New Blogger Here, Looking for Ideas?

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  1. teampleb says:

    I know you’re a vita guy. But report on some 3DS scene news. This site is severely lacking with that.

    • andoryuu3 says:

      Since my comment wasn’t approved (annoying, as none of my recent article comments have been), I’ll just say this: I agree with teampleb.

      As for the comment that wasn’t approved… Sorry for the wall of text…? At least it wasn’t offensive or in violation of any rules. 😐

      • XxZombiePikachu says:

        I want to talk about 3ds stuff but I am unfamiliar with some of it and still haven’t been able to get my hands on cubic ninja, I got two 3ds now one on 10.1 and the other is 7.1 so I am doing lots of reading in between school work and video games to see what I need to learn so I can actually discuss more in that area, let’s see what happens from here on out!
        p.s. I saw the wall and you make some nice points also I would love to see the psp’s since they have some nice colors 😀

        • andoryuu3 says:

          It’s all good man. 🙂 And as for the wall… Heh, well.. I used to be a blogger too lol

          If you want some info on the 3DS scene, I can fill you in on what I know. I’ve owned CN, Gateway and Sky3DS, and have two 3DS XLs and one N3DS XL. Shoot me a PM on /talk and I’ll get you a faster method to contact me.

        • teampleb says:

          You don’t need Cubic Ninja anymore. There’s like 10 different entrypoints now. You can even use the Web Browser to launch homebrew. 🙂

  2. andoryuu3 says:

    Nice PSPs. I only have one, and similarly took mine apart. It’s a phat PSP 1000 that was formerly black– now is crystal blue (translucent) with silver buttons/analog. I love the crystal colors, and own three Xbox consoles (original). One is Crystal Red (XCM aftermarket), Crystal Blue (XCM) and Halo edition crystal green (Microsoft LE).

    The old Xbox is similar to the PSP in terms of the homebrew scene, although I felt it was better (while it lasted). I own a tri-nand GoW3 LE Xbox 360 Slim (reset glitch hacked) and it’s nice, but the homebrew scene moved very slowly. Much like the native PS Vita hacks/homebrew actually.

    Xbox 360 coverage is one thing I wish Wololo had. Although there isn’t much new and exciting developments, there’s a lack of good writeups on existing cool tricks related to: Aurora dashboard, simple instructions on how to maintain an up to date hacked NAND (most people use J-Runner exclusively for NAND building and flashing; xeBuild GUI is better for building, J-Runner for reading/writing nand), easy to comprehend guide to configuring Dashlaunch, and finally how to create shortcuts in NXE that launch homebrew apps.

    Another, perhaps more reasonable thing, I wished Wololo would *consistently* cover is the ever evolving 3DS scene. There are now multiple ways to hack the 3DS to run homebrew– We have two flashcarts (Gateway and Sky3DS), multiple CFWs (which offers most for N3DS users? And which for old 3DS users?… Or perhaps, which is safer for either?), and lastly exploits that enable the homebrew such as: Cubic Ninja, Zelda OOT, Ironfall, YouTube, Smash Bros, etc.

    Coverage on the new developments in the 3DS scene would be a great addition to the news here, as the PS Vita scene is moving slow and steady. Considering it’s very contemporary, it would be wonderful to feed a hacker’s appetite while we wait for new Vita developments.

    In any case, welcome to the Wololo blog team. I look forward to your future posts!

  3. rclr says:

    I did the same thing on my psp”s but I gave them all to my cousins back in my country. Although I bought 3 psp just to collect them 1000-3000 and my pspgo. Hmm I have a question.. I know this is far from possible but still want to know if there’s any ways of upgrading a psp screen, like using one of android tablet’s ._. Ive been thinking of wanting to install one of my psps on my car cabby. But I wanted a large display. :/

  4. arthanis says:

    As one of the newer bloggers, I must say: welcome =]

  5. dvillal92 says:

    Hey nice article, feel free to write anything u would like to share.. if it will be writed like this one, I will read it with pleasure.. good luck in ur daily life activities and keep doing what it makes u happy

  6. Booker says:

    Always exciting to have new bloggers!

    I have no idea if this is a good idea or not, but maybe try some gaming news? I guess like in-depth looks at what’s happening in the gaming industry. Or maybe even an article about bad business practices of current gaming companies? I think that’ll be interesting.

  7. Condarkness says:

    Cool man. I really enjoyed reading your blog especially, the last pic. That is just too true. I wanted to grow so bad, but now I wish I was 10 again.

  8. DarthVita says:

    Got some up and and coming things. Would like to running them pass you. Can you send me a private through my email?

    • Darth Agnon says:

      The Force is strong with your username 🙂 NB the phrasing of your last sentence is mildly amusing, omitting the word “message”. (Sorry, am not a grammar n4zi, just noticed the comedic effect).

      Live long and prosper.

  9. sowhat says:

    heres a tip:

    stoping failng at life and get a real job

  10. Puertopecanrican says:

    I have fun with studying the retro consoles turbo grafx sega md saturn and dreamcast plus mvs and the neogeo systems just to begin with. Also talk about how the scene for those consoles are still alive and kicking and how cool the mods are for each system.

  11. Xyler says:

    I got an idea!

    It isn’t really an article but more a guide that I think the scene is lacking.
    A “hacking” guide that shows firmwares in a table and next to them list of “hacking” posibilities and links to tutorials to them.

    For example: firmware x.x.x. will have the posibilitie to get custom bubbles.
    Tutorial 1: manual upgrade to firmware x.x.x. (tutorial link)
    Tutorial 2: download a PSP game to PS vita using a ps3 (tutorial link)
    Tutorial 3: set up email application
    Tutorial 4: create custom bubbles

    I think it would really help the scene if thuis was made because I am always googling my *** of to find the differt tutorial and information I need. I remember that in the old PSP days this kind of table did exist and it was really handy.

  12. englishpla says:

    Wololo, seriously man you need to hire writers who can actually type English instead of the broken mess that most of them seem to spew onto your site. I beg you as a long time reader, please get people who can actually write or at the very least find some translators that are not google.

  13. Previousdikisadik says:

    The previous troll seems to be mad for some bias reason. I can read what he wrote with no issues perhaps using punctuations would help him read better.

  14. Xilence says:

    Post about capybaras.