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PS4 Remote Play PC to be released this week, will be a paid app


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  1. HuiAlx says:

    Well let this man take money for his work. You don’t order a hamburger at McDonalds and shout “YOU GREEDY FCK, GIVE ME THE BURGER FOR FREE!”, don’
    t you ? Programming and proper developing requires ALOT of skill and in our sociaty skill = money. I won’t buy the app because i don’t really see the point of it but he really should just contact Sony and ask about the legal case and whether it is fine to realese it for money.

    • jms says:

      Kind of scared it’s going to be a “bait and switch”, you pay for the app and he gets shut down.

    • Ironic that you would say that, when Twisted89 is stealing the forum software he is using to sell you this application, do the developers of Invision Board not deserve to be paid ?

      Tad on the hypocritical side to expect people to pay for this app, when he can’t even pay for the forum software he is using.

  2. jms says:

    Honestly BestBuy has PS TV for $20.
    For the extra $10 you get peace of mind and a vita for your TV.
    The app is useful for those who only have PC or need HDMI port.


  3. Ex-Developer says:

    Hello guy, The lack of understanding here is clearly a downfall in the community. To those screaming “sony will C+D him”, Your wrong sony will only c+d if it affects their profits ie like enabling piracy. Regardless the case would have no basis as the only similarity between the pc app and the android app are the communication protocols there’s nothing else which is the same. These would always be the same as they have one source, the ps4.

    So basically he isn’t selling code from sony. He is selling a unique program which interacts with the ps4.

    The price tag of $10 is a fair price, and if were going to be honest it should be higher.

    As a person who previously worked on the PSP and PS3. It’s obvious why i quit, the homebrew scene is full of kids.

    As a closing statement i would like everyone to take what they read with a pinch of salt.

    • wololo says:

      It doesn’t matter if there is no good basis for a lawsuit. If Sony decide this goes against their interest, they will sue the guy, and money will win.

  4. Xusies says:

    I don’t see how everyone’s issues with this are relevant.
    Unless Sony is intending to provide a paid app themselves (and costing more than $10) for PS4 to Pc streaming they shouldn’t have too much of an issue with it; if Sony releases a free app, people will flock to that over the $10 unofficial anyway.
    If Sony doesn’t release an app (free or paid), this ability of streaming to Pc doesn’t affect their sales in the slightest (maybe except for controller sales?) as a PS4 and Games are still required for it to work.
    Also, to those complaining that it costs $10, get a job and get out of your parents basement and then you might appreciate the fact that time and effort is actually worth something. $10 is not too much to say thank you to Twisted for all the work he’s done to get this working.

  5. jay clay x says:

    I will get this for free 😀

  6. beardedbone says:

    Maybe a middle ground for paying… Do what a lot of indie artists on bandcamp do:

    $1 or whatever you feel comfortable paying.

  7. Bw says:

    Sony are releasing an official program to stream ps4 to pc/mac soon, so that’s the end of this guys work.

  8. DanTheMan says:

    I dont really understand where all this discussion and conflict is spawning from. Imho Twisted is allowed to charge for the work that he does, especially when all that spent time causes him financial distress.
    People like Twisted and Wololo enable the rest of us that dont have the knowledge, so be a little more respectful. They have already done more than enough for this community without demanding anything in return.
    Now, if this development is grounds for a suit, thats purely Twisteds problem and i personally dont concern myself with it. Most of us spend $10 or more, on bs in a daily basis, so thats not a very big deal. For the ones that want to spend it good, for the ones that dont then by all means dont. But i think that spending $10 to do something that u always thought “why the f*** is this not available already” even for only a couple of weeks, it could be worth it considering all the other bs we spend our money on.

    Fyy: from an IT professional, the skills that these guys have are in very high demand, and very highly paid i might add. So dont think they owe us anything…..

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