ARK-3 Source Code released.


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  1. OrochiSeth says:

    So does its mean we can finally play PSP game on VIta or it for its just for development??

    • cracker says:

      We can do that already with ARK-2. Use a tool like PSX2PSP to create an EBOOT.PBP from an ISO. Back up a save for a game with QCMA. Place the EBOOT.PBP into the save folder, refresh the database in QCMA, and transfer the save back to the Vita. After it finishes transferring, load up ARK-2 and you can launch the game. You will probably want to move it to a different place in /PSP for safe keeping and delete the game from your save folder (to avoid accidentally sending the huge file at a slow rate again). The sound won’t work (right) though.

  2. 风君子 says:


  3. Daniel Whittlesey says:

    You can already play psp cso 3.52 and below, I’m using ps vita fat 3.52 php exploit game with custom ark 2 on onemenu, with psp cso, all my emulators and roms work, I haven’t tried ps1 iso yet. When I get some time I’m going to do the same to my ps tv running 3.52 (already have the white list done)

  4. Andrew says:

    I wonder if this brings the possibility of porting to rejuvenate, some people are stuck on 3.51 and can’t use the new bubbles because of rejuvenate

  5. Enrique says:

    For you all guys that want to play psx games on the PSVita, you can do it almost perfectly using the TVN11 (with sound) 🙂

  6. RaZiel says:

    What exactly is the partial PS1 mean?

  7. dakota says:

    What license is it under?

  8. Gaze says:

    Good, pro-online is still on the ‘TODO’ list. If this really has all the iso drivers, this should already be better than TN-V for psp games.

  9. DS_Marine says:

    If someone manages to get this running on Gladiator Begins, please contact me thanks .D

  10. Ryu Hayabusa says:

    Any progress with Ark-3 coming to 3.5x versions of PS Vita? Still running Ark-2 on my 3.52 and I’d like to have sound on my PSX games. (Worms World Party didnt work when i tried it on TN-V 11 but it does on ark-2, so im looking forward to getting Ark-3)

  11. Lone wolf says:

    Shouldn’t you be more secretive about this? Because you know who is probably looking for things like this that they can debug.