qwikrazor87 releases TN-V11 bubble for 3.51, 3.52 and 3.55 Vita Firmwares


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  1. amir-b says:

    i’m on 3.51 but i dont have any psp games
    i just have some minis and they are not installed

    what should i do? and does this works with demos?

  2. Anon says:

    So my vita has ark-2 atm….. Is TN-V better or something than ark is? Just wondering if this is out now if I should bother trying to port TN-V over instead of having ark on here. Any one help me out what the differences are. New to this

  3. Shinks says:

    I don’t get it. When transferring to the vita, the save game doesn’t show up like what it has in this tutorial

    It doesn’t even say TN-V launcher. Can i just follow this guide if i haven’t absolutely done anything else other than the email trick?

    “The first thing to do is to download the 660.PBP and place it in the TNV savegame!”

    What exactly is the TNV savegame? Is it the pspgame that i want to use, or just the TNV folder included in the zip?

    The email already whos up as a camera for me, so i’m pretty sure i’m fine in that are. The first part is just killing me since the text is confusing.

  4. yuuki says:

    juts like the old version it wont work whats so ever with uno/ ape quest on 3.50 EU

  5. Razorbacktrack says:

    I installed it to my PSVITA 3.50 using Canabalt Minis as base,but when I start it I obtain only a white screen. What can I do?

  6. dyey-em_si says:

    Can we use exploitable game from 3.18?

  7. dds says:

    i have 3.36 with patapon 2 working ark 2 but how to install tn v11 do i need numblast for this

  8. Artur.. says:

    Guys, someone can help me? My Psvita is on 3.52, how can I install and play psone games (and emulators for snes, nes……..) on my vita? I dont have any Psp game on my vita, just 2 Psone games (that i bought a time ago). Someone can explain to me? (Im using tradutor, is hard to understand :'( )

  9. Artur1 says:

    Guys, someone can help me? My Psvita is on 3.52, how can I install and play psone games (and emulators for snes, nes……..) on my vita? I dont have any Psp game on my vita, just 2 Psone games (that i bought a time ago). Someone can explain to me? (Im using tradutor, is hard to understand :/ )

  10. HeyMang says:

    Hi, so my PS VITA is running 3.52 but my CMA is running 3.55. It will not let me connect with USB but I can connect with Wifi. Anyone that can help me with this? I plan to use Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact as my base game when I do this.

  11. Bread says:

    I Dont Know Who is The Dumb Guy That Share The Zip With No Data.Bin ( For Real , This Zip Doesnt Even Got The Data.bin )

  12. emulation says:

    Damm it. I’m in 3.50 what i need to do?

  13. Tnutbutter says:

    I do not currently have a psp game on my vita and I do not have any backed up on my pc. Is there still hope for me in doing this?

  14. Mr. 0 says:

    Can’t you make a launcher.iso too? So I will only have to sign it, put it in the place of ark and transfer the save.

  15. Tek says:

    I was only able to install ARK to my 3.52, but I’ve been trying for hours and can’t seem to install TN-V on… :/

  16. xPSV says:

    How can I play PS1 game on TN-V11 Menu with sound?
    I try to copy one menu on TNV_00000 and rename VBOOT.PBP to RECOVERY.PBP then send it. and run on TN Recovery menu It’s work it can see PS1 Game on one menu but I can’t play because system run very slow.

  17. Deniz says:

    Hey guys
    Do you if it possible to run the ark ecfw on fw 3.01 ?

  18. Angel says:

    How we can play isos, ps1 games and emulators ?

  19. Mr. 0 says:

    Create a TNV.iso (loader) plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  20. bhen10 says:

    I manage to install TN-V 11 on PSVita 3.55 but when i go to games it will just load and will not show the games,isaw on Zett video whenhe enter to game folder the gameswill show up, mine it doesnt it just keep on loading…

  21. Mcgrve says:

    Did someone already install theme on TN-V11? im totally noob., 😀

  22. Schadows says:

    Updating to 3.55 after creating bubbles on 3.52 will keep the bubbles. But I suppose this is only for these new type of bubbles, isn’t it?
    If I already have working bubbles on 3.36 (using an old method suffixing game folder name with &.) and I’m upgrading to 3.52 (because I need 3.52 for “Super Meat Boy” to start), will I still have my bubbles working, or will I need to recreate them using the new methodN?

  23. Matt says:

    I set up an ARK bubble on 3.55 using the Mimana Iyar Chronicle exploit. Is there a guide somewhere to set up TN-V from there?

  24. yeapimanoob says:

    so, I’m using ps tv and updated it to 3.55, is there any chance I can still install tn-v in the future? I didn’t know about this until after the upgrade, sucks…

  25. Jhon Belfort says:

    I hope you get to 3.55 version , I just bought pre owned psvita and the idiot update it to 3.55 and he is proud for it because its the LATEST!!! hahaha i hope i got this kind of idea before i bought it to him, jeez waiting in vain to play cso /iso game to my ps vita

  26. Bassem says:

    hey guys, I need help,
    I have 3.55 and have the game mimana iyar chronicles 🙂 but I dont know what to do,
    I would like to play n64, snes, and psp games on it,
    what is the best for me to do, I am very nooby in this, and sorry for my bad english. could i install vhbl? or tnV, please tell me what to do, with good instructions. thx

  27. mr says:

    I’m on 3.55 and I’ve got ARK running which is the best of both worlds. PSP games & emulators + all the usual stuff online multiplayer and ps store. I got ARK for free because i used the email trick to write ARK onto the demo of ape escape 🙂

  28. desperado says:

    I can already play my isos with tn-v11 in my 3.55 vita
    I’d just like to ask why my save data for corpse party is said to be damaged when played in tn-v (save data for other games seem to be fine) , but is working fine when I use it in my psp.
    Thanks for the awesome work btw 😀