PS4 4.0 firmware could allow PSN name changes and add PS1/2 classics

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    • Diatosta says:

      I know, but that article refers to actual console backwards emulation, but has I have referred in the article, this is not true console emulation, but instead the games being brought back kinda like remasters, specially prepared for that purpose 😉

      • Rech says:

        I don’t want to argue here, but PS1 and PS2 classics on the PS3 are sipmply software emulated PS1/2 titles. On a PS3 with a CFW you can simply replace them with arbitrary PS1/2 ISOs and play most of them withot a hitch (even on non-BC consoles). So PS1/2 Cassics is in fact actual bckwards compatibility made in a greedy way: you have to buy your games all over again.

    • Eduardo says:

      He was talking about PS3 on PS4, though, not PS2 or PS1 on PS4.

    • Alpmaster says:

      Thats nto necessarily true he might be saying hardware wise it is not compatible for backwards compatibility. That does not mean it wouldnt be able to emulate the system.
      Also i noticed a person from Europe said the PS3 backwards compatibility was not so good that is because their was so little selection $ony decided to make available for purchase. Hackers Rule!!! They make every system better than these companies.

    • Eduardo says:

      He was talking about PS3 on PS4, though, not PS2 or PS1 on PS4.

  1. Booker says:

    Custom wallpaper is a big one for me. Been waiting for it since PS4 release. PS1/2 classics also

  2. Adam Fox says:

    I would love the “appear offline” mode…..thats my biggest request….as well as a “appear offline to friends not playing same game as you” (be good for when you are playing one game and you don’t get messages from people asking you to play with them on another game)

  3. BlackFire27 says:

    PS classics by the end of the year plz

  4. Casavult says:

    If that post is legitimate (which I haven’t seen any solid proof of) then Sony are just plain silly. Why is a survey necessary to find out what features “The Players” want when everything mentioned in the survey is exactly what “The Players” wanted to begin with and stated that a huge number of times already. Just add everything from BetterPSN that is in the top 10 already and slowly add more as new firmwares are in development. “This is for the players” smh…

    • slowly says:

      Because they want to know what the most important is first, they wont release them all at once, they will split whats important and not important into alots of firmwares spread out through the next 2years, least then Sony can say they are giving players what they want and not get sh*t for it

      • Casavult says:

        They are all important though, that’s the thing and if it wasn’t why would most of the options in this survey be in most people’s personal top 10 want list? I for one want all these features and to be honest, at least 1/3 of them should be on the PS4 by now with the other 2/3 being in development or split up in development and planned near future development.

  5. anonanon says:

    Yeah as others have said, the survey reeks of fake.

    It would be weird, and silly for Sony to send out survey’s for firmware features – that just doesn’t happen. There’s more accurate and detailed monitoring they can do.

    I still want those folders though, The PS4’s Orbis OS is terrible for locating apps/games. Come on Sony, even the PS3 was easier to arrange and find games!

  6. meysam25 says:

    ps2 / ps1 will be good

  7. Rodpin says:

    I wish another window to change my psn region…

  8. Tired eyes says:

    Those surveys are fake. Ps classics is a joke ps3 bc is the way to go 1up xbox1 owners

  9. dark_dex says:

    ps2 and 1 classics are 100% possible and do able on the ps4, Come on even phones and low end pcs have been capable of doing some of this stuff.

  10. jlo138 says:

    It would be nice to be able to re-download ALL my PS1 Classics to my PS4. I would enjoy that. But more than likely if it does happen, everything won’t be available. And they probably would limit other region titles or not have them at all.

  11. TesseractE says:

    Interestingly, two of the things on that list are already either existing or in motion. A wishlist was rolled out on the PSN Store not too long ago (though with a limit of only 100 titles), and PS3 avatars are coming to the PS4 starting next week.

  12. Joker Quinn says:

    If we get the ability to change our PSN name and PS1/PS2 classics with 4.0, I will literally suck my own *** and post a video of it to the Internet.

  13. gfdgf says:

    not real backwards compatibility … lol….yeah…. but its the same as the xboxs *** backwards compatibility