The power of homebrew


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  1. tangra87 says:

    Well , there are some games that let you listen your own mp3 song wile playing – Mortal kombat and the amazing spider-man are perfect examples for the ps vita .

  2. zeiad says:

    there isnt any news about ark 3

  3. RyoX says:

    i dont think we will be running homebrew on ps4 or xbox one any time soon, was never a fan of handheld or cell phones.

  4. nCadeRegal says:

    Nice write up wololo. It s nice to see some enthusiasm in the scene still. I agree with your points in the article. I also miss the excitement from the old days to. I still remember cutting the traces on all my buddies batteries back in the psp 2k days to make pandoras and downgrade. Thanks for those great memories you and your site made possible. If it wasn’t for id know nothing about modding and enjoy the systems I own to their fullest extent.

  5. Darth Agnon says:

    My PSP got turned from an OK machine into a Great games console, with PRO CFW πŸ˜€
    Yes! Wagic πŸ˜€
    (PS I released a bunch of new themes I put together for Wagic a while ago; they’re here:

  6. Hardin says:

    “…nobody can’t…” Universe implodes.

  7. Jephar says:

    I think Piracy is more powerful than Homebrew πŸ˜‰

  8. Jefphar says:

    Its because Piracy is much powerful than hombrew thats why πŸ˜‰

  9. arthanis says:

    I mostrly agree, as I see my PS3 as a all-in-one device. Playing ALL retro games (till ps2, except N64), media player over samba network and etc.

    But I disagree that we have “better devices” to tinker with. None are good enough to play games (as touchscreens are awful for true gaming), and even android tries to keep us locked out without root, or by shovelware and useless upgrades. As long as the scene is alive, I will hack any console I may have.

  10. Mystic_Shadow says:

    I’ve played games on my vita and ps4 listing to music via thier players. PSP tho needed the plugin. Also some homebrew help the console like the fan utility for the ps3. Why Sony couldn’t make an app I’ll never know.

  11. NakedFaerie says:

    From what I see homebrew is the only reason the Vita is still going. $ony no longer care for it so I dont understand why they fight so hard against homebrew if they are doing nothing with it?
    Homebrew and hackers are the only things keeping it alive. $ony should really stop the fight unless they intend to get more games on it or actually do something good with it they should leave it to the hackers who actually are doing things and making progress and keeping it alive.

    • Salar says:

      i totally agree with u , sony called PS Vita a legacy device , such a shame. looks like sony dont care about those part of the people that used to be hardcore gamer , yet the life was such a bi*** about them , i stuck at my work , working 10 hours a day , waking up early so i need to sleep when i get home , now i just want my old games , when im at my free time on work.

  12. Matteo says:

    I bought PsVita due to Rejuvenate hack, but i knew that i couldn’t have experienced the same gold era of PSP. At the moment i’m using Galaxy S4 with a Ps3 controller pad (with a controller clip bouth from Aliexpress) and i’m able to emulate a lot of stuff. I’m pretty satisfied about Android and this solution, considering that little by little smartphone will have more and more power. With 150$ you can buy from China a powerful device, where you can run all the homebrews you want. With 15 dollars you can buy a working replica of Ps3 (from Light in the box) pad and the clip.
    With windows 10 and it’s plan to be a unique platform, i’m curious to see if we’ll be able to run an updated version of Mame and all the stuff written for windows.
    As per my opinion, this could be the final killer application in terms of handheld emulation devices.

  13. CHRIS says:

    I totally agree. It is nice to have homebrews on consoles. either portable or not. I have my ps3 in cfw and it is awsome. I can do many good things. From watching movies, livestreams, listen to music and others. Backing up my games on hdd . Not just for piracy. Piracy is another subject. Piracy is what people is asking first when a console is coming out like ps4 and xbox one. You can do your console whatever you want with it. You are the end-user of the console. That means you can do it either bike or skateboard or whatever you want. And hacking also. Not just for piracy but for cooler use for homebrews and others. If Sony wouldn’t want piracy to exist then it would be not existed. And Sony let ps3 be hacked. Just as it would be for ps4 in some time. Hackers are working on that. Piracy it reasonable to exist because not all people have money for every game that comes out. Sure developers must paid for the hard job it is requiring for the game. But is is up to sony not the consumers. Sony could have the game in symbolic price like 4-6 dollars or so. Then it would bring more buying pieces per game and more people would new consoles . If you buy like 10 games then it is like buying one or tw new consoles with that money. It is not a proper aspect of Sony and every other company like Microsoft. Piracy wouldn’t existed if then. PS+ is for some games for free but not all people have ps+.. And some countries that have financial crisis then it is even harder to get people have a console or even buying games after getting a console. WiiU hacking is already in its way. It is a matter of time before being released. It is not as powerful as ps4 or xbox one. It is like ps3 in matter of graphics. PS4 and xbox one games already in case that a hack is being released. This site do not support piracy . But piracy itself it is not exist without reason. Speaking in terms of gaming.

    See ya !!

  14. TehCupcakes says:

    Typographical error: Article states that the YifanLu and Fail0verflow articles are from 2015, when they are actually 2013.

    • wololo says:

      Thanks, my sentence (“might feel old for most of you”) didn’t make sense if those had been written in 2015. Fixed

  15. Franky says:

    Eh, I just want access to the device I paid money for. Modern consoles basically are just PC’s with limited access. Consoles from the past, before the internet was more widespread, were computers as well, sure, but a special brand of computers.

    They had just enough power to have great games made for them and utilize any bit of performance a dev could get. I can’t recall that many retro consoles where the machine software was ran on didn’t try to push the console in some way. Now, the amount of power devs have on a console like the PS4, a console pretty much on par with an entry level gaming PC, the amount of system resources seem almost limitless. In my opinion, in terms of everything a gamer expects from a great game; graphics, game mechanics, sound, user input, the difference between last gen and this gen of console gaming seems very blurry and appears to only be about graphics. I bet if a game that used every bit of power offered by the PS4 graphically could be ported to the PS3 if the graphics were toned down and everything else about the game would remain unaffected. This is why a PS5 is redundant.

    I feel my stance towards piracy is neutral. If someone makes a backup loader, I’ll just hope it’s used responsibly. Pirates will pirate, but I see their evils about as bad as decisions these companies chose to make themselves. Nintendo’s done some pretty bad things, Sony’s done some pretty bad things, and Microsoft’s done some pretty bad things.

    I just see it as a slap fight between two neanderthals when these companies duke it out with the “evil” pirates and innocent bystanders sometimes get in the middle of it when they really do try to use whatever tool responsibly and with honesty.

  16. Henry says:

    I bought a ps vita on launch day with the hope of reliving the good old psp days with homebrew and emulators… After all it was that which made me get more use and fun out of it 1000x over

    . I am so disappointed with how the vita turned out and can’t believe it’s just catching dust under the bed.

  17. 173210 says:

    > trying so hard to hack the PS Vita, the 3DS, or the PS4, in order to run homebrew?
    It’s not more difficult to hack 3DS than to hack PSP, although 3DS’s *** APIs are kind of annoying.

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