XBOX One JTAG jailbreak… debunked! (survey scam)


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24 Responses

  1. solidsnake says:

    The internet should almost never be trusted, its pure evil. Yet people who know this would not fall for it and people who do not know this will. So the internet always wins.

    • Rei says:

      ikr, i remember a time when i thought these things were real and wasted a bit of time on it. sadly most people learn by experience since theres no ‘manual’ for these things. if it there were itd prob be ignored too lol

  2. Adam Fox says:

    Easy way to tell something like this is a scam, check other websites…..ps3portal doesn’t seem like a site to be involved in Xbox news/hacks, they seem focused on PS3 (and if anything happens with PS4, they might post it too)….but still, if there is a REAL Xbox One hack, its going to be on multiple websites…if its not, wait a couple days and see if anyone else posts it. Its not hard to spread fake stuff. Rule of thumb…if you have to fill out a survey, it’s fake.

  3. lmao says:

    well, if i have an exploit for console, i’d rather report it to the maker and get nice “rewards” :p

  4. Quipers says:

    Is this a filler article cause this is some basic *** information. *face palm*

  5. Stanislav says:

    Hack Xbox One yes:():():()?

  6. RyoX says:

    would have know straightaway as it was never on news or any popular console hacking sites.

  7. Rhodderz says:

    LOL, its like they dont know what a JTAG actually is and just used words that sounded good /sarcasm

  8. BlumCoLe says:

    Own dumb fault from anyone, who believe those sites and try to “hack” in that way.

  9. Chinitch says:

    Any ballon head should be able to see that it’s fake. Soda and fast food can’t clog up your brain that badly

  10. Chris says:

    You stupid scammers !!! Get a job instead of trying to trick people in order to make money !!! This site also claims to have a jailbreak for ps3 that is ofw bigger than 3.55. They claim that you download a cfw in order to jailbreak ps3 in ofw like 4.76 ofw and you can do the downgrade it without a hardware flasher. They alswo have made a video of how to do it. And they say that you can do it in models that you can’t downgrade at all like ps3 cech-3000 or 4000

    So fake and scam. be careful and stay away from these sites.

    If a jailbreak for either ps4 or xbox one got releasead it would not be in survey sites.

  11. Jefphar says:

    Another same website scam is that offers free ps vita games but in reality just directs you to surveys.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah. I had tried this when I had my ps vita. At first I bought it but then I realised that such thing at least now it has not been done yet. It led me to a survey site. I got tired of those suckers that want to make money from survey sites for things that has not been done yet in the scenes.

  12. NoSpam says:

    You guys are too skeptical. You should try it, it really works. I’ve just tested it by downloading Uncharted 3 off the Xbox store and it didn’t cost a penny, and yes that’s the full game not the demo you noobs.

  13. WhoGivesADamnSki says:

    Whilst it’s spot on about this and many of these quick-win hacks that require you to go though survey heck to never unlock – just about anything hidden behind a mandatory survey to ‘unlock’ is BS par excellence in terms of scams.
    However, the statement about real JTAG requiring a true hardware JTAG port isn’t strictly accurate – in fact, it’s a long way off accurate.
    Most JTAG access to devices are hardware linked – but there are such things as virtual JTAG which exists as a days stream tunneled over another stream/link that’s not low voltage hardware serial.

    Good example that’s more public is the use of RTM hacks, which use a virtual JTAG over Ethernet/WiFi through a tunneled protocol to provide terminal access and a form of FTP. There’s also the virtual equiv of direct memory access methods too over a tunneled ‘JTAG’.

    All is not as clear cut when it comes to more level data comms and terminal links as these articles try to make out.

    In industry, virtual JTAG had been a backbone of remote terminal access to devices at a direct non-physical real-time comms level of direct live activity for diagnostics.

  14. rentboy says:

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  15. Crust says:

    Xbox One S and Scorpio just came out so of course it is fake, no one has yet cracked the Xbox One and no one was able to crack 360 yes it did have rgh/jtag. But required you to be running old firmware and there was another issue M$ *** around the bushes swapping out hardware and vendors in an attempt to stop modders from changing anything. It made 360 the most expensive modding problem for its time, this time around its even harder because M$ encrypt not just the hardware but also the software. The only working hacks out are browser exploits and devmode.

  1. December 8, 2015

    […] I usually chase the money. That website has no ads, no survey. There’s no financial reason for this to be an elaborate hoax, an I’d say they’re building up attention until the actual release of the product in December. […]