Smealum Teasing R5 Homebrew Launcher/RegionFree Loader

20 Responses

  1. teampleb says:

    The hyyyyyype is real bois!

  2. Steve says:

    I for one am super excited by this news! Sounds like some amazing things coming down the pipe. So I wonder if with the Region free aspect of it will have a translator of sorts? Who knows but way excited about cheats possiblitys.

  3. TeChnOTurf says:

    Thanks for the news & Hai XXZOMBIEPIKACHU hope you’ll enjoy us oh and


  4. NoPatience says:

    Nice article ……
    Btw whts romhacks….does it allow piracy?

    • IzumiYuuki says:

      Romhacks are unsigned modified versions of official roms that are edited by the user. So it does in fact does enable piracy.

    • XxZombiePikachu says:

      Rom hacks is most definitely not piracy(I think) but instead it will be more for cheats and stuff, considering Smea changed the text that an npc said would mean it could be possible to change stuff in game but we would have to wait and see

  5. RenatoBauer says:

    Him everybody! I have a New 3ds XL version, but the gateway wich i have and use in my old 3ds dont work on my New 3ds XL. A friend want sell me a sky3ds. Deal or no deal? Wait for news for gateway or forget the gateway and buy sky3ds? Thanks for help! Sorry my english

    • N says:

      Sky3ds is a waste of money. Just update and get the latest homemenuhax on you n3ds and use he on your old 3ds.

    • N says:

      Sky3ds is a waste of money. Just update and get the latest homemenuhax on you n3ds and use gw on your old 3ds.

      • RenatoBauer says:

        Thanks, dude.
        Just one more question: to gateway, the news firmwares to n3ds put a end in history of gateway forever? Or exist possiblity to new breath to gateway?

  6. dmaskell92 says:

    Never had any ds… Seriously considering it.

  7. Komori says:

    My dream is to run roms on my 3ds without flashcard… Sadly it is on… Qnd flashcards are too expensive to me…

    • XxZombiePikachu says:

      you can run emulators thus you can indeed run roms on 3ds up to the latest 10.1.0-27 firmware on 3ds, now if you want piracy that’s a different story

  8. Franky says:

    Just curious, but why don’t any of these devs release a backup loader? I won’t lie, but to me it’s about playing your way, but wouldn’t it destroy companies like Gateway and the people behind Sky3DS? Kinda hope if someone does make a backup loader my Gateway cart can be used for extra storage.