Tutorial: How to hack and pack a 3DS ROM for use with HANS

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  1. NoPatience says:

    can i dwnlod and play 3ds roms on my 3ds with ironhax and tubehax?

    • Fox says:

      No, not on recent firmwares. This is usermode and relies on cartridges you already own, hence the need to dump them yourself

  2. Fox says:

    Been having so much fun with this. Glad we didn’t need to wait until Citra to make/play/share romhacks. Thank you Smealum!

  3. afehst says:

    So, i can use the .romfs file that someone else made?

    and is it still region locked, so am i able to use a other region rom?

    • Typhoon_Neon says:

      In theory there should be no issue with using other people’s dumps, as long as the file is correctly named. Region also shouldn’t matter for this.

  4. Thisguy says:

    With HANS I had the Pokémon settings saved through HANS so now when I click on HANS and go to the game it automatically starts with those configurations, is there any way to undo that? (trying to find game id)

  5. ted says:

    Hello world, i manage to run de browserhax and then de homemenuhax on my old 3ds 9.5, with a lot of time spended i enter the eshop trow the hombrew loader , and i download the bravely default demo, then i run the demo from HANS app, and by mi surprise it didnt count a day spent (you now that you have 30 days only to play the demo). could this be ? . can someone try it and confirm? . sorry for my english im from argnetina. Saludos .

    • Ted says:

      CONFIRMED guys, playing a demo using hans dont spent a day. I dont now if someone figured out before me but if i was the one that discoverd this thing i want some credits LOL jajaja. (fell like a hacker). For me its great, now i can play the bravely default demo without worry about the 30 days limit.

  6. Gio says:

    I just considered something. Even though we can’t download 3ds roms, couldn’t we just dump the entirety of them using HANS? (Which, in turn should let us keep the games)

    I’m not experienced at this, so I feel like I’m pretty wrong, but I would definitely appreciate an explanation if possible.

    • Crzo says:

      No, Hans reads the modified files from your SD and applies them to your retail game, you need THE LEGIT GAME AT ALL TIMES.

      This is not to dump and play games for free.

      • Gio says:

        Oh I see, thank you very much for explaining that. I am very excited to see what people will be doing with this!

  7. Roxas says:

    Hi i liko so much this thread , well I was thinking about mod characters and pokemons , I know you can do it with cia xdeltagui , is there a way to do it with romfs ?

  8. Katie says:

    Is it bad that i totally gave up on the PS Vita scene and am just focused on the 3DS? I mean i even updated to 3.55 on the PS Vita, leaving Rejuvenate behind XD

  9. sterillo says:

    Couldn’t we just, I don’t know… COPY THE ROMFS OF A DIFFERENT GAME ONTO ANOTHER GAME?!?!?

  10. Valeska says:

    The bat you packaged with the commands for ctrtool etc gets stuck at around this line:

    Saving romfsdir\a\7…

    Any advice?

  11. Valeska says:

    I think this is just me but when I go to the NeoXY folder, then go to Installation hub > data > Full there’s only a folder with the name ‘a’ and then shows 0, 1, and 2. Should I still put it in the romfsdir folder?

  12. E says:

    Now, would the save file of the custom rom overwrite my official save, or would it create it’s own save files somewhere else?

    • E says:

      Found out that if doing it through HBL and hans, it will use your save data. However, if you create a .3ds file for use with gateway, it will use its own save file.

  13. zederia says:

    So, question: What was the point of hiding the text? the HEX says all the exact same info as the text does and can still be used to figure out what it says

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  15. Akiha says:

    Use this website to check gameid so you don’t have to use hns to check http://www.3dsdb.com/

  16. Henry says:

    Whenever I try to brain dump my game it pauses a bit and then goes straight to playing the game I was try to dump. Is this suppose to happen? Or did I do something wrong?

  17. Henry says:

    I got it to work but now there’s no folder there’s just a file that has no documents inside

  18. zoey says:

    I saw this, got really hyped, and then realized that the default SD card I had couldn’t freaking handle the Pokemon Y ROM. Any SD Card reccomendations?

  19. zoey says:

    Erm… The braindump just created a ‘.cxi’ file for me, not a folder of any kind. What do I do with the .cxi file?

  20. mimi says:

    Can you make a .3ds file into romfs for HANS? Thanks

  21. hours i spent on this why says:

    Okay, I honestly doubt I’ll get help here? But I’m up for anything at this point.

    When I select hans and change romfs to yes, there is not an invalid or anything.
    But when I click “ok” the screen shows some code then loads into a black screen.
    I thought maybe it would load eventually, so I left it on over night.
    Still black screen in the morning.

    I have tried twice with two NEW SD cards. I have also tried twice on one of them. I have looked up every thread that involves “hans blackscreen” but nothing fixes my problem.

    Please help!!

    • khloe says:

      i think you might have put the romfs file into the hans folder in the 3ds folder, not at the root of your sd

      • kay says:

        My romfs are in the 3ds folder with Hans. How can I tell when my stuff is in the root of the sd card?

  22. Kay says:

    I need help on step 3. Like what would be the easiest way to do it? I downloaded the bat, but I have no idea what I’m doing.

  23. suffering says:

    I’m at step 3 and where it says there should be a folder there isn’t, it’s just a .cxi folder. I tried Zach’s suggestion with the Hack Toolkit but that didn’t seem to do anything, at least nothing that I could understand (there wasn’t a folder with a long name). Please help, I can’t find any solutions online and I don’t want to have spent over $100 for nothing

  24. ZHODY says:

    Okay, I’m at the end of the steps. The romf is in the right folder, but all I get is a column of color when I switch on the ‘romfs > SD’ option

  25. just1question says:

    Does Hans modifiy data on the game cartridge? If yes, then how can I backup the original file and put it back on the cartridge?

  26. SilverAuthor says:

    Does it need to be .romfs, or can it be something like .bin?

  27. Michael says:

    HELP! I was modding smash 3DS and the file (Yes FILE) was 00040000000ee000

  28. Anonymous says:

    So ctrtool doesn’t really like my windows 10 computer, could you please reupload the extract.bat file somewhere since it says the file is offline? Thanks 🙂

  29. Aria says:


    I want to play Ace Attorney 5 UNDUB. I have found an UNDUB version but is not complete. The cutscenes are UNDUB but the “objection” in game voices are still in English. I would like to complete the UNDUB. I have noticed this tutorial is from 2015 and I wonder if could have been released any other ways or apps to do it easier. Could you help me anyway? Thanks!

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