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Tutorial: Dump your own Vita IDPS!


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  1. 5ham5h33r says:

    Srry, noob here, what is IDPS?

    • Tbc says:

      Id playstation network

    • giinova says:

      IDPS or console ID, think of it as a ticket to go online on psn servers or play online or any sort of online activity. In vita and psp scene, it is not much cared for since no bans has been reported on handhelds, however people who play online on jailbroken ps3s get banned every now and then for modding, cheating or just going online with a jailbroken ps3 in general. Once their ps3 IDPS is banned, there is no way to go online even if they make a new account except for using another valid, working IDPS. This is where one can dump idps from from sources such as handhelds, broken ps3s,etc.

    • Adam Fox says:

      its kind of like your PlayStation’s own “username/password”….that is how Sony bans consoles from PSN….if you mod a game (ie, Call of Duty) to your advantage (such as no-reload, invisibility, etc..) and they ban you, its your PSID they ban…if you get ahold of another PSID (such as the one from the PSP), you can change the PSID on the PS3 and get back online….its like a new “username/password” has been created for the PS3….

  2. Jazneo says:

    SO what this use for?

  3. ryugi says:

    IDPS dumped!

  4. Narsink says:


  5. NoPatience says:

    Question plz…
    What exactly can we do by researching into this IDPS thingy….????
    Can/will it allow vita piracy??

    • Doodle210 says:

      No… why is it every time something is released? That is one of the questions. Unless they specifically state “this allows piracy,” then just assume it doesn’t.

  6. zefalump says:

    Error LoadStart returned 0x80010002
    Firmware 3.52.

  7. GREG says:

    Thats great news!

  8. Ghostman says:

    First, also how to we rewrite idps?

  9. Pene says:


  10. lollypop says:

    so dear wololo,
    first hacking Q.
    how do i use the eml trick witch is native.
    to install a native homebrewloader or uvloader or etc …
    so i dont have to use rejuvenate eatch time …
    the whitelist generator for me.
    the thunderbirdmail manipulation didnt.
    so cant install ark2 or tnv11 etc …
    qcma dont work with versions mitchmaches.
    (between latest on vita and 3.18 or 3.20 on pstv.
    opencma does tho.
    but can whitelist xD

    so my question is can we expect more generators ?
    next can i use a vita native keyboard and mouse app to controll pc
    vmc client en server ?
    other operating systems ?
    what can i do with idps except whitelist a ps3 ?

    • meme_stick says:

      If you can’t use the English language, go to your own specific language forum and type your message there, I’m sure they will be able to assist you since what you wrote there, does not make much sense.

  11. gui says:

    where is rejuvenate ps vita??????

  12. Abdulec says:

    What am I able to do with this ??

    • NoOne says:

      You can dump your vita IDPS.

      • Anon says:

        And IDPS of a PSP as well. In case of Vita it’s shared between Vita and its ePSP.

        The only use so far is unbanning your CFW PS3 that received a console ban. It could be used to resign Vita savegames too, I suppose. For now it’s just a way to salvage something useful out of a dying PSP motherboard (or an already dead one, if you made a backup of its idStorage earlier).

  13. Sephi says:

    I assume this works on TN-V 10 etc?

  14. First says:

    Not First

  15. Huz84 says:

    0x05 for EU IDPS? Where put To ms0:/psp/

  16. Trunk208 says:

    Lol about 99 percent of ppl dont know wut to do with this even when they know what this is. So basically i am 1 of those 99 percent (ಥ ͜ ಥ)

    • Twistedskater says:

      It’s kind of obvious. It lets you go online psn network and even game servers. Now we can play online multiplayer games without being on the most recent firmware and we don’t have to set up a proxy to use things like netflix. So sad people don’t realize how big of a deal this exploit is.

      • DayVeeBoi says:

        Bro, stop. What are you a *** troll or something? Every thread I’m on your giving someone *** advice. Just stop. That isn’t at all “obviously” what this is for. Didn’t you bother reading it even before posting? Go back to failing on your WiiU or wherever u came from kid.

  17. SamIam says:

    IDPS is the ID your console uses to get on PSN
    Sony identifies you by your IDPS
    like on PS3 when people got banned they would “buy” another IDPS and get back online 🙂

  18. meysam25 says:

    i was unable to do that . it hass some error

  19. Carlos says:

    You’re almost a life saver to me. However, my device has been deactivated after switching the memory card event. Now, still figuring how to obtain IDPS without PSPEmu… stuck and headache…

  20. mlc says:

    Does this work on lower versions of TN-V?

  21. Kira_Slith says:

    Time for the big question: could this possibly lead to a PExploit style exploit or does the vita encrypt backups in a different manner from the PS3?

    • Spewfr says:

      I wonder too!!!

      • Silica says:

        hmm. could we use this to decrpyt psvita gamesaves or even game backups? or are they encrypted differantly to the ps3? because if we could decrpyt psvita game backups. that would mean we could potentally make psvita hombrew.

  22. SpankSony says:

    Wow!!! THis is what i wanted!! Is this the PSP emu’s IDPS or the VITA’s IDPS?

    • KanadeEngel says:

      It’s the Vita IDPS which was used in the PSP emu too, since the IDPS was involved with an algorithm to create as example license files is it clear that it shares the same IDPS. But pretty sad to see that it was so easy to grab it from ID Storage Key 0x0100

  23. Percy says:

    If your ps3 is console banned you can use the IDPS to unbanned your cfw ps3. Am I right?

    • SpankSony says:

      Yes. I’m afraid i would get ban my VITA too if i attempt to play online on a cfw ps3

      • Twistedskater says:

        What about using the IDPS exploit to gain access to multiplayer game servers like killzone mercenary on vita? Do you think it would get my vita banned?

  24. lollypop says:

    so what other psvita hacks i can do via psp ?

  25. jukka says:

    IDPs dump is compatible with version vita 3:55 for my already update

  26. jukka says:


  27. Xyber says:

    Any chance to port this Idps View to PSVITA 3.60 with HENKaku ?