testing it.

    When its free you will see better replies and more interest in it. When you charge for free software you are a low life scumbag developer.
    WHY dont you put more time and effort into the actual working software instead of the licencing side?

    • wololo says:

      Well, you’re being a bit unfair. First, this is the same guy who made the “hacked” Android version. Second, I can tell that he’s put lots of effort into the software side of things based on what I’ve seen.
      I don’t like the fact that he’s charging for the app, but mostly because I’m concerned about the legal aspect. For the rest, I think this is solid work and the guy deserves to be paid for it if he chooses to.

      • aces says:

        I wouldn’t waste my breathe mate.
        Same old NF ***.
        Even if it was a full release, he would be whinging about paying for it.
        Like devs exist solely to please him.

  8. Cade-H says:

    Just wait, someone will crack it. No need to waist the money on something that should be free.

  9. king says:

    what is the website i but it from

  10. king says:

    what is the website i but it from s

  11. king says:

    what is the website i buy it from s

  12. king says:

    what is the website i buy it from

  13. marky says:

    Jesus that stream quality, YouTube 240p tier.

  14. goodbye says:

    I use to enjoy reading comments here everyday but selfish moany kids have ruined these sections with the constant moaning when someone doesnt release something straight away, charge a little or decide to wait till future updates to release explots

  15. lmao says:

    Wololo, i guess you should switch to disqus or something else, this comment system is not very responsive

  16. ombus says:

    all of you entitled ***.. sony didint make the program on the pc.. he did the work so if he wants to get paid he can do it… if you want to play on the pc then pay up .. if you dont like it then make your own program ..

  17. Josh says:

    I cant seem to buy it… I go to the website and it says “Out of stock”?

    • :O says:

      Says this towards the bottom of article.
      “Note: at the time of this writing, the app is temporarily unavailable for purchase, but should be back soon.”

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